How to Become a UGC Content CREATOR and Make Money💰 (STEP-BY-STEP) What is UGC?

can you make $10,000 a month as a ugc content creator what does ugc even mean and can you become a ugc Creator in just a month starting with zero followers yes you don't have to be a popular influencer with thousands of followers to start making money with ugc content as a matter of fact ugc creators are meant to be just normal people sharing their experiences online the state of ugc report by tinp found that 93% of marketers agree that consumers trust content creator created by consumers more than content created by brands people trust people in this video you will find the answers to all of your questions about ugc why would Brands pay you when you have no followers at all where can you find ugc jobs how much do Brands pay on average for a 60-second ugc video what kind of equipment do you need to get started as a ugc Creator how to create a ugc portfolio and how to Peach Brands and so much more so what does ugc mean exactly ugc stands for user generated content which is any content like videos photos texts but honestly most brands these days will expect short video content for ugc there is no need to have a huge number of followers ugc creators aim to make content that feels like a recommendation from a friend rather than an endorsement from a celebrity instead the focus with ugc is on Crafting authentic content for Brands what makes ugc so appealing for companies is how real and relatable it feels which makes it a powerful tool to connect with more people research shows that ugc can work way better than traditional ads to catch people's interest it is also cheaper for Brands because there is no need for a pricey production team or fancy videos on the other hand anyone can become a UTC Creator because there is no expectation of top-notch quality content made with fancy cameras and perfect lighting so if you were wondering what kind of gear you need to get started with a ugc if you have just an average smartphone with a camera and maybe a source of natural light like maybe just a window in front of you this is pretty much all that you need ugc is all about keeping it real and relatable brins actually prefer that homemade Vibe because it feels more genuine unlike those polished ads to which we're already all immune now there is an important difference between an influencer and a ugc Creator when a brand works with an influencer they want to get access to an established audience that influencer already has built so the content is posted on the influencer's social media accounts and when Brands work with a ugc Content it is typically meant to be published on the Brand's own social media channels now how do you find UDC opportunities one way is to Peach Brands but it is not for everyone and not for beginners in my opinion because it involves showing a portfolio which I will actually cover a bit later in this video but there is a simpler way to find those jobs without the hustle of sending call emails or DMS first off just search on social media you can start on Twitter and just search ug see creators needed see here first I find a huge advertising for a skincare product and they give you a link to a Google doc we can see here that they're looking for a six-month contract and they're willing to pay each Creator up to $1,200 which is $200 per video and all they need is a short video up to 60 seconds so it's pretty straightforward they will even tell you how to apply right there so you will see other similar invitations here there is one where they pay $150 per video and there are lots of brands that are looking for ugc creators and you can always check out generic freelance websites like upwork or Fiverr and you will find their daily job postings but often they will be at lower pay rates and then there are many platforms designed specifically to connect brands with ugc creators and I'll give you a few names here trend iio is a platform that connects ugc creators with Brands enabling creators to set their rates and choose their collaborations incense is an app that partners with major social media platforms to connect Brands and creators offering higher pay but stringent terms for content right caber works as a Marketplace for Brands and creators to connect popular Pace targets Boutique and Enterprise Brands offering paid Geeks with occasional rapid content turnaround expectations join Brands this one primarily features Amazon Brands and businesses with smaller budgets offering a high volume of low feed jobs the next one is COI and here you will usually find higher pay but the jobs are not available regularly just a few examples of partner brands on this platform could include CVS and brown the next one is social media presence for access to its Brand's job database it favors creators with a large following so yeah there are many places where you can look for ugc projects and if you want to point out the platforms uh on this list just pause here and maybe watch this part again now how much do ugc creators actually make as we were checking the platforms I mentioned a pretty standard trade of $150 per video and we're usually talking about a short vertical video of up to 60 seconds this is something that you can count on as a beginner you can also charge a bit more maybe about2 200 or $250 if the brand intends to use your video in their advertising campaigns in this case usually Brands will expect you to put more effort into researching other ads either on their products or on competitor products so it is pretty standard in the industry to charge more when a brand asks for a ugc video for ads another way to increase your earnings as a beginner ugc Creator is to offer bundles of videos making the price of the bundle attractive compared to the base rate for example you can charge for one video $200 for three videos pack $500 and for five videos pack $850 but of course over time as your following base grows say when you have over 10,000 followers you can still call yourself a ugc Creator but you're actually in the league of influencers and you can negotiate higher rates many ugc creators publicly share on social media how much they make for example a Tik Tok user Laura e marketing shared that after being a ugc creator for a year she started averaging between s and $8,000 a month from making ugc I checked her profile on Tik Tok currently and she has about 15,000 followers which is not a lot she can be considered a nano influencer at the beginning of this video I mentioned that some ugc creators make $110,000 per month and here's the Creator who shared that she makes that much while being a college student however keep in mind that her Tik Tok account is currently sitting at 68,000 followers so of course she didn't make that much as a beginner but she has grown her account and rates over time the beauty of UTC is that you can start without any experience and with a very small social social media following but of course if you want to make really good money from ugc conte

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