5 Brilliant Side Hustles Anyone Can Start for Free (& I’m Paying For)

so if you've ever caught yourself thinking that you cannot start a side hustle because you don't have money to invest or you don't have skills then think no more because today I want to shatter that limiting belief that is not something that should hold you back in today I want to share with you five side hustles that you can start today with no money and no skills I mean it doesn't get better than that right all of these are inspired from my own life and experience and what I'm looking for right now so if you have for example a soft spot for pets then you could definitely turn that love into a really nice and lucrative s hustle without spending a penny to get started okay so let me give you the context the pet industry is booming expected to hit I believe hundred billion this year there is a huge increase in pet ownership there is a lot of Millennials and geners looking to get a furry friend but but obviously not all of them have a lot of time to dedicate to these furry friends especially if they have to work outside of their home or if they travel a lot so that is where you come in you could offer your services either for dog walking or for pet sitting it doesn't cost you anything to get started right and my advice to you is to start local you could offer to pet sit or walk dogs in your neighborhood because it's all about convenience as well as trust you're there when pet owners can't be either during work or their trips or when just life gets too busy and it's not just that you would be offering them companionship you would be providing a service that trust me can be in very high demand and people would be very happy to pay you more than you would imagine if you were to confirm commit that you would be looking after and caring for their for friend as you start start earning you might think of leveling up maybe investing in better gear or first aid kit or something like that and if you don't know how to get started there are lots of marketplaces where you could start care.com is one wag Rover sitter City and so many more you could expect to charge between $20 and $40 an hour but obviously it depends a lot on your area where you live and what kind of services you're offering and the other thing obviously if you don't want to use a plat form and uh not spend money on the commissions that these platforms would be charging you can just start in your neighborhood offer your services have some posters out and I promise you you will be surprised by how many people are looking for support in this area number two it's something else that I have looked into for myself so if you've ever thought about organizing parties or you're the one who always organizes parties for your circle of friends you could could definitely turn that into a very very profitable Venture without any upfront costs particularly if you are interested in the children's sector because that is booming with parents constantly on the lookout for somebody to bring their kids dream parties to life if you have organizational skills and patience as well as creativity this could be something that you might want to look into okay so here's the thing the demand for for Unique uh themed parties is through the roof and obviously you don't need a big investment to get started because you are not expected to spend on anything you are contracted just to offer your services obviously you would need to spend your time and your energy and your imagination but that's you know probably not hard if you are already interested and passionate about that obviously it can get difficult at times if you have pay parents who change their mind a lot or if you have kids that change their mind a lot but all in all it is something that you can get started with quite easily and if you create a portfolio that talks to the kids interests by age groups I promise you it'll be a hit you can get paid anywhere between 1215 all the way to $150 per hour it depends a lot on the services that you are offering obviously but definitely if you are uh passionate about parties and events organization and you like to be the structured one that has everything under control look into this one I promise you you will be turning your party planning dreams into a very nice and lucrative side hustle number three who else is passionate about gardening well I know I am but I don't have a lot of time to do that so if you want to transform The Great Outdoors into your next side hustle then this could be something that you want to look into because there are a lot of people who obviously are passionate about gardening or want to have a beautiful lawn but they don't have time to care for it so think about doing lawn care for example like lawn mowing edging like keeping Gardens tidy you don't have to have your own tools either because most of the time owners have their own tools it's just a matter of you offering your skill and your time to be able to help them do all of that work obviously it's a seasonal thing so you can expect to make money throughout a certain period of time but that depends a lot on where you live but the good thing about this is that it allows you to get regular customers so recurring income because once you've done a good job in looking after somebody's lawn they will call you again and again and again and people who either don't have the time or cannot do the physical work themselves would absolutely love love to pay to have somebody who can care after their Garden or their lawn so it will be something that will pay you nicely if you are able to offer good quality services and even though you can start small with word of mouth and referrals you can nicely grow from there because you can always add extra services that you are offering so you can charge more and more pay attention that in some areas you might need to have a license or insurance if you're doing bigger work but that obviously depends on where you are you can expect to get between $30 to $50 per uh job let's say but as I said if you are looking into adding extra services like raking leaves or blowing off roofs there will be more money that you can charge there up next at number four we have something that allows you to work whenever and wherever you want I know it sounds like a dream but it's totally possible so if you're on the lookout for a side hustle that will bend to your schedule then microtasking might be something that you want to look into microtasks obviously as the name implies are small jobs that you can get done in a few minutes or a few seconds sometimes or maybe up to half an hour and the beauty of best microtask website is that they let you fill in those gaps in your schedule without diving into something that steals your focus from other responsibilities so let's be real microtasks won't break the bank for companies who are looking to hire you so you will not be making huge money uh per hour however once you get started with this you can pick more and more jobs so yo

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