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hey guys hi from Thailand an amazing country I'm having uh such a great time here relaxing with my family um and I'm finally ready to show you something my team is finally ready I've already received negative comments uh regarding something that I'm going to show you and understand that you know there would always be people who would be unhappy with me doing new things trying new things and a lot of people have misconceptions that you can only do certain things if you're super talented or perfect at them and it's totally fine you know people live their lives the way they want to live them I live my life with an understanding that if I really want something if I'm ready to work hard and enjoy the process I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna do my best to find the right people to form the right teams and to make the process enjoyable both for me and for you guys and before I show you this thing I wanted to share something that I've learned in this process says the first learning starts with my childhood when I was a child I thought that if you wanted to be something if you wanted to be a top level celebrity if you want to be a top blogger top singer top dancer you had to have certain talent and that was the only way like if you're not talented if you were not born in a privileged family there was no way for you to do anything now by looking at the World by observing people who reach certain highs in their life I realized that if you take two people one person is super talented but is not willing to work and another person doesn't have any talent but is super excited about the niche super excited about doing something and working and connecting with professionals this person's gonna win Talent is important but it is less important than the willingness to work hard and to enjoy the process and that's the most important thing with that said I realized that if you want to become a famous singer and you don't really have a talent you're not Luciano Pavarotti or someone who has extraordinary voice but your passionate about songs you can become famous and you can make this your career it's all about working hard marketing connecting with the right people and with this belief that I can do anything that I want and I don't have any particular goals of you know becoming the most famous singer in the world but I know I enjoy this process and I want you to enjoy it with me so I've started recording my songs they are not written by me but I sang those songs and they belong to me this is such a new feeling for me a lingua Merino Marina mogilka I'm still thinking about the name as a musical artist and when people ask what is this like when I was rehearsing the song at home my husband was like oh what were you singing was that a popular song have I heard it before because it sounds like a hit I was like no this is actually my song and that song is so cool I just love the feeling of and you know the whole emotion that I had when I said this is my song so this is my first song uh that a very talented girl Andy darling wrote for me and she helped me record it in the studio and uh and I hired a very talented vocal coach who changed my voice completely in just five sessions by the way this is how my voice sounded I think it was five years ago listen to this to cross an empty land I knew the pathway and now you're going to hear the transformation what we were able to achieve with my vocal coach you're gonna hear the song in a minute and again I just wanted to reiterate something if you really want something but you have think that you don't have enough Talent or you were not born in the right family just forget about it the world doesn't work that way the world it used to work like that pre-internet because your only way to get publicity was to know the right people the internet changed everything now everyone has access to the audience now everyone has access to attention so if you want to do something there are two components to it work hard and enjoy the process and the right things will start happening to you I am really grateful to my business and to this channel in particular that I'm able to make money here and invest it in my songs this is not the cheapest Hobby in the world but if you can write songs by yourself you know saves you a ton of money and one of my friends Venia V always here is his nickname when he sings He has been inspiring me for years because he keeps producing songs by himself he keeps singing because he loves it because he's really great at doing it and thank you Venus so much for for being an inspiration alright the song is available to download on every major platform I will leave the links below I've started a separate Channel where I'm gonna post my songs please feel free to subscribe and please if you like the song create reels with it create stories with it create videos with it it's just I want you to enjoy the process as much as I'm enjoying it I want you to have fun and music gives us amazing energy gives us amazing Vibes and I want you to feel them I want you to feel this energy together with me thank you guys so much and let's listen to the song it is called daydream steamer and it is by lingo Marina AKA Marina mogilko [Music] I can do it all I get my second time around [Music] funny how it all works I've got my vision so clear with the room [Music] and every year is a good year when you do what you love [Music] I can do it all again [Music] [Music] foreign [Music]

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