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hey future Millionaires and welcome to today's free course all about print on demand my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses here's what you're going to learn in today's free course I'm going to be going over what is print on demand I'm going to give you 10 print on demand ideas how you can get ideas for your own print on demand store how to design these print on demand products the easy way I'm going to show you how to list and sell your products we're going to go over what type of online store is best for you and I'm even going to go over how to grow your print on demand business from scratch as a beginner and get the sales what I love about this business model is that you can start this with little to no money you can start this from anywhere in the world you can start print on demand as a side hustle so you can do whatever you're doing in your life right now and have this online store right on the side you can commit just a couple hours a day to this and grow this business with the right strategies that I'll be teaching you in today's free course so if you are someone that you want time freedom and a business model where you can work from anywhere in the world that you don't have to make a huge commitment to to actually getting started then this online business model is a perfect fit for you so knowing all this there's no excuses as to why you can't start you guys already know people charge thousands of dollars for courses in education just like this all I ask in return for the free education is just hit hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and videos for you guys just like this so grab your notebooks and let's get started now for the beginners here what is print on demand let's quickly go over how print on demand Works how this works is you will create a print on demand product which I'll show you how to do today you then create an online store and list that product in that online store for a higher price than the supplier's price so let's just say you develop a print on demand product that only costs $10 to produce the supplier is charging you $10 to produce this print on demand product but you're going to list it on your online store and a customer is going to buy that same product from you for $50 the supplier will then ship that product straight to your buyer and you keep the profits print on demand is a great online business model that you can start with little to no money it is beginner friendly business model and what's great is that you don't have to hold any inventory yourself so this is also a great way that you can start a whole clothing line without the big upfront costs and stress of doing it as a beginner and print of demand is awesome not just for clothing but for so many different products and selling different products online which I'll give you tons of ideas for here are the top 10 print on demand products to help you get some ideas number one t-shirts there's so many different types of t-shirts designs that you can sell and this is honestly the most popular product that people always think of when they're thinking about print on demand number two is hoodies I love selling hoodies because hoodies come out to be more profitable than most products this is because I just feel like people will want to pay more for a hoodie than they would for a t-shirt meaning that you can market up more number three is journals journals have become super popular over the past few years I feel like when it comes to buying things online people want to stay organized and there's so many nice Journal designs that you can create for your print on demand store number four is mugs every time Christmas comes around I always find myself buying mugs for my family and this is such a great gift idea or just product to have in your print on demand store that some print on demand stores have actually capitalized on and they just sell mugs number five is tote bags kind of like mugs there's a lot of shops they literally just specialize in different tote bags designs their Niche is kind of being a tote bag seller number six is stickers now you're not going to see as high of profit mergin with these but if you're someone that you are an artist stickers are a super popular product because there's so many different things you can do with them and even though they are cheaper than some other products you can still mark them up pretty well number seven is wall art if you were an artist or you like to put together some motivational quotes selling wall art is a big thing with print on demand that a lot of people don't realize you don't have to be an artist to sell wall art you can put really cool graphic design ideas together or even get AI to create some cool designs that you can then transfer into wall art and sell that way I've even purchased some wall art from small businesses that do print on demand when I was looking for decor for my office so this is something that people are constantly looking for product idea number eight is tumblers so many people always have their tumblers and this is a huge product that a lot of people capitalize off of again there's so many things you can do with this number nine is blankets this is another space that I've seen really big success with print on demand stores if they do more custom types of blankets like you putting your own photo on a blanket and then they print it for you and offering this sort of product anything that you offer to customers that is custom you can really mark up higher than even if it's your own design and number 10 is hats there's tons of different designs that you can also do with hats and again this is a product that you can also Mark up pretty high to make a decent profit on so many different routes that you can go with prand demand prand demand is great way to test products sell relatable or funny gifts sell your art prints if you're an artist or to start a clothing line with little to no money now you see all these different products that you can create and there's even more than this this is just the top 10 but you're probably thinking okay you're showing me these products but like how do I get ideas for my own designs my own products with any online business that you do I want you to First identify your Niche if you are trying to make everybody happy you're not niching down and you will not find the right target audience if you need some inspiration and some ideas I want you to do what I always tell you guys to do which I came up with a term for it called productive scrolling get on Instagram get on Tik Tok and start searching search on Google or Etsy for different types of products I personally like to do this on social media platforms because I feel like I can really see what's trending and I like to see like how people react to things I like to see what people are liking what people are comm

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