I TRIED earning $500/Day with 5 Side Hustles “You can do from your phone”

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I'm trying outside hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you guys can make a little bit of extra money from them now today I'm trying out five side hustles found on videos that were claiming to make hundreds of dollars per day simply by using your phone so without further Ado let's get into it the first side hustle we're going over is running faceless YouTube channels now probably asking Matt how in the world do I run a YouTube channel just using my phone well not only is it possible to use only a phone but you can also do YouTube without ever even showing your face okay I am doing an encouraging one to start this off with because yes a faceless YouTube channel run only from your phone does work because I have done it if you don't know I do have a child YouTube channel that I started back in 2021 I did not want to show my face at the time and I only did this side hustle faceless and from my phone so this one definitely can work now whether or not you can make $500 a day that's a different story because this YouTube channel currently sits at 68,000 subscribers over the past 365 days my child YouTube channel has received 9.8 million views 44,000 hours of watch time 9.2000 subscribers and the amount of Revenue that I've earned in the last 365 days is $746 14 of Revenue now that is definitely not equal to $500 per day that is more like $500 per year you guys so I want you to go into this with a realistic Outlook now let's keep it realistic and this is because it is a child YouTube channel if you start a child based YouTube channel your Revenue our CPM RPM is going to be significantly lower than some of the highest ranked niches found here on YouTube some of those higher ranked YouTube niches that you're going to get that larger CPM RPM are niches such as digital marketing ways to make money Finance education Tech and car gadgets those are amongst the highest paying niches here on YouTube so if you do start a faceless YouTube channel I would encourage you to First do something that you're passionate about because this is not an easy side hustle this is a business that takes a lot of work and a lot of effort and a lot of dedication to what it is you're going for in the long run so I do encourage you to start something that you're passionate about however keep in mind that not just any type of need is going to produce a high income now in regards to only using your phone I have a ring light I use my phone and I have a camera stand this stand right here I bought on Amazon and so I will have that linked down below if you want to take a look at it feel free to I also have since purchased a professional microphone however in the beginning I only purchased one on Amazon I will also link that down below that's what I got started with on that channel so faceless YouTube channel making money just from your phone definitely can work two become a friend for Lonely People Yes you heard that right websites like rent a friend friend PC and papa are going to pay you to be a virtual friend for someone that is lonely I would say the best one that you can use is Papa you don't have to use just one you can feel free to use all three of the websites to make the most amount of money possible you don't have to limit yourself just to Papa but taking into account just this one you can make around $3,000 every single month just by using Papa alone okay I signed up for Papa pal after signing up in fact this is not something you can just do from your phone they do require much more than just working and chatting with the elderly over your phone now you will use your phone for this side Hustle but that's not that's all that's required for it so as you guys can see so far what I had done to go in and sign up for Papa pal because I believed it was only from your phone you guys can see what you have to have you have to have a vehicle you have to upload proof of your car and vehicle insurance because because Popa out is for helping the elderly in many ways taking them to doctor's appointments taking them to the grocery store now you do have the option to not drive anybody in your car however this is not just a side hustle for chatting okay you may have to go help them in their home with things they may need help with regardless you have to have your proof of your car your proof of your vehicle insurance you have to upload all of these things in order to get accepted they do have variable pay and give bonuses which then equates to around7 to $20 per hour now if you want to just do this as a side hustle you can that option is available to you just understand and be very clear that this is not going to be just from your phone all right guys up next phone side hustle number four is becoming a juicer now have you ever seen those electric scooters that just lay around cities well you can actually take advantage of this new trend of these electric scooters popping up by signing up to become what's called a lime juicer lime is a company that offers these scooters for rent and the way that these scooters stay charged is that people have to go in and actually charge them and you can get paid doing so so the only part about this side hustle that you can even do from your phone is literally downloading the app and then going out in the city and once you're in the city locating the scooters now I tried signing up for this as I do live in one of the four cities that you have to live in in order to do the lime scooter side hustle business and as you guys see here in the email from the company this is not simply a phone side hustle you have to have an LLC or a business license a low emission vehicle to use to collect the scooters a separate location to charge the scooters and additional drivers to help you in your business this is running a full-time business of your own so the fact that this can be done from your phone absolutely not if you're looking for a side hustle you can can do only from your phone this one doesn't work right up next number 11 is ibata now if you go grocery shopping you could potentially be missing out on a significant amount of money without even realizing it you can actually download an app called ibata and get paid for buying certain things from grocery stores okay these apps like ibata and rettin do work okay but they're not considered a side hustle as they do not produce income they're only providing cash back when you spend money so if you're here and you're looking for ways to earn more money because you need more money and you definitely don't have any money to spend these apps are going to be irrelevant however I do want to provide a little bit of insight into both of these apps as I have used both of them if you're purchasing something that you may need like a pair of tennis shoes or a backpack or something like that rettin definitely will give you cash back for those purchases so

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