How to make money online with CANVA TEMPLATES in 2024 💰🚀

canva templates have become the standard when it comes to people who want to create a digital file of their own but either don't know how or want to save time by having the basics of the design already put together for them people purchase and use canva templates for everything from wedding and party imitations to business materials to home decor there's a canva template for pretty much everything which is why it's an amazing digital product type for online sellers but the thing I love most about K templates is the major opportunity it brings for passive income you can literally create the temp once and then set it up to sell on repeat as an instant download which means that you never have to lift another finger to fulfill orders for it build a whole Shop full of these types of passive digital products and you've gained an entirely new passive income stream for yourself now as amazing as the potential is I know how intimidating it can feel when you're just getting started learning how to create these templates and learning how to set them up to sell which is why in today's video I'm walking through each step you'll need to take from start to finish let's dive in before we jump into step step number one here I want to let you know about my free digital product training class digital product powerhouse it's a 45 minute long crash course for those who are wanting to start and grow a profitable digital products business online if you're wanting to make money from selling digital products but maybe don't know where to start or maybe you already have a digital products business and you just need some smart strategy for how to level up and make consistent sales in your business then definitely check out this class I'll have the link in the description box below so you can click through on that and watch it after you get done with this video and I think it's going to be super helpful for you and give you a deep dive in some true actionable tactics you can take to start and grow your successful digital products business all right so step one of this entire process is to conduct market research and decide what type of template you want to sell if we come on Etsy and type in canva template you can see here there are so many different results for lots of different types of canva templates everything from social media bundles to email newsletter templates we've got Financial templates and business templates so it's really important for this first step to narrow down exactly what type of template we want to offer so there's a couple ways we can do this first we can get a little more specific with our Etsy search we can look at etsy's predictive phrases here that give us a great starting point to see what things along with the phrase canva template are searched regularly so let's say canva template small business interests me I'll click on that and see what's already here on the platform then from these results I might get the idea of doing let's say a coaching workbook template so then I would go in and again get more specific with my Etsy search and type in coach workbook template now that I'm on my more specific search I'm going to pay extra attention to the results that are showing up on the first page specifically the ones with this little bestseller or ets's pick badge these are the ones that are selling really well and consistently so I want to take some inspiration from these and see what is actually included in these bundles I'm not only doing this to validate my idea but also to help me decide what content should be included so if I know I want to offer a workbook template I need to know what sort of pages are going to be making up this workbook I can click through on some of these bestsellers and just click through the photos in these listings to get an idea of what types of pages they have included and I can also usually see more information in the items description so if I click here where it says learn more about this item I can check and see if they have listed exactly what pages are included this seller does so I can see they've got a few different title Pages table of contents welcome pages about me and I can go down this whole list and get an idea of what I might want to include in mine I can also make use of chat GPT which is an AI tool that can give me information based on a prompt that I give it so on chat GPT I could type in something like give me 20 ideas for pages that would go in a coach workbook then chat GPT will automatically generate these 20 different ideas that I can use as inspiration again to decide if I want to include some of these in my workbook so I could do a goal setting page an action plan template a habit tracker a weekly planner so there's just so many different great ideas here and I can pick and choose to make this exactly what I want it to be so after I've decided on what type of template I want to sell and gotten some ideas for the actual content that's going to go inside and it's time to move on to step number two which is to decide on My Style Elements so when I say Style Elements I'm talking about specific graphic elements that I'm going to be using in my design to give it a certain feel or aesthetic some of these would be color scheme fonts and type of graphic assets I want to use in my designs I need to think about what sort of overall Vibe I'm going for here do I want the template to appear minimalist and neutral do I want it to have a groovy red R feel or maybe a trendy boho Vibe I'd say in general you want to limit your color scheme to maybe four colors at the most you want all of your designs within your template to work well together and then limit your font pairings to two or three fonts that also work well together this will ensure that your template has a really cohesive feel all the way through once you've decided on the Style Elements you want to include in your template then you're ready for step number three which is to actually create your template inside of canva so I'm going to come to canva and click on create a design and then I'm going to choose the size I want my canvas to be so for this workbook example I'm going to use a US letter size so I'm going to type in US letter which is an 8 1/2 by 11 in and when I click that canva automatically pulls up the right size canvas for me to start working on so for this example I'm not going to create all the different pages that would go into a full workbook but I'm going to quickly create a few so we can get the idea here so first off for my workbook I've decided I want to do a title page so again this is going to be purchased by someone who is a coach that they're going to use in their business so my purpose here is to create something that a coach would use in their own workbook and then edit to make their own to give to their customers or clients so I'm just going to go through the process here of Designing of course do this however you want using your colors that you've

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