How to Build a $53k Digital Business in 1 Year 💸 *NEW 2024* beginner’s guide to making money online

this year with my YouTube channel my Etsy Shop digital products affiliate programs and brand deals I've made $53,000 and it has been the best year of my life I was finally able to achieve my dream of being a digital Nomad so I spent 7 months in Southeast Asia and China I'm really happy about how this year went building these online digital income streams and I want to give you some tips for how you can do this as well to put things into perspective this didn't just take one year there was a lot of work involved actually leading up to this year 99 years ago when I was 20 that's when I first had this dream to be a digital Nomad I worked in a 9 to5 job after University and I quit my job about 5 years ago and Co was so hard like I struggled so hard throughout the last 5 years and I would say just the past year things have really been just feeling easy the first thing that I want you to know when it comes to building a digital business is try to work on only one or two income streams at a time I'm guilty of wanting to do everything and like at the beginning of the year I knew I wanted to do brand deals I wanted to make my own digital products but I knew that I couldn't just focus on everything so this is how I did it at the beginning of this year I focused on my YouTube channel and my Etsy shop I did that for many many months and then in the summer that's when I started to take some brand deals and that's when I also join some affiliate programs so now this quarter so I would say September until now I've been focusing a little bit more on brand deals and also creating a digital product to sell if you watch my other videos you know that I just created a Etsy listing photos course it has about 3 hours of video it has 50 plus pages of templates and it's basically like a mini course that teaches you how to do your marketing on Etsy with a focus on the listing photos and videos my next tip for you is to test the market before you commit to making a product and before you commit so much time in energy to selling a thing that might not even be wanted by your customer so I'll tell you a little case study of what happened with my Etsy listing photos course I had the idea to make this in I would say early October I really wanted to just make some kind of digital product for my audience that was useful because a lot of you follow me for Etsy advice and I think I have a lot to share but I think where I really stood out with my own Etsy Shop is I knew how to make really good listing photos so at the beginning of this year I made kind of a crappy freebie product it was this canva template with listing photos yes you can still download this but basically throughout this whole Year 3,000 people downloaded this kind of ugly listing photo template that I made and I was thinking wow like a lot of people just don't want to start from scratch when they're making their listing photos and maybe I can offer a product where I actually teach them how to make listing photos because I think a lot of people are struggling with this so I thought okay maybe I'll make you know a course on how to make listing photos and you know I could just have made the course and recorded all the video lessons and then just sold it but what I wanted to do was actually to do a pre-sale so basically what this is is I make a sales page or a landing page I don't actually make the course yet I just plan out the curriculum I plan out all the lessons and everything that I'm going to include in the course I make a detail page with what's included and I basically get people to pre-order the course now if I get people to pre-order the course then I make the course if nobody pre-orders the course then I wouldn't make it so my thinking was yeah I'm going to use this strategy to actually validate the market and see if people actually are going to pay money and I'm actually so glad I did this pre-sale because I had 6 weeks of promoting it and in the first first 5 weeks nobody bought it it was only in the last what week that nine people bought it if you're also wanting to use this pre-sale strategy for selling digital products you basically have to do two things the first thing is you need some kind of an audience either on social media or an email list and the second thing you need to do is to create a landing page or also called a sales page for this Etsy listing photos course I used hostinger drag and drop website builder and let me tell you it was so easy to use I've actually tried a lot of website Builders before in the past and I would say hostinger website builder is one of the easiest to use and the course platform that I'm using which is teachable they do actually have a sales page builder but I really really wanted to customize this landing page because I wanted to make it more aesthetic and hostinger really let me customize everything with hostinger it is $3 month and if you use my coupon code Dena Lou you can get an extra 10% off and by the way if you take a look at what's included with hostinger subscription yes you can make a 100 freaking websites with hostinger that is such a good deal with just one website subscription that you're paying for so you can create a fully custom WordPress website or you can use what I used which is the drag and drop website builder and this was perfect because I was looking for a way to build this landing page that was fast and simple I got a free domain dao. store and I built this sales page in 3 days one thing I love is that hostinger has so many templates that you can choose from and if you don't want to build your website from scratch you can use their AI website builder check out hostinger and you can use my coupon code Dina L for 10% off and all the details are in the video description the next St I have for you is to get help when you have no idea what you're doing this year a huge goal of mine was to do brand deals and at the beginning like companies were reaching out to me I had no idea how to price myself I didn't really know how they worked I didn't know what to look out for in contracts so what I actually did was I joined a membership program the one I joined is Roberto Blake's membership for creators and I learned so much from him about how to do brand deals how to price myself how to negotiate contracts so basically I would join a live call with him twice a week and I would ask all the questions in the past I also spent thousands and thousands on business coaching courses and like all this money that I spent I know it is a lot it seems like a lot especially business coaching but it was the best money I've ever spent like I can truly truly be honest and say that getting coaching getting courses getting help for the things that I need this has been the best money that I have spent on my business the next tip I have for you is to find your Rhythm when it comes to working and being productive so you don't burn out this actually took me a long time to figure out because when I qui

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