How I Upload My Etsy Listings (Canva templates, digital products) & Create the PDF for the Customer✨

quite a number of you have asked me how I upload my Etsy listings and how I organize my canva and what I add into the PDF that goes to the customer so in this video I'm going to share with you all of that the first thing I want to show you is how I organize my canva so right now I have 25 listings in total on Etsy and for each listing I create a folder so that things aren't just like everywhere and in each of the folders there are a couple of things so one of them is the marketing photos that I will add to the listing here the next thing is the PDF that the customer gets when they like buy the listing and then they're supposed to like download like a thing right to get access to it and because I'm selling canva templates you can't just download a canva template right you have to include the canva template Link in the PDF so the customer gets it and then another thing is something I just call workspace it's basically this is like the first thing I do when I create create a new listing and a workspace is basically the canva thing that I use to make new listings so normally oh by the way this is not my Niche this is also not a template that I made this is one of the this one is a template that I just got from one of the templates on canva so basically this whole tutorial is you will not be able to find my Etsy Shop through this this is just a template that I found on canva and I'm using it as like a sample for this tutorial all the credit of this template goes to canva the pink one here is just like an alternative color scheme I made when I was making the marketing photos which by the way you can download this template if you aren't sure how to make marketing photos and I also have a really in-depth tutorial on how to do that so if you want to download it go to the link in the video and the other thing I have is the actual template that the customer will get access to so I usually put that template in capital letters because it's like important right it's the thing that the customer gets so actually for this specific example I made two sizes for this template so people who use this template they could be in North America so then they would use U.S letter size or they could be somewhere else in the world and then they would use A4 size so when somebody purchases this listing they will get access to two basically they look the same but they're just in different sizes they'll get the US letter format and then the A4 format so if you're wondering what is the difference between the workspace and the files that the customer actually gets the workspace is a place where I kind of like work on things so I just like made an example here of me trying out different fonts and different colors if in the finished product I have some photos so let's say here we actually want to add some kind of a photo maybe like the logo for the spa let's say um we have a logo for the spot so in the actual template for the customer I will just have a blank photo here so no photo but in the workspace I will actually put the actual photo so let's put a photo here let's pretend that it's a logo and so when I go to make my marketing photos I'm actually going to save the photos from the workspace because it has the demo photos oh wow this is hard to explain it has the demo photo so that the customer can see what it actually looks like so I would have like the demo photo it would have like the actual photo here but then when it comes to what's actually included in the template what's included here I would actually put I would save this as a photo with nothing there because it's supposed to be a template there right so I'm going to take the blank one and put it into the what's included part so I hope that clears it up so the workspace space is a place where I make new where I like come up with the design and finalize the design and then I'm going to save the final sample template and use it in my marketing photos the one that the customer actually gets has all of the photos deleted I do keep the text though I've mentioned before my videos I hate lorem ipsum Tech so I just keep all the text but I don't keep the photos let me know if any of this is confusing but this is the way I figured out for how I organize my things you might have a different way you want to organize and that's totally fine you should like figure out what works for you so now let's look at the PDF that the customer will get so this is a sample that I made mine don't actually look like this but it has all the elements that my PDFs have the most important thing is make it clear to the customer that they need to click a link to get access to the template that they bought I want to show you how you can do this first what I find helpful is like just to add pictures of the actual template and it's good for me too so I don't like confuse different projects what you do is basically just download it as a PNG like download this whole thing download all of the pictures as if download the whole template as a PNG and then you can like upload the PNG to this one and you're also going to reuse the photos in the marketing document so yeah you're going to have to do that anyways right here I have the A4 template and I have the US letter template so each of them have a link so I'm going to Click Share template link and then copy this one is the A4 one so I'm going to put the A4 1 here so click this link I'm going to highlight it and then command K to add a hyperlink and then command V and then enter so now the template link is linked and one more thing that I want to do is add an actual link just in case for some reason it doesn't work so I always use it's free it just like shortens links and then I'm going to copy this one and then put it here okay there tiny URL so now the customer can click either that one or they can click this one and then sometimes you might have like some bonus thing so you can also add that in so just for example somebody might have a bonus demo video of how to use canva so you can add that in and then add the link and then add the link to like the YouTube video or whatever bonus thing you're going to add so then once you're done this you're going to save it as a PDF so download as a PDF standard make sure you don't click flatten PDF because if you click flatten it gets rid of all the links so don't click flatten so I just click PDF standard so now it's like downloading and now we can add that to our listing later so I'm going to go to my marketing photos and download all of the images uh wait select all not page one and not page 10. done I'm going to download all of them okay so I'm going to add all of those open okay and you can adjust the thumbnail if you want to move it around for the video um I'm not going to upload a video right now but I have a video for all my listings if you want to learn how to make a video for your template then watch my other tutorial after you watch this one so skip that one for now and then

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