How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY

okay y'all i cannot even believe i'm making this video right now i just came off of my biggest month ever selling on etsy so last month we we sold 70 000 in 30 days on my etsy shop so i sat down to figure out what things i thought contributed to the success and i'm excited to share today with you guys the top five strategies that i think that helped take us to that next level so if that sounds interesting to you and you think that could be a help to you then just keep watching [Music] [Applause] welcome back to the channel friends so glad you're here if you're new here i'm kate i'm a wife mama to three awesome kiddos and etsy seller i started on etsy back in 2015 and now currently have two etsy shops the first one which is in the top one percent of all etsy shops so i have this channel to help you guys with your etsy strategy and to help you figure out ways that you can level up and become the best etsy seller that you can be and if you haven't subscribed to this channel yet i would love for you to do so just click that little subscribe button and don't forget to turn on your notifications as well by hitting the little bell so that you don't miss any of my new videos also in addition to the five strategies that i'm going to share with you in this video i'm also throwing in two additional pro tips at the end that i think will really help you so make sure you watch the video all the way through to get those extra tips and of course we're gonna dive into the analytics first so grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and let's jump in okay so if we go to my etsy analytics i have pulled up here november 1st through november 30th this was of this year that was last month and you can see i had 47.5 k visits 557 orders and my revenue was 70 783.96 so this was in 30 days and the conversion rate shows 1.2 percent but this revenue is what i want to talk about because we have never had a month like this until this last month and i just want to give you guys some pointers on what i think helped us to get there before we go any further though i really can't talk about our success without giving glory to the lord because we have dedicated our business and everything that we do to him and so yes there's a lot of hard work that has gone into this but we do believe that every sale comes from him and even the strategies that we have used that we're going to share with you have come from him as well okay so let's hop into the first strategy the first strategy is to choose a proven niche on etsy so what i mean by niche is your product category type you want to choose a niche that is proven and profitable on etsy you don't want to choose a niche that either doesn't exist or is just super random and it's probably never going to get discovered you want to do a little bit of research when you're deciding on the type of products that you're selling to figure out what categories and what product niches on etsy are doing well what things are selling successfully and what niches are really working on etsy at the current time you also want to choose a niche that encourages return customers research has shown that it's easier to get a return customer than it is a new customer so you don't want to discount the importance of making your listings optimized for return customers and there are two different product categories that i would suggest the first one is to sell seasonal items and the second one is to sell gifting items if you're selling products that are seasonal people will definitely come back season after season to buy something new if they loved what they bought from you in the first place if you're selling gifting items this is really great for holidays where people are shopping for gifts like christmas or mother's day or father's day so if you're selling items that are easily giftable you'll definitely be optimizing for return customers okay the second contributing factor here is to have a best-selling product what does it take to have a best-selling product on etsy you may ask well etsy determines the best-selling products by putting a little icon that says best seller you may have seen it it has a little ribbon and it's highlighted in yellow and that is any listing that sells really regularly really consistently and is making a lot of sales and having a lot of success so your goal with every listing you put up should be to have it become a best seller now obviously not every listing is going to be a bestseller but that should be your goal and you should be doing everything you can in optimizing each listing for the potential of becoming a best seller when you have a best seller that's when you really gain traction and your shop can really take off we've been on etsy since 2015 and in the last five years i would say we've had four or five best seller products a best-selling product is not only great for gaining lots of sales and lots of traction but it's also great to use as a gateway listing and what i mean by that is that it kind of serves as an open door for people who discover that listing first and then click through to see your shop and your other listings so you may be wondering what are some things that you can do to ensure that each listing has the potential of becoming a best-selling product the first thing i would recommend is to base your product types not just on your own personal style but really do some research into what things are currently selling really well what styles what trends are currently popular and base your product decisions on what is currently popular and what is currently selling of course you want to be true to yourself and true to your brand but i attribute a lot of our success to being able to do trend research and figure out what people are wanting to buy at the current time all right strategy number three is to have momentum when i think about momentum i think this probably was the top contributing factor to our success this year the fact that the best-selling product we had that sold a ton and got us that revenue was actually launched last year so we launched it it was a holiday seasonal type of item and we launched it last november and last year it actually did very well it made a ton of sales but it was nothing compared to the way it took off this year and i can only contribute that to the fact that it was like laying a foundation when we launched it last year we were working on getting that listing's quality score as high as it could be through lots of favorites lots of sales and lots of good reviews so i want to give you the illustration of dominoes because i think this really is a good picture of how momentum works it takes a while to set up all the dominoes piece by piece by piece but when you finally have all of those dominoes in place and set up and you knock just one over it's the momentum that carries it and all of them get knocked over and so what these dominoes represent are favorites sales good reviews building up that listing's quality

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