I Tried Making Money Selling AI-Generated pictures on Etsy (Unbelievable Results)

Etsy the Enigma of an online shopping experience where people spend literally billions of dollars but I've never managed to make a single penny now that's probably because selling on Etsy requires you to have an actual skill and let's be honest I don't have one but I do honestly believe that 2023 is the year where everything changes with this because people like me whose only real skill is typing can use AI to create masterpieces like this this this and yeah that was made by AI but in this video I'm going to try to create artistic masterpieces that I can turn around and sell on Etsy for some kind of profit now if you've never heard of Etsy Etsy is an online store where people typically make stuff and then they sell the stuff that they make now on my extensive research of etsy I found that one of the top five sellers is digital art prints and according to exportyourstore.com that site sounds really legit you can offer them as physical prints that you ship out to your buyers or as digital downloads that buyers can print out at a print shop on their own this can save you a significant amount of money Hassle and customer service on Logistics and shipping related issues I quite like that so here's the current game plan number one I'm gonna find Opportunities on Etsy where I think there's a lot of potential to make money selling these images two I'm going to use an air generator that's basically free to create these images three I'm going to upload those images to Etsy four I'm gonna let Etsy do all the selling for me and five I'm gonna buy a Lambo foreign about 10 000 Tick Tock videos that all said pretty much the same thing I came across this site called e-rank.com and what this site does is it actually lets you figure out what it is that people are searching for in Etsy so for example if I go to this keyword section and I type in the word art it's going to show me everything people are looking for in Etsy that use the word art now even better it's actually going to give you the data right here so it looks like it's telling me how many people are searching for it and then it gives us a competition score which looking at it it looks like it's just telling me how many other Etsy sellers are trying to sell this so if there's 11 million 900 000 other Etsy sellers probably a bad idea now I thought I had a winner right here with moss wall art you can see right here tons of people lots of green but not very many people actually selling this so I did a little bit of research and apparently Moss wall art is actually wall art made with real moss go ahead and try to make that AI so what ended up doing was diving down the rabbit hole a little bit deeper after looking at art I ran into Christian art and then after Christian art I looked into Bible art a little more specifically and you can see here it looks like there's maybe some little niche opportunities for me inside the Bible arts space you can see right here not a lot of competition for things like simple Bible art things like book of the Bible wall art yes there's not a ton of volume but a couple hundred people a month is fine it's not going to take me long to create these listings anyway now if you've watched any of my videos you know that I love to just let the platforms tell me typically what people are looking to buy on them so if I go to a site like Etsy I can usually type in something like Christian wall art and it will give me tons of different options I can add letters after it and see all kinds of different things that it comes up with after doing that for five or ten minutes I ran into this store right here that's got about 80 sales it looks like a pretty new store and what they're doing is similar to what I'm looking to do here it looks like they're taking Bible stories and they're turning them into wall art I can't say whether or not they're using AI but you can see all these are fairly well-known biblical stories I then turned into some style of wall art also worth noting each of these says digital download meaning they are just selling a digital download for about ten dollars which is probably the price point that we'll go for as well so I think we found our Niche and this is what we're going to do first we're going to get a list of all the Bible stories so we're going to have ai create these stories in images and we're going to do it with two to three different styles for each image and then third we're going to figure out which style seems to be doing better and focus in on that foreign I literally don't know a single style of art I did not pay attention in art class in high school but luckily everything that I didn't learn in high school pretty much is now available on Google so I Googled some different art styles came up with this list and that's what we're going to run with foreign I'm gonna be honest right now I'm actually feeling pretty good about what it came up with you can see right here right here right here the only thing I maybe had a little bit of tough time with was the story of David and Goliath where for some reason as you can see right here David is awesome Goliath is some kind of monster from Lord of the Rings I don't remember that being in the Bible maybe yeah I could brush up a little bit on its biblical knowledge so now I'm ready to upload to Etsy but I am running into two big problems right now the first one is that the images are just too blurry some people are going to buy these and blow these up to 36 inches or bigger and we need it to look good on their walls the second issue is when I go to Etsy I see all these other listings have these beautiful looking displays where it can you can see exactly what the picture is going to look like in your living room or your dining room and I don't really have that but being the verified AI expert that I am with at least 10 hours of training from some of the randomness people on the planet I know exactly what to do here I'm going to use a site called upscale.media which is an AI image upscaler and what it does is it makes your images much more sharp and refined so they look a lot better and you can see after plugging it into this AI image upscaler this is that same picture this is PETA right here much much much better on the right side after it removed a lot of that fuzz solving number two was a little harder but after scouring Tick Tock for another hour I ran into the wonderful Miss Luna Vega now she showed me a site that's not exactly for this exact thing it's for Drop Shipping but it lets you create mock-ups all you've got to do is create a free Drop Shipping Store and then select a scene add your photo click preview and then you can just download the preview that it gives you thank you Miss Luna Vega now it looks like all I need to do is upload this listing to Etsy which looks pretty easy and then I can sit and let Etsy do all the work now something else to note it looks like Etsy is charging 20 cents for each listing for every four months that t

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