5 Things to STOP Doing to Get RICH in 2024

I've spent nearly a decade navigating the world of finance and Banking and I've seen firsthand the mistakes people are making day in and day out that are stopping them from becoming rich so in this video I wanted to share with you five of the most commonly overlooked bad habits and tips on how to break out of them number one a scarcity mindset there's this really interesting study done with a group of relatively low achieving students they were split into two groups the first group was the control group and that group was asked to together read out loud an article describing how human memory works and then later discuss what they learned so they learned about long-term short-term memory using repetition the second group was taught about a growth mindset so they read and discussed an article about how learning makes their brain smarter and discussed how they can apply their learnings in their school work what they found was the second group who learned about the growth mindset showed a significant increase and effort and motivation towards their learning compared to the first group and this increased motivation had a direct correlation to improved performance so the students tracked the results of math tests for both of these groups after a year of doing the exercise and the group that was taught about memory continued to see their grades decline whereas the group that learned about the growth mindset saw the reverse their grades started to improve it's so easy to blame external things for why we're not good at something oh my teacher wasn't very good at teaching that I don't have the experience in it I don't have the right skills to be able to do something and I'm guilty of this myself but the act of reframing your mind set to one that is of abundance and growth just making that shift it really is the thing that changes your life's trajectory and what you're able to achieve every single person that I know that has acquired a lot of wealth has this in common an abundance mindset and the belief that they can do it knowing that something is possible makes you much more likely to go for it and to put in the work to achieve it than if you think something is Out Of Reach and success or financial wealth is something that is reserved for other people number two skimping on growth this is something that I did a lot in my 20s and it's only in the last few years that my perspective in paying for education has completely changed because before I had this mentality that everything is available on the internet for free so why should I pay for further education or learning when I could just take the time out to learn those things myself without having to pay for it so when I started my YouTube channel I had no understanding or background in anything creative I didn't know how to work a camera let alone anything about editing or social media and at the start of my YouTube Journey I'll spend days hours weeks on end trying to figure out one small thing and how it works I remember wanting to make the color grading of my videos look a bit sharper and Polished and I watched another YouTube video on how to do it and I think it was Joshua mayor's on how he edits his videos because I love the way his videos looked really high production and so I just tried to copy it I tried to copy what he did not realizing that that video was for people who actually have some sort of basic understanding of how an editing tool works and so I tried my best I got it completely wrong and for week my YouTube videos looked like they were recorded in the ‘ 80s in a black and white scale and I couldn't figure out how to fix it what I should have done was just buy a course that would teach me how to edit from a to zed and I don't want this to sound disingenuous because of course here I am on YouTube selling courses now suddenly talking about how courses are important and it sounds typical but I can honestly say that in the past year the biggest category that I've spent money on after all my needs have been met is courses I even bought a course that's helped me with my social skills and that is the level of which I pay for Learning and Development now everything you want to learn or anything you want to solve or any part of you that you want to develop don't skimp out on it because it's only going to cost you in other ways and to really grow and build wealth you need to keep investing in your learning and education number three doing it all yourself I saw a motivational quote the other day that read Beyonce has the same 24 hours in the day that we do great quote except it missed the fact that our 24 hours aren't the same and she has the ability to Outsource pretty much everything that she could possibly think of and she has a team to run it all although we definitely don't have the same 24 hours that she does we can however find ways to achieve more in less time because you don't have to do everything yourself anymore and for almost everything I've realized that there is some sort of free tool or system that can help you do the thing that you need to faster and better that brings me very nicely to a tool that I use on a daily basis and that is Grammarly who are very kindly sponsoring today's video according to a report by forbs we spend on average 88% of our work week communicating and written communication takes up the largest amount of time in that so whether it's writing a persuasive email writing an important document preparing a presentation or a pitch written communication plays a huge part in every aspect of our working lives and so the ability to do it well and to do it fast can be an absolute Game Changer Grammarly AI is a tool that I use on a daily basis and it's a writing partner that helps you write better and faster unlike any other platform or app that I've come across the features for Grammarly integrate across everything it checks my emails as I write them on Gmail and it can rephrase things to make it sound a certain way I'm so used to writing as if I still have a fancy banking job so I love that it can help me tone that down when I need to or if I want to make it sound more persuasive it will help me do that as well while still staying true to my style it also helps me come up with ideas as I write my scripts it gives me ideas for captions on my social media posts anything that involves writing it can help with in just one click the best bit is that all of these features I mentioned are completely free so you may as well try out and see for yourself how much more effective this tool makes you you can get access straight away by signing up through the link in the description grammarly.com/nischa next we have relying on being physically present there's a quote from Warren Buffett that goes if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die it's a bit extreme but it's true the whole idea is that to Achieve Financial Independence or Financial Freedom which is ultimately w

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