How To Make Money With High Ticket Sales In 2024 (For Beginners)

here's how to make money with high ticket sales and how complete beginners are making 100 to 700 a day working part time in fact doing this method alone I was able to pull in 1.9 million dollars in commissions and it's not just me we literally have people I can make 25 Grand in a single month when he tried things like e-commerce and Drop Shipping none of that stuff worked but literally starting with high ticket sales he was actually able to create freedom for himself and this is the thing that people don't realize like when I first got into you know selling and marketing I didn't really care about making millions of dollars I didn't care about any of that back in the day I was literally supposed to be a dentist I'm not the smartest person in the world all I knew was biology chemistry Math and Science I had no idea about sales I didn't understand about marketing I had no idea exactly how to make money but again all I really cared about is if I could find a way to make you know a hundred dollars a day part-time 200 a day part time pack even 300 a day part-time if I could find a way to make twice as much working part-time on my side hustle than I did working full time as a dentist in the future when I was actually going to become one then I wouldn't have to go and work this job I could literally just go all in into this skill and actually make money with the most leverage does that make sense and this is what I started realizing just how important sales is because if you do not understand sales you will literally raise skinny children now check this out how to actually figure out what sales is all high ticket sales is very simple now I remember when I took a one-way trip ticket to Asia when I left dental school right so I was suddenly become a dentist because my parents were super Asian and they're like oh you have to become a dentist and I was like I'm dropping out of dental school and what I did after my mom essentially cried for like months when I broke her heart when I did that I went to Thailand and started meeting a bunch of multi-millionaires in the education space now some of these people were literally making millions of dollars and I just felt so insecure like a loser like why would they ever want to go and talk to me but I started realizing commonalities with all these multi-millionaires that I was literally bumping into in just random places in Thailand and their business was very simple they had traffic they had content there was this thing called the remote triage there's this thing called closing and then they sell someone something and then they get a result if you go deep into it this is exactly what it looks like even more there's some type of ads or social media following there's some type of content or website with the CTA or click this in the link below there's some type of conversation in the DMS or the phone there's some type of qualifying and books called there's some type of 45-minute call there's some type of closing deal there's some type of dream result now if you're probably wondering okay I want to go ahead and start a business well it's hard to start a business because you literally have to do all these things so the reason why part-time High ticket sales works is you literally find millionaires that have done the ads that have done the content that is doing all these stuff that are going to go ahead and give the dream result and you literally find your way to either do the conversation in the phone or qualify and book a call right or actually get on the call themself like if you really look at it these are kind of that the two biggest leverage points if you could actually go out and make money like for example how I went and made the 1.9 million dollars in commission is the more you do of these the more money that you make but obviously I didn't start it doing all these things for for example my mentor the person that already made millions of dollars I found one of these little Vector points either the ads or the social media either the conversations either the content either the 45 minute phone call any one of these things I literally did and when I was able to do that I built the skill on top of each other now you probably wondering well Mike there's all of these things that I could go and focus on which one should I actually go ahead and do well if I was gonna go ahead and start all over again and I didn't have that much time all I had is like four hours or five hours a week or maybe I was already working a job and I was like you know what it would be nice to have some online income work with a really amazing team be remote be location independent do this from any of the world I would literally either pick this or this it's very simple the reason why is because many of these people these mentors these people are already making millions of dollars they have these things known as high ticket offers which is like a five thousand dollar product or a ten thousand dollar product or a fifteen thousand dollar product or a twenty thousand dollar product it's essentially they're selling to people that are already following them to get them from where they are their pain point I'm fat I'm depressed I'm broke I'm unhappy I'm lonely I have no girlfriend I have no wife I'm no family to the dream life I'm healthy I have a six-pack I'm confident I have a wife I have a loving relationship I'm confident in myself I have a good dating life I'm making a lot of money and all literally it is is what the the mentor and the millionaires do is they get to the point where the marketing material is really good at identifying their pain and their pleasure right the prospects and the viewers that essentially watch their their their channels right and they get it to the point where the people that are following them have this Gap where they understand that here is the pain and here is the pleasure here is the nightmare here's the fantasy here's the hell this is the heaven and now you have this Gap in the prospect's mind and at that point all you should actually have to do because a lot of the marketing effort is already done from for example the mentors and the people that are already making millions of dollars all you essentially have to do is either qualify the people before they get on the phone call with a closer to see if this person can go out and make money or for example actually close the deal now when you actually understand how to actually do this this is what the multi-millionaire is already really good at you could actually charge 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 grand per product now you don't have to do that like you don't have to be like having an experience like you understand how cam was able make 25 Grand in a single month was literally because he found someone who already had that product and he literally got 10 commission that's how he's able to go ahead and pull 25 Grand the single month and if you need help with that and you want to find out what cam did w

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