How to Start Affiliate Marketing & Make Money From Day 1 (Step by Step)

so affiliate marketing is making me a few hundred every single day in profit because we only focus on free traffic I don't spend any money on ads so here's how to start affiliate marketing and make money online from day one step number one is to find an offer that will allow you to get paid within the first 24 hours because our goal today is to make you money on day one there's a lot of different platforms that you can sign up to to find a lot of different offers for example you can go to online business where you can find offers in the online business and online business education space you can find coaching offers you can find courses that you can promote you can find tools all related to online business and you can also find my step-by-step courses and promote them as an affiliate as well but there's also other creators as well so you can go to the affiliate program here and you can sign up for completely free you can also sign up to Audible for example because Audible has an affiliate program that pays you $5 per free trial so if someone enters their email address and creates a free account you will be paid $5 per person then if they end up buying the membership you get another $10 but if you focus on the $5 thing if you can get 200 people signed up for completely free that is $11,000 in profit and again I will show you how to drive traffic for completely free so that you can hopefully make money from day one without having to spend in then you also have ClickBank or you have partner stack specifically for software companies and then ClickBank more for different offers I would say relationships and health kind of offers that you can find on ClickBank now some of the creators inside of the online business Club have made hundreds of dollars within the first 24 hours so I know for a fact that it's possible to make money with affiliate marketing from day one step number two is then choose the right traffic source and quite honestly YouTube and YouTube automation they are great to traffic sources you can even get paid to promote your affiliate links for free and make tens tens of thousands of dollars a month on YouTube but that takes a lot of time so you wouldn't really be able to make money from day one and then writing blog post is also a great way to get free traffic and one of the members of the online business club actually made almost $1,000 just from these articles that they've been sharing on medium and that's completely free and it's great but again that takes time it takes time to ring high so you wouldn't be able to make money from day one instead if you want to make money with affiliate marketing from day one here's a few different options first thing the easiest and fastest way to get traffic and get some traction is to start posting valuable Twitter threads both on Twitter or X or on threads. net which is a platform made by my Instagram and meta so what you can essentially do is you can generate these fter threads with chpd or or write them yourself but what I've personally done with this Twitter thread that got about 1,000 views so far is I took one of my videos and if you want you can also take one of my videos as well I don't really care I'm not going to lose anything from it so you can use them if you want but essentially you just find some YouTube video that you like you click on the share button you copy the URL you go to YouTube transcript you paste that YouTube link here you click go and that gives you a full transcript of that video exactly what was was said in that YouTube video word for word so you can copy the entire transcript and you can go to chat GPT you can use this prompt over here and you will paste the video title so you will then go back to the YouTube video that you're trying to turn into a valuable Twitter thread and again it really needs to be related to the offer that you're promoting so if you're going to be making a Twitter Thread about how to make money online then make sure that the offer that you are promoting actually resonates with that audience and then again you would copy the entire transcript from this website and you will paste it here and based on this entire transcription and based on this YouTube video chpt will write a very valuable piece of Twitter thread that you can then publish so you would essentially just need to copy and paste from this point so I will copy the introduction of this Twitter thread I will go to Twitter and I will create a post so I will paste that here then I will click on this to add the next thread and I will just keep on copy pasting from Chad GPT so this is going to be the first part let's paste that here so we go to the next one plus and then let's go to the next one and I will keep repeating the process until have the entire Twitter thread now I'm sharing this because it works for me I've seen a lot of people actually make money from Twitter pretty fast because you can get traffic really really fast it would just need to be filled with valuable post and Twitter threads now creating this one single Twitter thread and attaching my affiliate link to this shouldn't take more than 5 minutes so I would potentially start multiple accounts and start doing this very often and especially if you want to make money from day one that you would probably need to post at least 30 40 times and make sure that each post is extremely valuable and the second I would say it could come from Tik Tok because Tik Tok is actually a great way to start getting traffic from day one especially because their strategy is to promote their creators the brand new creators they promote your first videos to get as much views as possible so they can hook you in to post more which means you can leverage that in the very first 24 hours when you start posting content on Tik Tok your first videos are going to be pushed more so you can upload like five or six very high quality videos that provide value and then promote your link in BIO and you can potentially get tens of thousands of views and you just need one person to purchase from you to start making money from they one and with the new Tik Tok creativity program you can even get paid for the views that you are getting on Tik Tok like this member of the online business Club did about 50,000 from the Tik Tok creativity program which is over $60,000 Us by posting faceless Tik toks and then she was using that as traffic to her affiliate links in BIO and she's not the only person that's making money inside of the online business Club people are doing different things to make money online as we covered over 20 different modern online business models and there's people doing affiliate marketing there's people doing Tik Tok creativity program there's people doing YouTube automation a lot of people are making money in different ways and they share exactly what actually works for them and if you're inside of the online business Club make sure to check out the recent post be

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