How To Make The Greatest Comeback Of Your Life (In 6-12 months)

you hear your alarm clock snooze it multiple times and when you finally wake up you think to yourself ah here we go again you get out of your bed feeling tired and unmotivated you grab your phone start scrolling and see other people living their best lives you start to think yourself my life sucks life is so unfair there is no point getting in better nothing is going to change nobody can save me this luck of motivation starts to spread into other aspects of your life there is no point getting in shape you're good as you are so you start to skip the gym eat more junk food drink alcohol smoke cigarettes every night why would you even get 8 hours of sleep you start to sleep later and later and eventually pulling all nighter becomes your routine reading books is a complete waste of time right you would rather scroll on Tik Tok watching content you don't even truly enjoy life starts to feel pointless you don't even enjoy the things you used to enjoy anymore in high school my dad was scammed by my uncles and lost his job putting us in a huge depth despite seeking help from my f side died they ignored us my parent worked 24/7 to support our family and eventually my mom got sick we couldn't even afford school lunch and my dad's side refused to help us telling us my mom should work harder while my mom's side help us a lot it still left a hole in my heart watching my parents get more and more tired made me feel something I can't explain I became quite depressed in high school I spent my days only scrolling on social media I wasn't motivated to do anything and even waking up became a challenge for me I felt hopeless helpless and had no motivation towards life at all one day I was watching YouTube and I still remember the day I stumbled upon my first productivity video on YouTube I started to learn more about productivity and started consuming self-improvement content after a while this content gave me hope and willingness to improve my life I started to take more responsibility towards my life and step by step I started to take control over my life since I was 15 16 I always wanted to become a YouTuber and after failing four to five challeng I quitted for a while but it was always a dream of mine and sharing my experiences and thoughts through a video has been always a passion of mine I decided to go in on YouTube during the lockdown I cut out all my unhealthy habits started exercising at home and fully focused on YouTube for a year I literally disappeared and focused on my dream I gave my all in in the beginning I was only getting 40 50 views but I promised myself to go harder and keep going I kept going for a while and suddenly one of my videos to cough in only 3 months we gained 100 subscribers on this channel I started making more and more money by doing what I love and eventually I started supporting my family financially and retired them partially my goal is to completely retire them in 2 years and make them live their dream life gaining this Freedom wasn't easy at all fighting with negative emotions every day feeling like a failure feeling hopeless pointless helpless I know that feeling but I want to remind you something no one is going to save you except you you either evolve evolve or die that is the truth about our world you either learn the game play accordingly and Vin or you complain and do nothing about it and eventually lose if your life currently sounds like this I want you to stick around no matter how hopeless you feel in the current moment there is always something you can do you are much more capable than this and I trust you will succeed we got this I got you and you got me being successful making more money than other people having Freedom being in shape having a good relationship and living the dream life obviously comes with sacrifices not every wants to be exceptional and some people are happy living a mediocre life and that's completely fine but if you clicked on this video something tells me that you want more than mediocracy you want more than an ordinary life and if that's the case we need to escape mediocracy together in a world where eating a bunch of unhealthy stuff drinking every single week on Fridays having shallow relationships being jealous bashing other people's success is normalized and wanting more wanting to improve get better is considered toxic mediocracy is not going to help your dreams no matter how crazy no matter how stupid they sound to other people I want you to identify your goals I want you to truly ask yourself what do you want from Life why are you wanting to change your life think about this deeply and write them down on a paper or on a notion page if you will once you have your goals written down I want you to figure out what it takes to achieve them break them down into multiple steps and Milestones you often became un motivated when we realize the gap between our current self and our ideal self by setting Milestones you can minimize that Gap if you don't have any idea what the steps will look like for you research it I'm quite sure there is someone on the internet living your dream life and teaching about it and probably had a similar situation as you do right now watch their videos buy their books read their blogs and articles and learn from them I'm not only talking about YouTubers or online celebrities by the way many successful people write books and share their knowledge for 10 to $20 so there is no excuse for not reading regularly and learning from them once you have your goals and Milestones written down it's time to disappear for 6 to 12 months during these 6 to 12 months we're going to Solly focus on our goals working towards our goals is going to be the number one priority you might be thinking oh disappearing for 6 to 12 months is Extreme I would rather have a balance I understand you but you're the one who wants the results fast if you want an extraordinary life you can't live like an ordinary person if you want quick results that will help you escape the rot to your in and change your life I'm sorry but you need to go a little extreme sometimes if you listen to many successful people you will hear them say that at the beginning of their career they solidly focus on their goal and nothing else no matter what happens in your life you're going to stay focused and during these 6 to 12 months there is a protocol that can help you Trend amend sleep and that is called monk mode if you're interested in improving yourself and your life I'm quite sure sure that you have stumbled upon monk mode before and if you're not let me explain it real quick for you so that we have a better understanding essentially monk mode is a mindset an approach to life where you commit to eliminating distractions and dedicating yourself fully to a task or project by doing so you enter a state of focus and concentration that allows you to work efficiently and effectively towards your goals the great thing about monk mode is that there isn't a

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