How to Get Traffic from Pinterest to Website or Blog (I Get 85k/mo of Blog Traffic!)

do you want a free traffic source that will give you a break from Google's hammering algorithm updates I get on average about 85,000 outbound clicks from Pinterest to my website all you need to do is just follow these eight simple steps so the first thing you need to do to get Pinterest traffic is optimize your website for this platform when you open your website on a mobile device can you save an image from it on Pinterest I started with this point because it is really important so pause the video if you need to and go check your site on your phone now then let me know in the comments if you managed to save a pin from your site in just a couple of clicks if not you will hardly get a lot of Pinterest traffic why well take a peek at my Pinterest analytics see for a lot of my top performing pins the source is called others they are not my pins I have a pretty established Pinterest account that that gets about 10 million monthly viewers and I have seen analytics not only on my own Pinterest account but also dozens of my clients share their Pinterest stats with me the strongest accounts always have a lot of pins saved by others their pins that have organically found their way from your site into Pinterest through the saves made by other users my idea is that these pins hold a lot more weight in the algorithm than the pins that you saved from your profile it is a strong engagement signal or a domain quality signal for Pinterest so what's the takeaway here do all that I've got to do to get more of these other pins they could be the secret source to unlocking your Pinterest growth make sure that on each page of your website you have at least one Pinterest optimized image it should be a vertical image with a text overlay in the top part you also should have a button like this for social sharing on your site test how these buttons work on your site especially on mobile devices because most Pinterest users will interact with your site on their phones for WordPress blogs the easiest way to get this setup correctly is by using the habab plugin it has a free light version but I believe to take advantage of all the settings for Pinterest you will need to use their paid plan it was $34 per year last time I checked and by the way I'm not sponsored by them I just use it on my own blogs and it works perfectly well allowing you to use very specific settings for Pinterest save buttons and if your site is on another platform maybe you have a Shopify store for example there are some paid plugins available on the Shopify App Store that will add the social sharing buttons as well these pins saved by others are a game Cher for your Pinterest traffic and I usually start my one-on-one clients calls by checking this out on their accounts so if you're loving this Insider nuggets drop a like and hit subscribe for more oh and if you're keen on boosting your Pinterest SEO and getting 85,000 monthly visitors or more like I do check out my free Pinterest master class plus I can accelerate your Pinterest growth in a personalized one-on-one session links in the description below now step number two is to optimize your Pinterest profile for keywords the key to unlocking traffic on Pinterest is mastering the search function and that begins with optimizing your profile with the right keywords why is it important because a well optimized profile helps Pinterest understand the main topics of your content which in turn helps you to get more visibility in search results see here users can search for DIY home decor ideas and then I can filter the results on Pinterest by just profiles click apply and you will see the highest ranking profiles so you will need to include your main keyword and a few related keywords in your profile name and in your profile description as well and in the board titles and descriptions so open a Google Doc and create a list of relevant keywords here's a little trick to get you started type a topic into Pinterest search bar and watch how autoc complete suggests popular terms on this platform you can delve even deeper by exploring these colorful keyword boxes that appear below the search bar they reveal variations of your base keyword helping you refine it into more specific longtail keywords that capture user intent more accurately however while these methods are great for keyword Discovery they don't reveal the actual search volume to get an idea about the volume for each keyword that Pinterest suggests you can install this Chrome extension by keywords everywhere it will show you search volume inside your Pinterest interface but it's based on Google search volume for these terms Pinterest unfortunately doesn't have their own accurate search volume tools so we have to rely on this relative data from Google you can also continue your keyword research using Pinterest Trends tool this tool does not show you the actual search volume again for each keyword but it shows you the popularity of terms over time and it also allows you to compare different keywords to choose the best options for those of you who want a deeper dive into using the Pinterest TR tool effectively I've already covered it in a detailed video so I will link it up there and in the description below so you can check it out once we're done with this video step number four is to create your first three to five boards when you're setting up your Pinterest account it's tempting to create dozens of boards right away but I don't recommend starting with that many boards at once start with just five boards and try to keep this board active enhancing your profile's health having too many inactive boards doesn't help with your account visibility and engagement when you're creating these five boards make sure that your titles and descriptions are reach with cords because remember on Pinterest users can f filter results by profiles and by Boards as well also for your pins to be found for the right keywords it is critical that they are saved to the relevant boards and they have a good keyword match to the board title to refine your board titles try searching related terms and S select boards to see what others are naming their boards on their profiles this can spark some great ideas I recommend having a mix of Broad and Niche boards for instance a board like side dishes covers a wide range of recipes while something like K recipes might be targeting a more specific audience that are keeping this specific diet but it is vital to keep all your boards that you created active so step number five is to save curated pins to your new boards so you have created and optimized for keywords your board titles and descriptions should you start saving your own pins to them well you can do it but there is one more step that a lot of people have no idea about you can help Pinterest understand the topics of your boards faster if you first repin to these boards something that's already ranking well for the focus keywords on this board and has the keyword

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