How To Make Your First $100,000 Online

so here's how to create your first sixf figureure breakthrough online now this is very important especially if you've been stuck if you've been experiencing inconsistency if you felt like you are alone or you felt like you've never had access to you know the information the knowledge the mentors or the platforms to actually go ahead and succeed because the reason why is there's so many people that feel like that right is like before I made my first six figure breakthrough before I made my first seven figure breakthrough before I started hitting all of my income goals there was a moment in my time where just I had no consistency you know I was like buying a bunch of courses here and there I was like trying things like MLM network marketing Forex Trading doing so many different things like from Drop Shipping to affiliate marketing and I would buy all of these courses and every single time I would look into this information I would always get to the point where I would end up feeling stuck right I was like ah but I want my breakthrough I want my breakthrough I wanted the ability to go ahead and make money so that I could go ahead and send my mom and dad to the Philippines whenever they wanted to see our relatives because it was so expensive back in the day or I wanted to go ahead and you know see the look in my mom's face when I handed her the check telling her that I'm going to go ahead and pay off her mortgage instead of her having to you know work for the rest of her life and constantly stress and worry there was all of these things that I wanted but the hardest thing for me is I just never felt like I had the opportunity I felt like I never had the platform I never felt like I had the right guidance or mentorship so how did I end up doing that right because for most people it's not just like one day you wake up and out of nowhere you're like automatically successful there are systems in place there are steps in place that people need to follow to go ahead and succeed now I think the best way that I could go ahead and really show you guys the concept of experiencing your first breakthrough is kind of like telling you a story of what happened to me on how every single part of my life before I experienc a crazy high in successes there was always a moment a fraction of a decision a moment of time where if I made the right decision I would have overcame the struggle overcame the plateau overcame The Challenge and felt a breakthrough or I would have decided wrong and then continued to live the rest of my life mediocre continue living the same problems every single day worrying why I'm not actually getting out of it right and that period of time was literally several years ago I remember I was like just losing a bunch of money from all these business ideas and I was like in this fearful mode because I wanted the stream life but like everything that I tried just never allowed me to feel safe or secure and I just felt like I was just stuck and I remember I get a call from like one of my friends he's like super cool he's British we go ahead and lift together and he was essentially telling me he's like Mike you need to go to this event there's going to be a dinner at this dinner there's going to be multi-millionaires and you just need to come because I know you're struggling right now and you need to be here because how you get out of your situation of struggling is be surrounded owned by people who essentially have the life that you want and not just like looking at videos about them but literally getting closer to them in proximity and around this time it's like I almost didn't want to go and do it because it's like I was like oh you know like I'll just watch these YouTube videos I'll just check these courses I don't know if I want to you know go all the way to this event you know I'm kind of like introverted I like spending most my time alone um I don't want to go ahead and focus on talking to people and and meeting more people and and multi-millionaires like why would they want to go ahead and hang out with me like I'm nobody I'm nothing why would they want to go ahead and spend time with me but I think he sensed or he felt that I was going through some tough times right I was going through a lot of struggles I had like a lot of bills coming up I every single month I essentially have a time where I pay off all of my bills and literally that day was the day that he ended up calling me right and he's like Mike you have to go out and do this you have to go and do this and I was looking at my bank account I was like oh but I just paid the credit card bill I just paid you know my loan Bill I just sent some money to my mom and dad to help them I just you know paid off my like a little bit of my student loan debt that I still had to go and pay off for it was like every single day or every single month there's one day that I pay off all of my bills and that was the day that my friend decided to call me for this opportunity he's like Mike you literally have to go ahead and go to this event and I was like I don't know I don't know because this this fear inside me was like I think there's going to be a cost to this and I didn't want to spend money because I just like spent a lot of money on my bills in order to survive and I was like worried about well will I have food this week and I was also like not having you know people to help me right it's like I wanted to be the one that helped my parents I didn't want to go Ahad and ask my parents for help I wanted to be independent and he was like no Mike you like you need to go to this event there's multi-millionaires it's an event you got to go to this dinner table I will introduce you right he was essentially telling me he will introduce me to his Network and all have to do was just pay the ticket to go and I just knew that there was a cost to this I knew there was a cost to this and I was like like if I if I ask a question I was afraid that he was going to tell me the price and then I would be in this space where I was like I don't know if I want to do this I don't want to spend the money but something inside of me was sick and tired of my situation something inside of me was sick and tired of every single month when I paid the bills when I paid everything all of my debts whenever I would like pay whatever was do that was sick and tired of just being stuck sick and tired of being in the scarcity sick and tired of worrying and living paycheck to paycheck and never actually experiencing the Breakthrough that I've always wanted and I was like okay bro like I'm not having anyone successful around me I'm alone no one else around me can relate to these problems how much is it and he told me the price to go ahead and get there was essentially $6,000 this is with the plane ticket this is with the hotels this is with the event of the ticket this is even with like the dinner this is surrounding with these you know multimillionaires I was like $6,0

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