How to start a one-person business (starting with 0$)

it's a myth that you need to hire a bunch of people to make money online almost everyone can create a successful online business following this five-step framework and don't worry I'm not going to be trying to sell a course on how to make money and charge you thousands of dollars I'm here to share what I learned from making an average of 50k per month without any traditional full-time employees because I believe in rewarding efficiency and quality of work rather than the number of hours put in when we pay people based on the hour it doesn't motivate the other person to get it done faster and more productive that's why I pay people on a commission basis on the profit they generate basically it means that if they do a good job there is no cap to their income it allows me time location and Financial Freedom and I get to work with people I genuinely love and there is zero workplace drama happening and I'm also an introvert so I have literally zero social energy for managing 20 people team so if this sounds like something you would be interested in here is the non-bullshit stepbystep framework if you don't want to be a guru who makes money on online by telling people how to make money online then first you will need to identify a problem that you will solve because making money ethically essentially means providing value to others in some form and if nobody finds value in your work nobody will pay money for it whether it's good for society or not you need to solve other people's problems to make money so we need to think in problems and solve in products so start by digging into the Three core human desires where most burning problems exist and these are health wealth and relationships if you can solve big problems in one of these you're basically set for life and that's why you should never skip answering this question have you solved any of your problems is there any area in which you can help other people it could be weight loss language learning gaining confidence cinematography it can be anything basically and if you don't have any problems you've solved in your life and if you don't have anything that you can teach to people the first step is not to build a business but to solve your own problem first so now now grab a pen and paper literally do it don't be lazy and start by answering these questions what obstacles did you have to overcome the past maybe 5 to 10 years to get to where you are today or what's an important obstacle you're facing in your life that you wish someone could solve for you now stop the video get your lazy ass up and write it down for example currently I'm struggling with consistency a lot therefore I will solve my own problem and then create a product around consistency so that I can help people and if I will solve my own problem then I have the credibility to talk about it right so the next step is going to be solving your own problem and creating a framework if you're struggling with something it means that other people are also struggling with it and the more urgent and the painful problem is it also means that most people will likely to pay more to solve that issue so let's say if you're overweight lose weight and document that Journey For example I've been always interested in health and fitness and I wanted to make like videos about it but I was struggling to hit the gym and I wasn't even healthy so I didn't have the credibility to talk about it and I thought to myself if I'm struggling with this then there are a lot of people struggling with a two so two years ago I basically decided to solve my own problem and document it overcome it so that I could potentially talk about it in the future and create a product around it and for the last 2 years I've been hitting the gym really consistently I got in shape I developed healthy habits so that I can talk about it and create products and also help other people who are struggling with with the same issue because now I understand them very well and I know what to do in each step so you might be thinking it's easier set than done bingo I mean that means it's a perfect problem to work on because if it's too easy to solve it means nobody's suffering from it which also means people won't pay money to solve that issue so when I decided to for example launch my first digital product I listed down the problems I was struggling with and I have ADHD and have spent my whole life battling with procrastination stress deadlines and constant burnout and to solve my own problem first I spent years reading like every productivity in time management but I could find like watching YouTube videos taking courses listening to podcasts like basically consuming everything and after that I applied what I learned and sort of like evaluated what methods worked and what didn't and then I developed my framework for managing my time and life in an ADHD friendly way and then I turned it into that into a product which is my notion template so actually after solving your own problem problem building a framework becomes easier because you know exactly what to do how to do it and in which order you need to picture guiding your past self what would you want to teach yourself before you begun this journey cuz there's so many tips I would teach to my you know 15-year-old self who's trying to grow their YouTube channel because I know how to grow a YouTube channel now so list as many topics as you can think of and once you have written down everything you would teach others to guarantee the results you promise organize these points into an outline in the order that you would teach them okay and if you're completely new to building your own business creating your products all of this can be quite extremely overwhelming and may just act to slow you down if you're new I would just start with creating a minimum viable offer basically it is a simple possible product you can get out in the quickest time possible so don't worry about creating the perfect product but just start because alongside of creating it you will continue learning and improving your product and service anyway and as if founder of LinkedIn says if you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product you've launched too late so does this mean that you should copy from others and create something similar absolutely no in every business USB so the unique selling point is crucial because it's how you stand out from the competition and differentiate yourself for example there are various notion templates out there helping you manage your tasks and be more productive and my unique selling point is for my cazen template is ADHD friendly and it assumes that you will procrastinate because I do and that what makes my product unique from the rest what does your product or service have that competitors Dawn an important reminder about like unique selling point is you should never compete on price we aim to charge as much as possible but to be able to charge more you have to

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