I Tried Selling AI-Generated Coloring Books on Amazon (It Worked)

so we've all watched the Des normal YouTube videos where we're promised that we're going to make more money than Elon Musk and Warren Buffett combined using just a flip phone with both hands tied behind our back while we're scuba diving in Thailand now I do truly believe that there's going to be mind-boggling ways to make money with AI over the next few years but there's also going to be a ton of time wasters so this video is going to be part of a series where we test some of the most promising ideas and see how legit they actually are and in this particular video I'm going to be testing selling coloring books made totally by AI on Amazon print on demand total budget for the project 30 bucks you're kidding right so let me explain what it is exactly that we're going to be doing here first I'm going to find a niche that there's not a lot of competitions I'm going to find some place in the coloring books Niche where no one else is making coloring books but people are actually looking for coloring books it's like I'm going to try to find an AI image generator that can generate simple coloring books which can be pretty hard with AI third I'm going to use a software called bookbolt it's going to help us just completely make the book in about two minutes after we get those images generated and then fourth I'm going to be uploading to Amazon k ADP print on demand now if you're not familiar with what that is it's really nice what it means is We're not gonna have to spend any money up front we just upload a digital copy of our book and then Amazon KDP will only print the book once we get a sale and then it just takes a cut of the money we actually make all right so let's get started all right so Step One is I've got to find a niche where there's not 10 000 other people all trying to sell the exact same coloring book because that's going to be hard to make some money so we're going to use book bolt now bookbolt is incidentally agreed to sponsor this video they're awesome if you're looking to create low or medium content books they are incredible for researching and finding good ideas as well as actually creating the books and simplifying that entire process alright so I signed up for book bolt and I'm in here looking and it's got all these different options and I go all the way down right here so I'm gonna go to keywords right here I'm going to go to search and I'm just going to type in the words coloring book right here and see what we come up with now it's going to give us a bunch of volume basically how much people are searching for it and then this is some kind of cloud right here now the cloud revealed some very interesting things people are searching for uh probably the most interesting that I'm saying seeing your eye probably came to this as well is color my butt coloring book this is weird I don't know what people are looking for there but apparently there's a lot of people looking for color in my coloring book but there's some other really good things here right that you probably wouldn't have thought of you can see colorful dragons adult coloring book and in fact a lot of these are actually for adult coloring books as you look more than half of these are for adult coloring books but I've got Jesus I've got dragons I've got dinosaurs all these are good options here and you can see in this main section right here I can actually sort so it looks like I can sort by sales volume okay and it's right here when we get into about the 2 000 range where it looks like I'm actually starting to get some good results you can see coloring cats coloring books 2 000 people a month are searching to just color pictures of cats that seems like something we could we could play with right there all right so I just finished scrolling through all of these and I've come up with five different ideas that I'm gonna run with coloring book I'm gonna do is one of those mandala style coloring books looks like there's a ton of volume for mandala style for whatever reason I actually dug a little bit deeper into this one because I I understand the power of niches and the deeper you go into a niche the better chance you have getting sales and dominating that Niche so I typed in mandala style coloring book into Amazon right in the top search bar and then I did something that I do a lot on YouTube don't ask me if this is an expert thing but this is something that I do a lot and I went through all the letters so A B C D and looked at all the different options there now what I settled on was actually mandala style ocean so ocean animal adult coloring book mandala Styles what I said well and the reason is I clicked into it and it looks like there's about a thousand results and that's what all the tick talkers are telling us is that the magical number if you can get a thousand or under so we're gonna go for some kind of sea life ocean life mandala style coloring book as our main book here now the other ones we settled on were trucks Bible stories animals unicorns and outer space now one of the craziest ones that I saw as I was digging into all this research is this one right here the draft adult coloring book these guys went so so Niche not only did they do animals but they just focused on giraffes and they got 544 reviews which means they're probably selling upwards of thousands of these and making a couple bucks on each one of these crazy how Niche you can you can go with stuff like this and still make a lot of money apparently thousands of people are looking to just color mandala style giraffes anyway we've chosen our Five For Better or For Worse those the five that we're going to run with the next thing was to find an air generator something that could actually make these with a very simple prompt so I have to do very little to no work to actually make all these images for the coloring books now the biggest one out there right now is a AR generator called mid Journey it's a little confusing to use but once you get it going it's supposed to be really really powerful so we're going to dive in here and the way you talk to Mid journey is you type in the word imagine and then you just tell me a journey what it is you want so I'm going to say that I want a mandala style ocean all right let's give it something specific whale coloring book and see what we come up with all right so clearly we're going to have a little bit of work to do on making the prompts now the nice thing is once we figure this all out hopefully we only have to do it one time and then we can replicate The Prompt over and over and over again a couple issues I'm seeing right now one is it's throwing in text and it's not throwing in real words here it seems to just be making up whatever it wants in terms of text second thing is none of these actually look like whales maybe that one counts as a whale but this thing looks like some kind kind of weird sea mutant and this thing looks like a sea monster plus they're all colored so we're going to tweak

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