how to find out what you want to do in life – watch this if you feel lost

if you're spending your day scrolling on social media watching tick tocks instagram reels shorts whatever if you hate your current job and think like i wish i had a dream job that i'm passionate about that i can spend hours without even realizing it and if you feel like you don't know what to do with your life this video is perfect for you today's video is based on a very popular book in japan called so basically the book is titled how to find out what you want to do with your life since it doesn't have english translation today i'm gonna try to translate a bit and then explain the key ideas of the book have you experienced this before you want to do something but you don't know what to do you don't know what you want to do and you might start to feel like you haven't find the one yet you haven't find the one thing that you can be passionate about that you truly enjoy therefore you might start search about job opportunities or about maybe new hobbies so you can explore more about yourself or maybe read more books about various interests of yours but no matter how much you look for the information you feel like you haven't found the one yet the one that you can refer as your dream job it's not like we need more information and we need to research and you know get new information he says that the information that is necessary for us to figure out what we want to do with our lives is already there and according to him the more you consume and the more you get information the more you're likely to fall into the paradox of choice so what is paradox of choice when we have too many options we usually tend to have difficulties of deciding there is a one study called study of gem gem gym consumers were more likely to buy when offered six gems compared to 24 gen the more you have options the more you struggle with deciding what to do or which one to pick and interestingly when the options are less consumers also reported greater buying satisfaction when there are many options available it becomes harder to determine which is the best which can cause us to feel a great regret after we have made a choice we may have more freedom because we have more choices but it actually causes us to be unhappier that's why some of the biggest tech leads such as mark zuckerberg or steve jobs wore or wear the exact same outfit each day so that they won't fall into the decision fatigue slash the paradox of choice so according to the author in order to not fall into the paradox of choice we need to minimize our options so according to him if you know what you love what you're good at and what you value you will not fall into the paradox of choice because you will have your own decision matrix in order to get to know yourself in order to minimize options this book gives a three-step analysis the author says that do what you love is not always answer when finding your dream job or what you want to do with your life because in 99 of the job you need to also do the parts that you don't enjoy for example when it comes to youtube i really love standing in front of camera like getting a spotlight and publishing my own videos however but the majority of being a youtuber actually comes from scripting analyzing and thinking about marketing skills and you know understanding how to produce yourself it's actually filming is maybe only five percent of it 95 of it is not filming if you try to pursue a career based on what you love you probably cannot find that job we cannot only do the part of the job that we love and also according to the author we often try to decide between what we love versus what we're good at he says that this is a wrong way of thinking there is a major point that is lacking so we also need to analyze what the value so what we value what we're good at and what we enjoy when figuring out these three major components there is a right order to do it the first one will be what you value so understanding your values will be the first step in order to understand your value system we need to figure out what is important for us what is important for me might not important for you in this book there's so many questions to ask yourself to figure out what you value but for each three major components there are five most important questions which we're going to answer together please while answering those questions please write them down into a piece of paper because this will be crucial in order to understand what we want to do with our life please do not sit back and do nothing while watching this video please grab a pen and piece of paper and write down your answers when i ask you a question so the question number one will be who do you respect and also why can be just one or maybe more for example for me my top three will be first one will be alfred adla the second will be kabusaba and the third person will be the araki if you have read the courage to be disliked the courage to be happy you probably know that alfred atla was a philosopher and also a psychiatrist he declined the most popular beliefs in his era which was sigmund freud he didn't fear to be disagreed and i truly appreciate his courage to be disliked and he created his own way of thinking this originality of him and the way he puts him out there is something that i truly respect when it comes to kawasaki if you watch this channel you probably know that i really love his input and output books he is also a psychiatrist what i respect about him the most is that the amount of the output that he does he has probably more than like 20 books published even though he is a doctor he also has a youtube channel he also has a blog and he does a lot of stuff and he writes a ton of books i really like his books and the way that he put himself out there his creativity is something that i truly respect then the third person is alex sensei if you know jojo's bizarre adventure you probably know that araki sensei is the author of that manga if you have ever watched or read jojo you probably know that the fashion sense the color scene the storyline of jojo is so different than other mangas out there it is so unique and it has its own world and even with seasons the color the art style everything changes his imagination his creativity and his originality is something that i truly respect so after writing the people that you respect and the reasons you might realize some of the words that are repeating we call these words as key words for example for me you probably can realize that i multiple times said creativity originality and imagination is important for me so for me my value is based on creativity originality and imagination this is the reason why i told you or pleased you like to you to write down because the words that you use repeatedly will allow you to understand your value okay so the question two will be experience influence you the most during your teenage years for me for example it was definitely during my high school time when i did exchan

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