If your phone is killing your productivity…try this

in this video I'm going to show you how I cut my social media and phone consumption using this little cube right here I do honestly think this will work for virtually anybody so let's dive in now what this is is it's called a brick and once you get a brick this is all you have to do and I will leave a link down below to get a brick so once you have your brick you're going to download The Brick app available on the Apple App Store and once that's there you're going to click open now you can see here inside the app very simple to use you're going to click on default right there and we're basically going to tell the app what the biggest time wasters are okay so for me it's social media I would bet for almost everyone here it's social media but you're going to click into that and you're going to customize your default app so you're just going to click in here and you are going to tell brick all the apps that are ruining your life and stealing all of your time now for me that's Facebook for you it could be Tik Tok Instagram Snapchat whatever it is then you're going to click done and you're going to swipe down and you're all ready to go now next step is you're going to go find somewhere in your house that is inconvenient to access okay maybe it's your attic maybe it's just the top shelf of the pantry or one of your siblings drawers that they don't let you in their room whatever it is you need to find somewhere in your house that's kind of hard to get to and annoying to get to so now you're going to take this brick app and you're going to take this brick that theyve sent you and you're actually going to hold it directly behind your phone like this and you're going to click on brick right there and it's going to scan the brick and click check now you're going to go take this little brick right here and you're going to go put it in that really inconvenient place now see here what happens the next time you try to get into that app that you're trying to get in you're going to see right here it's going to say this is a distraction your phone is bricked heart now if you want to use that app that's ruing your life you're going to have to go find that brick and hold it up to your phone and unbrick it and usually you're either too lazy to do that or you're able to clear your head in the time it takes to do that and say no I don't want to use this app so yes this is saving me 10 hours a week and I will leave a link down below if you want to get a brick of your own

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