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Homedigital marketing7 Affiliate Marketing Memes EXPLAINED!

7 Affiliate Marketing Memes EXPLAINED!

hey John crostini here and in today's video I'm going to be doing something a little different okay I'm gonna be going over affiliate marketing memes and I'm gonna be explaining them because I understand a lot of folks here still don't have a lot of knowledge in affiliate marketing so maybe understand even the humor will help you sort of understand the industry and have a little fun and I'm also going to play at the end I'm gonna play a really funny video which has just been a classic kind of funny meme video that was put together years ago and I'll play that for you it's pretty funny so here's the first meme and said what if I told you that you can make money without eBay or Amazon but basically for years and years and years all people talked about was eBay or Amazon and most people really have no idea how they can make money through affiliate marketing because eBay and Amazon are physical products you're talking about physical products with a box and a bow that gets shipped your house people don't understand how affiliate marketing can work it's like will you buy stuff on eBay or Amazon where's the affiliate marketing marketplace so people just their brains can't comprehend that you can get paid a commission for facilitating a sale which is kind of funny which is why it's Morpheus right it's like what if I told you there was a layer beneath you know the there's a different side of the world right there's the matrix and we all know that affiliate marketing it's still selling physical stuff but you're just getting a commission for being a man-in-the-middle right you're just a middleman I think that's pretty funny because people's minds are blown many people don't understand affiliate marketing but they understand commissions they understand how you can earn a commission whether you sell things but people don't understand it when it comes to the Internet and it was some context in this one because the biggest problem in affiliate marketing is people's own skepticism right whereas here they this person is saying so you think affiliate marketing is a waste of time ask your boss if he will give you a $5,000 raise when they start affiliate marketing every buddy who's ever started really affiliate marketing has generally been met with skepticism from the part of your family or your friends or your wife or your husband or whatever it is why and everybody says oh it's a waste of time you're just clicking buttons on the internet right there's clicking buttons but everyone knows you're not getting rich through a job you're not getting rich through a job ok unless you live in San Francisco and you got stock options and you weren't the best the best the best what you do but most people aren't going to move to San Francisco most you live somewhere else and you like living somewhere else so let's go over to this next mean okay one does not simply get to the top of Google or however he says it well I think this is the mordoor one does not simply walk into Mordor Lord of the Rings yeah that's where this is from so why is this supposed to be funny okay well hi well the reason this is supposed to be funny is because it's like you don't just get to the top of Google people say oh you want free traffic right I talk about free traffic and the way that most people got free traffic for years are the most widely talked about way to get free traffic was just to rank on the top of Google billion you know billions of searches are done on Google every single day so just get to the top of Google and you'll get a ton of traffic for certain keywords but you don't simply get there right takes months and months and months and months and you're doing analysis and analysis and analysis and link analysis and all these different things right but you know the optimization the tags the structure the load times you're just looking at all these different data points and you're spending a lot of time doing it it isn't a simple process it's not like you just get there right free traffic people always want a free traffic free traffic is always the most competitive okay getting to the top of Google is you know seemingly the easiest way to get lots of money and lots of sales lots of just lots of money without having to know any marketing either because really SEO getting to the top of Google you don't need to know much marketing it's just a process whereas some of the things I teach such as direct messaging techniques and forum comments and all that stuff yes there is a technical component to it because there's message limits but it's not you know it's more marketing focus let's go to the next rule online money making courses summary one it says one drop shipping right to affiliate and then three get it shot okay so those are basically the three the joke is the joke here is that there really isn't anything other than like drop shipping affiliate and getting a job you know you could say now you could say drop shipping slash Amazon that's really it you know some people have been talking about new business models recently such as social media starting a social media marketing agency or doing consulting but those aren't really options for many of you I know you know many many of the folks that are watching this channel I know are not necessarily you know slick enough to become consultants you know where where you're getting clients and you're doing sales over the phone and really consulting and starting a social media marketing agency those are not for introverts right those are for people who like doing sales who like doing marketing or gonna get out there and do stuff like that not people don't want to have the pressure of waking up and having to make a sale you know that's the appeal of making money online I would say in its purest form is that you can be an introvert you don't have to get up every day and interact with people and and make a sale really you don't because it's all based off of a physical product or you know posting some links it's all online work let's go to the next one when you have a mean blah so this is sort of like a self-conscious joke when you have a mean ball blog but sprinkling in affiliate links throughout the page for extra cash so you're just sprinkling on it's a little flourish right that's that's kind of what they're making fun of here it's a little flourish of some extra spice and in this case it's extra money so affiliate marketing is just a way to make extra money no matter what market you're in and he's making fun of the fact that he has a mean blog and he's just you seen I'm gonna put in some extra affiliate links because it's just an almost guaranteed extra money source already saying I'm gonna promote some you know make money online products and testosterone boosters and you know he's using really aggressive but here's a good one okay so online affiliate I thought and these are sort of interesting what my friends think I do which is used-car salesmen it's a picture of a used car salesman because essentially what we're doing out there is we are used-car salesmen we are online salesmen we're out there selling stuff people didn't necessarily want to buy it but we're gonna we're gonna sell it to them we're gonna push it on right so that's used car sales people are known for heavy sales tactics and getting people to make a decision purchase before they necessarily wanted to make that decision purchase so what Google thinks you do which is owning a hacker right because a lot of times affiliates are kind of having to kind of work in that gray area in between where you know Google doesn't want you pressure selling people Google doesn't want you putting up pop-up ads or Google doesn't want you putting up autoplay videos Google doesn't want you ranking at the top of Google within five days so a lot of times you know Google doesn't always like affiliates right because we're trying to get their traffic for free or we're trying to get more aggressive ads approved what my wife thinks I do I compare it this says we're working at home right we're we're always at home we can sleep in I sleep it my wife hates it my wife hates it so much that I sleep in I say I can sleep there I'm gonna sleep it she said you should be up you know at a certain time you should maintain a schedule I don't maintain a sketch I'm not whatever I want to be yeah what brands think I do a lot of the guys who work in marketing agencies they see affiliate marketers they see them having a lot of money they seem having a lot and they're jealous what I thought I was gonna do and this is a yacht right this is a yacht I think that's like Leonardo DiCaprio or something that's what I thought I was gonna do I started affiliate marketing because I wanted to become a ski bum and this is the reality what I really do what I actually do and it's a guy working on four different computer monitors and that is actually what my real life is I work about I work a lot I work probably about 16 hours a day every day five days a week and I have quite a few computer monitors if you can see right there so I don't know if you can zoom in so I have five computer monitors right there big thing I have a laptop another laptop that's where I work here's another one what my neighbors think I do nobody knows what affiliate marketing is right everybody has a hard time like explaining it to their neighbors and friends what my friends think I do again most people don't know what affiliate marketing is most people just have a hard time conceptualizing it what my mother thinks I do once again people have a hard time conceptualizing it when newbies think I do so everyone here on this channel just thinks wow he's sitting back laughing at how much money's make what I think I do I just think I'm sitting back laughing how much money I make and I'm so cool and and and I think part of that reason is because when you start learning how to make money online it's very empowering it's very empowering but what I really do again it's working all the time but the reality of the situation is hard work hard work they don't play this old mean at the end folks let me know in the comments if you like me mix it up from time time I'm gonna try to mix it up moving forward keep things fresh keep things fun let me know what your thought is say mix it up in the comments or say stick to the free traffic methods John I just want more free traffic there aren't any more free traffic I went over all them everything else is a variation of what you've already seen but if that's what you see I can manufacture up some crap right but I don't think that's a good long-term strategy I believe you'd agree with me but you don't want me just manufacturing up crap for you so let me know just let me know if you'd like me to mix it up or let me know if you'd like to see more of you know affiliate Network walkthroughs or you know ad network analysis etc again I will take all of all ideas into consideration and I will test them I'll put up videos and I'll you know kind of see what you guys are interested in I'm always excited to teach about marketing but once again there's only so many free traffic methods so I can't just if I just created fake ones I'm sure I would lose your trust right so let me know in comments subscribe like if you love affiliate marketing I'm just gonna be doing affiliate marketing videos every single day even if I run out of topics I'll figure something out I'm gonna go every single day at least to the end of this year because I'm committed to teaching you so let me know what I can teach you I'm committed to doing videos every single day talk to you soon let's have fun if you want my free traffic net links are in the comments if you want my affiliate Network walkthroughs links are in the comments ad network videos links are in the comments love talking you talk to you tomorrow have a good


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