Full Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2024 ($5 Million Made)

after doing more than $5 million in affiliate Commissions in The Last 5 Years this video is going to be the most actionable video you could possibly watch on the subject and if you stay to the end you'll have a complete affiliate marketing business set up and ready to go if you follow along I'm going to teach you how to pick a good Niche I'm going to show you how to find really good affiliate programs that pay the most commissions you can possibly make I'm going to show you how you can start getting traffic right away to your affiliate links I'm going to show you how to build an email list and really I'm going to show you how to structure this business so that if you want you can pull away from your job slowly over time and become completely free from a 9 to-5 job now I want to talk briefly about something that's probably going to mess you up along the way a lot of brand new Affiliates come in with the wrong perspective on affiliate marketing and it messes them up the entire time if their mind isn't looking at this the right way so I know and I'm friends with or at least familiar with a vast majority of the top affiliate marketers in the world and they all have one big thing in common and what that is is they focus on value and money becomes something secondary and new Affiliates and struggling Affiliates tend to focus on money and just everything they can to make a buck right which kind of makes sense when you're new to it all and don't have a lot of bucks that Focus ends up ruining it for them so what I want you to instead do is throughout this tutorial think I want to spend my time helping a group of people achieve one of their desires or solve one of their major problems in life and here's why that makes sense right if I decide that I'm going to focus on helping people lose weight right that's a big problem a lot of people have and I say I'm going to help people lose weight well as I go out there and I start teaching and I build an audience and I start helping people with this there's a lot of things they're going to need right they're going to need stuff on the fitness they might need a weight bench a treadmill they're going to need all kinds of stuff like that they're also going to need stuff on the eating side right the the stuff they're putting into their body they might need protein shakes they might need a healthy meal plans and things like that all of these things exist out there and all of these things have affiliate programs that you can refer people to and get paid to do so so what the best affiliate marketers do and what we're going to show you how to do in this video is you're going to go out there and you're just going to provide value you're going to help people get somewhere and Achieve something and as you're doing that it's going to be very very natural you're going to make a ton of money along the way and the more people you help the more money you're going to make which is really an awesome way to go about living your life so let's take a minute and give you the big picture here this is how you're going to create a full successful affiliate marketing business so let's start with number one and that's Niche selection now people get a little confused with niches and tend to kind of over complicate it all I want you to think about here is desire or problem you want a group of people that you're focusing on that all have one similar desire or one similar problem that they're trying to solve which is another way of saying desire so that could be losing weight that could be getting more productive that could be making more money that could be having a better relationship with their spouse that could be being a better parent right these are all desires that you can build around now in the beginning I always recommend trying to level down a few times and what I mean by that is instead of saying I'm going to teach people to get rich which is a desire you want to level down a few different levels and so you could say I'm going to teach people to get rich through investing and then you might go another level beyond that and say well I'm going to teach people to get rich through investing but I'm going to teach them to do it through investing in real estate or cryptocurrency or the stock market and the reason we level down in the beginning is the deeper we go the easier it's going to be for us to succeed with our content in the beginning especially if we're new to content and we're not as good at content creation at that point so you'll find plenty of people follow you and join you and join your email list and stuff that aren't necessarily directly in line with what you're talking about but your core Focus needs to be a niche and then kind of a sub Niche or a Micro Niche that's inside of that Niche now let's move on to number two and that's choosing the affiliate program that you're going to promote to your audience in the beginning and I would say focus on one maybe two or three but but maximum of three in the beginning you definitely want to narrow down and focus in the beginning now you're going to want your Flagship product right this main product that you're promoting to be one of two things you're going to want it to either be some sort of software product or monthly subscription product where they're going to pay every month or you're going to want what's called a high tick product and all that is is something that's expensive right 500 bucks 1,000 bucks 2,000 Bucks High ticket products tend to be better at creating impact right being able to actually help the person and then obviously you'll make more commissions along the way as well and be able to get the ball rolling quicker and the third thing which most people don't talk about but this is high converting and what I mean by that is you want something that a lot of people that show up and hear about the product end up buying if you send people to this super high ticket product that's $100,000 but only one out of a million people ever end up buying it it's going to be very hard to make any money so you want somebody that's kind of proven a company or a person even that's proven that they know how to uh convert customers they know how to convert leads that you send them into customers and I'm at the point now where I won't ever promote a produ until I've seen proof from them that hey look we can convert you you send us leads here's some numbers to show that we'll take those leads we'll turn them into customers and help the people along the way as well now honestly people tend to over complicate the searching of affiliate programs Google's going to be your best friend here right so let's pretend that we chose the wealth and we chose the investing and we chose the Sub Sub sub niche of crypto so if we chose crypto I might go to Google and I'll type in the top crypto affiliate programs and you'll see plenty of people have talked about different programs okay so we'll click techopedia right here and you

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