How To Make Money With Chat GPT In 2024 (For Beginners)

so here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make money with chat GPT and how complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience for that after the intro [Music] so one of the reasons why I wanted to go ahead and start making money online was because I just want more freedom in my life I saw my parents work really really hard and I just knew that I did not want to go ahead and go down the status quo to go to school get grades go get a job and do all those things I want to go ahead and break free my only problem though when I was doing all these things like school and a job is I didn't have any experience I didn't have any time I didn't have any money and the beautiful thing about chat GPT and artificial intelligence is it allows you to literally go ahead and start building businesses without actually spending that much time and starting for free now for people that have never heard about chat GPT or artificial intelligence or maybe they're a little bit afraid check this out it's a lot easier than you actually think I mean if you go to you could go ahead and create a free chat GPT account and this is exactly how it works right check this out say I want to go ahead and become a copywriter right well back in the day in order to become a copywriter you have to learn a bunch of skills you have to go ahead and for example learn a bunch of things and then you have to go out there and then get clients so you have to do two things but if you were able to go ahead and get clients for example let's just say upwork look at this this is 150 dollars per hour once you go ahead and create a free chat GPT account I could go ahead and talk to the AI and be like hey create me a copywriting sales page for a weight loss product check this out create me a sales page for my dental Facebook ads marketing service check out a fast apartment just like that the AI is already creating uh marketing campaign for me that I could go ahead and use that to essentially sell so that's essentially the world that we're moving in right now with artificial intelligence and all those things is you need to go ahead and get on the trend because essentially what's happening is the cost of Labor is going to go very very low because of artificial intelligence and robots doing all the hard work so how you essentially use and make money with this in the process in the next one or two years before the entire world was taken over by artificial intelligence and AI where there's no more jobs available is you have a short opportunity in time to use artificial intelligence to essentially make it easier to start a business I mean check this out by the time I'm even done talking an entire sales page for dental practice marketing has already been created what if I'm like okay make it longer if I go ahead and say make it longer they're going to go ahead and create a longer version of the exact same sales page right so you can exactly see that artificial intelligence will allow humans to make work easier which makes sense because then you could go ahead and just focus on building businesses without that much time without that much money without that much experience so the goal is which businesses will you actually go ahead and get into well the opportunities that I see is essentially using AI in spaces that don't necessarily know about AI yet think about dentists think about chiropractors think about lawyers because of the fact that these businesses aren't really familiar with technology you could come in and sell them a service for a lot higher price and then you could come in and use the cost of you actually fulfilling that with AI to be very very low meaning you have more profit because back in the day for example for you to go ahead and build an agency that writes sales Pages for for example dentists right you would charge the dentist two thousand dollars and then you'll probably go ahead and find someone for a thousand dollars or fifteen hundred dollars go in and do the job so you go ahead and focus on getting the clients and then you go ahead and have someone do the job for you so just like that you get two thousand dollars in the door but then you had someone else do the job for you for fifteen hundred dollars so you would pocket 500. but now with AI you could literally go ahead and now use AI technology to do the hard work for you so essentially you have that work almost for free and you get the money up front just like that so now you have more money going to deal with it you can take that money go ahead and reinvest back in your business and grow even faster this is the opportunity it's called Arbitrage where you sell something at a higher value and traditionally you would go ahead and buy it at a lower value right I would go ahead and sell this candle for ten dollars but then I would buy it from China for a dollar right or I would go ahead and sell a service to someone for a thousand dollars but then I would buy the service from someone else in the Philippines or in China for a hundred dollars it's Arbitrage now the craziest thing about artificial intelligence is the Arbitrage is so much bigger especially with the people and the clients that don't know that you are using artificial intelligence to go ahead and do the service for them right so let's actually break down some other things they could go and make money with for example chat GPT right I could go ahead and go into Fiverr right here and you can see here's some email marketing campaigns where you could go ahead and create a free account with for example Fiverr and start selling these look at this 98 206 dollars right well what if I went to chat GPT and you could see an example I was like okay create me an email marketing campaign with four me uh emails to sell a teddy bear right and just like that look at this here's potential email marketing campaigns uh to sell a teddy bear introducing our new teddy bear subject meet the cutest teddy bear in town and you have this exact thing of people selling teddy bears for e-commerce that I could go and create this in but this could literally be for anything right say this is for an e-commerce product uh I don't know selling candles right check this out create me a email marketing newsletter with 10 emails selling candles to women over 30. I went and just typed that in and check this out this AI is essentially doing all the hard work for me so this is just like a weird example oh teddy bears oh candles right but imagine any business out there a doctor a dentist a lawyer they have no idea how to use this just think about all the pain points that they have all of the pain points sales and marketing wise you can come in sell them a service charge a thousand bucks two thousand dollars and then just have the AI do all of the hard work does that make sense this is gonna be one of the biggest opportunities in the next one to two years but I think the craziest opportunity that we have right now is literally

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