I TRIED Making Money using Pinterest & IT WORKED ❗️

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustle found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them now today I have an update on my Pinterest affiliate marketing that I started roughly 3 months ago whenever I first started this I really didn't think that it would be successful but I am happy to report that I have been able to produce an income from the Pinterest affiliate marketing today I want to dive into the behind the scenes of exactly what I do I want to walk you all through it step by step so that you can also start producing an income from it in my second video I told you guys about how I started a Blog and on my blog I use a tool called SEO writing. aai in order to create blog post in order to put my affiliate links inside created this entire blog right here that includes pictures videos products all types of things directly into the blog post it creates a beautiful organized blog post with one click and then I was able to schedule it directly onto my blog now before we get into all of the steps and how to do everything first things first I want to discuss my earnings one thing that I learned and I want to point out right here at the beginning is that with Amazon Associates the affiliate program with Amazon if you do not bring in a certain amount they do close out your account but that should not worry you you can immediately sign up with a new account within 5 minutes it's going to be opened with a new account in the beginning whenever I first started this a couple of months ago I had three purchases from clicks on my Pinterest pens those three initial purchases produced I think maybe. 75 cents or $1 from those three purchases so they did close out the account I think it has to be $10 anyway I immediately opened up a new one this is my current dashboard over here on the right you can see total items shipped one total earnings so far from this one purchase is 51 cents total ordered items one clicks 68 clicks and the conversion is 1.47% so this is from the last two weeks since I've opened up my new Amazon account now additional income did come from this one pin right here on my Pinterest sport that talks about Sofi being the best bank so far from that specific pin I have gotten three referral signups with Sofi equaling $225 so altogether I've earned roughly $228 from doing my Pinterest affiliate marketing now I want to say in complete honesty that I do not post on Pinterest as much as I could and as much as I should in in order to maximize my earnings if you go over to my Pinterest board you're going to see that I upload maybe once every month or one to two times a month and so to have earned $228 from doing this really does make a difference and that would be considered passive income so in this video I'm going to be going through every single step that you need in order to get started for yourself this one's going to be a bit of a longer video so grab your cup of coffee or tea and let's dive into the video step one is going to be creating a blog or website now the reason that this step should be number one is because when you open a Pinterest business account it is going to ask you for a website I personally use WordPress for my blog because it integrates perfectly with the tool that I use for my blog post which is SEO writing. a so the integration is very beautiful with those two platforms and that's why I use WordPress but if you choose another website do not worry just know that in Step number one choose your website get started and let's go ahead and move into step number two step number two is going to be creating a free account with SEO writing. so in order to get signed up with SEO writing. you'll just go to their website homepage select sign up right here input your name email address and create a password notice that it says right here start creating for free no credit card required exactly like I said so you don't have to input a credit card in order to get started with this platform now really quickly before moving on into creating your blog post which I'm going to walk you through go ahead and sign up with the Amazon Associates account it is very fast and easy it takes about 5 minutes follow this link right here at the bottom of the screen or down in the description box down below you're going to want to have that Amazon Associates account before getting started with your blog okay now what I'm going to do is go in and create an entire blog post step by step for you all to see and then post it to my website and blog for you all to see once you've signed in to seor writing. and you're signed into your account this is what the homepage looks like I want you to not up here on the left that says oneclick blog post and then on the right it says bulk article generation I am going to take a couple of minutes and show you both the bulk article generation and the oneclick blog post let's go ahead and start with the oneclick blog post right here at the top where it says main keyword this is where you're going to want to input your keyword of what you want your blog post to be about keep in mind this is SEO optimized which is really beneficial so this is going to optimize based on SEO keyword so right here I'm just going to put how to stay healthy spiritually mentally and physically so then I'm just going to click generate a title and it's going to give me a title that's based on keywords and that's nice and organized so it says 2024 guide stay healthy spiritually mentally and physically beautiful so if you scroll down a little bit you're going to select your language you're also going to select tone of voice I'm going to put friendly point of view I'm going to put firsters singular Target country I'm going to put the United States you can choose your target country article size I'm going to put medium and then scroll down right here where it says details to include you can input like phone number if you're doing it for a business you can input you know website you can input specific things that are personalized to your specific blog or business whatever you're using this for right here and it will input it into the blog post for me I'm going to leave that blank and then media hub AI images I'm going to select yes I'm going to select five images I'm not going to select an image style I'm going to kind of let it do its thing but you can select specific image style that you want YouTube videos yes three and then alternate image and video within the blog whenever you scroll down where it says SEO you can just select this button right here that says NLP keywords generation it's going to automatically generate keywords that are optimized for your blog within 1 second it optimized keywords for my blog structure you can put introductory hook brief I'm going to put a statistical or fact I find that that's really intriguing and then on this section here conclusion ta

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