I replaced Google with TikTok and this happened

in 2023 Tik Tok officially beat out Google as the number one search engine for Millennials and so for today I'm going to be using Tik Tok as my only search engine to try to figure out what exactly it is that Millennials like so much about Tik Tok because I feel like there's an opportunity here or there's something that most of us are not understanding now I want to give today a fair shake and so what I did is I looked up what are the most common things that people are actually searching in Google and it turns out there's three types of main things people type in Google Now the first one really surprised me it's what's called navigational queries this is actually the most common type of thing people are typing into Google apparently you can see here four out of the top five things people type into Google are literally them just trying to find a website and using Google to get there so yes a vast majority of Google searches today are actually just people doing navigational queries that are too lazy to type in the letters c m at the end of whatever they're typing now I know we're not going to be using Tik Tok for that no one is using Tik Tok for that but the other two type of queries are much more more likely that Tik Tok can potentially replace Google and that's informational queries and transactional queries now informational queries are all the things we're typically using Google for like places to go medical advice how to fix problems how to achieve desires things like that and transactional is money right we're pulling out our credit card and we're looking for the best of something or the cheapest of something we're looking to buy something and we're using Google kind of as our primary research driver for that transactional search so I'm going to try to mold my day tomorrow for 24 hours in such a way that all of these different types of queries come up naturally and when they come up I will only use Tik Tok to find the answer all right so it's 7 o'clock in the morning now usually the first thing I do when I wake up is I check the news okay I use Google news and I just kind of see what the news is for the day but today we're going to use Tik Tok and see how current news I can find on Tik Tok all right so we're typing in today's news right here and let's see what we come up with we're just going to click on videos and okay really looking for stuff from today so you can see 21 hours ago 3 hours ago 11 hours ago so it looks like it's at least giving me current stuff it seems to know that that I'm looking for something today so looking at it it looks like news places like NBC or just people post kind of like little mini events of the day but what I really like is actually this Nick Jackson person so it looks like there are people that build entire account around just Daily News so it looks like he gives you a 60-second daily news update so you can see if I click this one right here everything on the news but in 60 seconds and I watch this uh it looks like it comes up with about five different news stories that are kind of the hottest topics of the day he doesn't have an angle he doesn't do anything just gives you the 10-second version I actually love that and the reason I love it is cuz when I go to Google and I type in something it's all about getting the click right these places don't get paid unless they get the click and so it's all built around these kind of like hyped up headlines that don't actually give you information try to get you in the click but the way that this works is it actually just tells you in 60 seconds all the headlines with the one piece of information that's most important in the article so good example of what I'm talking about is whenever I go to Google it it'll say something like scientists explain exactly how much water you need to drink every day right that's the headline in Google and then I got to go click in and scroll through the article and figure out what what exactly that is even though I'm just looking for like three words but Tik Tok in that video that this Creator does is he just gives you 60 seconds and he says scientist just explain that you need to drink this much water every day and he moves on I can live with that time to get ready [Music] all right we're 10 minutes into the day and this is my first time getting to use Tik Tok in the wild I came into my laundry room and we've had kind of like on and off funny smells in our laundry room for quite a while now but today it is rank it is terrible and today I'm finally going to solve our problem and I'm going to figure out why our laundry room smells so bad all right so I'm going to type in fix smell in LG it's a front load washer and we'll see what we come up with right here here all right so I clicked that video and it's showing me this thing down there in the bottom left corner that I've honestly never seen before we've had this washing machine for almost 4 years now and we just found out that that even [Music] existed oh my gosh that is 100% absolutely the smell and there is so much water in there I got to go out of here now it turns out today was just destined to be a day of bad smells I went into my four-year-old son's room and he's been potty trained for quite a while actually but night time's always been just a little bit tougher for him now we wash his sheets literally every single week because we haven't found anything that can stop the monsoon of pee that seems to come out every single night now today is no different but maybe Tik Tok can solve our problems best diapers for overnight leaks all right now this one's actually really interesting I actually learned a lot about how Tik Tok search works by watching this you can see here there's two videos neither of them actually Target diapers the first one is a mom who is in the same situation I am asking for help and when you click into the video she just says which of these diapers are actually going to do the trick because she's wasting a lot of money on diapers just like we are and you can see there's 165 comments from just regular people also hopping in saying this solved my problem this solv my problem you can see they're all giving different ideas of what works for them now I really like this cuz it kind of mixes in like the Forum idea it's almost like a a little bit of Reddit and Facebook groups combined in there you can just post your questions and other Tik tokers hop in and help you out and I'm sure that's especially true in the mom Community but the second video was also really eye- openening you can see right here it says a hack to prevent leaking overnight so the first two videos neither one of them was actually like these are the best diapers if you have a leaking problem instead this video's got this interesting little hack where you can see she opens up the diaper and I've actually got a watch and rewatch this whole video to see exactly what she's doing but the hack essentially seals up the back of the diaper

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