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hey john here and i'm going to be going over how to create a mindset of success for yourself now i've been able to create a business that did seven million dollars last year with zero employees and one of the most important things that i've learned comes from improv and it's the concept of yes and and i'll be explaining it in this video [Music] yes and how the heck does that like actually help me do anything i'll explain to you so yes and is a concept from improv improvisational comedy meaning just kind of off the cuff what this concept is i speak about this in pertaining to a mentor if you found yourself a mentor or a teacher or somebody you look up to that you trust and that gives you advice utilizing this concept of yes and is going to be the most important thing you ever do and it will not only strengthen your relationship with your mentor but will also help you be more successful in business now how do you use this concept of yes and when you have a mentor and he gives you advice the way you use it is for instance one of my mentors came to me and said hey i'm doing some tv ads i think this would work great for you would you like to do one too i said yeah sure he said yeah the cost you'll have to be willing to spend up to 250 000 to actually go through the whole process of getting on tv the production the editing the media the lawyers to everything and i said okay great yes and how else can i work with this so i did yes and now at the time when i was getting on tv 250 000 on a test sounded crazy to me okay my first instinct was thinking to myself that sounds nuts what if it doesn't work right that's 250 thousand dollars just threw down the drain 250 000 what if it doesn't work and guess what the success rate is i was given a 95 chance that i was going to be throwing a quarter million dollars down the drain really bad investment strategy right but i went with it because once again this is a person i know i trust and has helped me a lot in the past in fact this mentor of mine got me into affiliate marketing in the first place over 10 years ago he got me into affiliate marketing he told me to do this and i was able to become very successful doing affiliate marketing he said do tv ads yes and trust your mentor right this is part of trusting the second part of this is go above and beyond i give a lot of videos out there where i try to give advice to folks that are looking to start an online business 99 of people actually don't do anything i suspect a few people you know try out whatever i'm doing and then they stopped but go above and beyond when you get advice from somebody you trust and once again find a mentor that you trust it doesn't make any sense to get advice from somebody you don't fully trust that's a really hard thing because this takes us to point number three which is this is gonna be uncomfortable and that's perfectly normal in fact oftentimes the best advice almost all the time i'd say in my experience the best advice has been uncomfortable it doesn't feel right and that's because you're at your growth edge if you're not where you want to be in life and you're sticking within your comfort zone that's the problem whatever you've been doing is not working or it's not getting you there fast you need to get out of your comfort zone that's why it's important to find a mentor you trust and it's going to be uncomfortable sometimes but that's important now when my mentor approached me and said you know this is last year quarter million dollars it was very uncomfortable for me it was extremely uncomfortable for me to put down a quarter million dollars on something that had 95 chance of failure i was tearing out my hair i was like what am i getting myself into again i went all the way with it i put down a quarter million dollars and it just failed miserably my tv ads failed miserably that 95 chance i was talking about it happened i spent a quarter million dollars and i got back almost zero return i got back a hundred dollars that's how many sales we make from our tv ads if i had just been going by yes then i would have stopped there i would have never gotten to the point where i am today where i have a business that is just making money hand over fist but what i did was i did yes and and i thought to myself how do i go above and beyond my mentor gave me advice he told me where to fish i'm gonna go fish there and i did yes and and i said okay this failed but maybe it will work what would i do next and i went out learned from my mistakes and i put out another version of my television affiliate marketing ads and lo and behold the next version of my television ads performed 50 times better one two three four five fifty times better and in fact i almost broke even on the amount of money i spent putting up the ads i spent one one hundredth of the price that i originally did i said i'm just going to put up a tv ad i'm going to spend 2 500 on the production whereas before i'd put that up a quarter million a hundred times more i spent and i got far better results because i did yes and i continued through with my mentor's advice and now we're on version four of my television ads where i do affiliate marketing and they're just outstanding once again it's completely it just runs i do affiliate marketing on tv this is something i haven't told many people about but it works very well and it's national and it's harder for people to copy there's more of a moat none of you are going to get into tv advertising but it was very uncomfortable in the beginning notice that i lost a lot of money up front but i didn't lose it because i made it all back eventually i did yes and think to yourself where are you getting defensive in life maybe it's with your spouse maybe it's with your significant other or your girlfriend or your boyfriend maybe it's with your parents if you look up to them maybe it's with your boss or your mentor think to yourself yes and i know many poor quality employees they hear something from their boss and they think oh i'm just gonna do the minimum amount that's acceptable wrong never do the minimum amount acceptable always say how can i go above and beyond how can i do more what else can i do if your boss tells you to prepare a report on the you know the growth or the marketing campaigns don't only prepare a report go above and beyond what would be the ultimate thing that your boss would want for himself you know if i say post 25 messages a day for a week think to yourself i'm gonna post a hundred messages a day for two weeks that's the sort of thinking that creates success the sort of thinking that doesn't create success is thinking to yourself okay i trust john and he's telling me to post 25 messages a day for a week well i'm just going to try it out for one or two days and i'm going to post 25 messages a day i'll post 20 for two days and i'll see what happens that's not gonna get you to where you want to be in life go above and beyond be a winner winners go above and beyond now i hope this video has been helpful for you i hope you've learned something i hope i've encouraged you to expand your mindset and understand where this comes into play is when you start getting defensive when you start thinking to yourself there's that little part of your brain that thinks to itself how is this guy wrong if you're listening to somebody you trust if you're listening to a mentor you have to learn to quiet that part of your brain how is this guy wrong why is this guy full of bs and instead flip it to being how is this guy right how can i go above and beyond what even he's seen stop the spin you can't trust all of your thoughts emotions are a part of our brain that flow like the wind they're not always conducive to business make sure you understand and start noticing when you're getting too defensive especially around people who are teachers and instead think to yourself instead of thinking why is this guy why is this wrong think to yourself why is this right and you'll flip everything and when you find a mentor if you already have a mentor your relationship will shift completely and you'll move towards success much faster thank you for watching if you enjoy these videos that are not going to be very popular with the youtube algorithm please give me a like and subscribe and also leave a comment let me know where you're from and how this was helpful to you thanks for watching