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hi guys what's up it's me dudy today we're gonna talk about how to learn any language on your own and i'm gonna give you some study tips and also the methods that i'm gonna use for learning italian because i moved to italy and i don't know italian yet i am on my way to learn italian and i'll become fluent one day if you are new to this channel you might be thinking who the heck are you to give me self-study methods for language learning i am a so-called polyglot because i can speak four languages fluently it's not like i can do a bit of basic conversation but i'm fluent in all of these languages which are japanese turkish english and german anyway so when it comes to learning languages i have five main tips and the first one is picking a language obviously that you're motivated to that you want to learn it's actually more important than you think because sometimes you know people pick a language because it's widely spoken but it's really important that you're really motivated to learn that language because if you don't have fun when learning a language i'm sorry but it's gonna be really hard for you so pick a language that you're motivated to sometimes we don't have the privilege to pick a language that we truly motivated to you know sometimes you're in a situation where you have to learn a language which really happened with me to be honest other than english i had to learn these languages in order to basically live my life in a peaceful way so if you don't have the privilege to pick a language that you want to learn but you still have to learn it then make it motivating make it enjoyable make the process enjoyable for you so that it won't feel like work because everything in life you know no matter what if it's fun it doesn't feel like work yes maybe partially it will feel like but when you compare to the things that you don't enjoy if you enjoy something it's gonna be much easier believe me let's move to the step two step two is basically setting a goal then forgetting it you might think like what we're setting a goal and then we're forgetting why let me explain so firstly let's talk about why is it a good idea to set a goal in the first place if we're gonna forget it it is important to set a goal let's say you want to become a daily conversational level in one month and then you think retrospectively how much do i need to study in order to come to that place and is it realistic for me so in that way after setting a goal and after thinking retrospectively you can understand whether it's a realistic or not for you so for that case setting a goal is important and also i think for motivational purposes setting a goal is important too because when you have a milestone when you have a point that you want to reach i think you can see the growth more clearly in my opinion so setting a goal is important and for that you can use today's sponsor busu's study planner busu is a language learning platform which you can download for free and also like purchase premium version of it for like additional features but basically you can download it free for free and there is a link down description below there is a study planner where you can set your goal and set the amount of the time you're going to spend each day and it will show you when you can reach that level of fluency it's really important so that you won't set unrealistic goals i'll talk about boost later on more detailed now you're maybe thinking okay okay it makes sense that we set goals but then why are we forgetting about it because system matters more than the goal itself oftentimes we focus too much on output but we don't really focus enough in inputs we can't really control the outcome that much yes you might like study really hard and you gave all of your thing but you might not still be able to become fluent in that such a time which is completely normal because everybody learns in a different pace and some people learn it really fast and some people learn it really slowly so it shouldn't discourage you at all therefore after setting a goal let's say in order to become like this level of fluency oh i see i need to study like 10 minutes or i don't know 30 minutes a day now you have the system right you know that you need to study 30 minutes but you're going to forget about the fluency level that you want to reach the only thing you're going to focus is that the 30 minutes of studying that you need to do each day because it's the thing that we can control we cannot control the level of fluency that we're going to reach but we can't control how much we're gonna study each day so we're gonna focus on that part but in order to know how much you're gonna study in each day you have to have this goal doesn't make sense and when setting a goal it's important that everybody has a different aim for learning a language you might want to become really you know fluent like a native speaker or something or you might only want to learn a language in a daily conversation level and both of them is totally fine often times when we learn a language it kind of seems like the whole point is becoming really fluent speak talking like a native speaker do you know mistakes and stuff but it's not everybody's goal and that's totally fine all of us are pretty busy you know so it's important that how much you can fit into your schedule and how important is it for you to learn that language and so according to those things you can set your goal and set your inputs to reach your goal so let's talk about my goal so i want to reach to daily conversation level until end of year so that i can talk with attractive italians you know i can flirt with them and stuff so just kidding maybe not in order to change those situations and flirt back maybe maybe we should learn a bit italian you know so third step for learning a language on your own is set a system that works for you this thing actually doesn't only happen about language learning it can happen about everything like weight loss studying i don't know financial goals whatever there is no perfect study plan or there is no perfect way to do it there are ways that you can try and that might work for you best way to figure out is to try a bunch of different ways out there try a bunch of different study methods and then find the one that works for you you are a lazy ass i know that but don't forget to do that okay honey okay so fourth step it's actually not a fourth step fourth category or i don't know fourth fourth part of the video whatever let's talk about my language learning system if you are even curious so when it comes to my method of learning language is that i hate studying grammar it just it's not fun to me it's i i just don't love it you know opening a textbook learning grammar rules and doing practices and stuff it's like really traditional way of language learning and i just don't like it it's too boring for me so if you haven't watched one of my most popular videos how i learned english b

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