How To Make Money Online For Beginners – How I Make $27k per Week

here's how to make money online I do this to make twenty seven thousand dollars a week in passive income now before you actually go ahead and start making money online the first step is you need to understand what your why is why do you actually want to make money because I can tell you this right now most people that look at how to make money online are lazy and if you get angered that should trigger you because it's true many of the people want to go out and make money because they want to go ahead and find some get rich quick scheme because they don't want to actually do the hard work what if I told you this everything in life that was worth it had to do with some hard work that's how you actually appreciate the end result now the problem most people is they don't actually go and do the hard work because they're afraid of pain they associate with pain they're afraid of the failure of losing money they're afraid of the Judgment from the friends and family thinking they're crazy instead of going and getting a job like normal people or getting a hobby like normal people They go ahead and start some online thing they are so afraid of other people and what they think and that pain is what controls their entire life and you are essentially seeking validation for people that don't have the results that you want so that pain is right here now what is a why what is the reason why you actually want to go and do this that has to be more painful than the pain that you feel from family and friends judging you on how to go ahead and make money online what's the example for this when I first wanted to make money online all my friends thought I was crazy right my mom and dad thought I was crazy there was a time where I would call my dad and I was like Dad I'm gonna go drop out of dental school and he literally said don't be stupid and he hung up on me so obviously anybody else in my situation would be like oh well I'm sorry friends let's just go ahead and get drunk oh I'm sorry Mom and Dad okay let me go ahead and listen but the reason why I did not listen to them is because my opinion was so much deeper there were moments where I would literally close my eyes and think about my deathbed there are times where I'd be like okay well if I actually become a dentist if I continue this in my relationship if I continue being afraid of other people's judgments fast forward to when I'm 50 60 70 80 years old what would be my ultimate regret and when you actually think about one day that you're gonna die and any pain that you feel doesn't matter pain of rejection pain of failure the money that you lost that is way better than dying and feeling nothingness for eternity do you understand that the shortness of life when you understand and live with that pain and constantly remember that one day we're all gonna die and these things that we're worried about oh my friend thinks this all my mom and dad thinks that none of that's going to matter none of that is gonna matter and when you understand and dive deep into that pain point you could start that business you could go and make money right so that pain point was way big for me than the worry of what my mom and my dad and my friends thought and because that I went out there and I took action the reason why most of you guys aren't successful aren't actually going to make money online is because you don't actually feel a deep enough pain point you are okay with your life to be honest if you actually wanted to make money online you would be pissed off and actually go out there and get there you wouldn't spend a lot of time just watching videos you would actually go out there and be okay to fail and the only reason why you are okay to fail is because you have a stronger reason to live a bigger reason to actually succeed now the second thing that you need to do is you need to create something of value what do I mean by that well in order to actually make money it doesn't matter online or offline you have to give something of value to people that are in a pain Point even if something as simple as like entertainment solves the pain points even something as simple as doing a little dance on Tick Tock solves the pain point because people's lives suck most people live a life that they completely hate and because they don't like their job because they don't like their boss because they don't like their school they spend a lot of their time on social media so there are little people dancing on Tick Tock making millions of dollars and you're sitting here bro like that should infuriate you that should anger you so understand this in this new economy that we're in right now how you add value is you solve people's pain point and now more than ever it's never been that hard or that easy to actually go out and solve people's pain points now one of the most biggest pain points that people have boredom health wealth love and happiness Tick Tock solves a huge pain point of boring them people are bored with their lives they don't have cool friends they don't have the ability to go and travel around the world and yet they hate their life right so that solves a huge pain point a huge pain point right what else Health people there are more people with a million dollars than there are with six packs that shows you how rare it is to be healthy and you know now more than ever the world is unhealthy they want people to go out and share how it is to be healthy what about wealth okay more than ever people are losing their jobs they're not getting a stable amount of income if you could help business owners make more money with sales and marketing you become valuable and what about love more and more now than ever people cannot have a good relationship the reason why is because most men have chosen to become weak and because of that when the man is weak the woman has no other choice for to be angry when she looks around and there's no other strong men because most men choose to be weak so understand this these are the biggest pain points that are around in this world right now I have literally given you multi-million dollar opportunities a painful take you go out and solve understand this in order to make money online it stems with value in order to make money you have to give value and the income that you have is a direct per up and the income that you have is a direct proportion to them and the income that you have is a direct proportion to the amount of value that you give to the world and if you don't give any value the marketplace will tell you if you look at the money in your bank account and it hasn't grown in the past month two months a year two years five years it has been the exact same number for the past year it shows you that you are just not a valuable person so in order for you to actually go ahead and grow you need to become more valuable you need to solve people's pain points because the only reason why people are actually going to give you money is because the

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