How I Grow Tiny YouTube Channels FAST (No One Is Teaching This)

my first youtube channel succeeded completely by accident i was actually trying to start an instagram business and as part of that business i was trying to send people that were new to following me to a video tutorial so i made that video tutorial inside of youtube and i had to create a channel for that now here are the results of that very first video i created inside of youtube alright so you can see right here these are the full analytics for that video and you can see when i posted it not a lot happened and honestly i wasn't expecting a lot to happen because that wasn't the point of what i was doing but you can see here that video slowly started to take off and as we hover up i got to where that video was bringing in literally hundreds of views every single day and over the last four years now that video has brought in almost 4 000 subscribers to this channel it's made almost 2500 in just ad revenue and it's been watched about 285 000 times now it's very likely that you are not going to have an experience like mine when you first start your youtube channel but since this point i've built that channel up to more than 40 000 subscribers and i've built this channel up to almost 100 000 subscribers now and in fact if you are not one of my subscribers this could be the video to take me to 100 000 if you subscribe so if you are someone that is looking in 2022 to start a brand new youtube channel and more importantly you're looking to make money with the youtube channel because that's what my specialty really is this is going to be the video for you if you stay to the end this video is going to show you how to get started with your channel how to find niches that make quite a bit more money than the other niches we're going to show you how to come up with content ideas to the point that you'll never ever have to look for content ideas again and most importantly we're going to show you how to film how to put out the videos and then how to monetize every single one of those views and if you stay to the end we're going to talk a little bit at the end about how you can start making money much sooner so if you're familiar with youtube's rules youtube actually won't start paying you ad revenue until you have over a thousand subscribers and thousands and thousands of views but we're going to show you how your first few views can start resulting in making money let's roll now the first thing i want to go over is monetization because most youtube creators make their money from youtube right every time you watch a youtube video including this one you're going to see an ad at the beginning and typically somewhere in the middle now the money that comes in from that ad some of it goes to youtube and some of it goes to the creator me or you but it's very important for you to understand that not all niches and not all ads are created equal for example i'm going to show you on the screen right here you can see when i look for average cpm which is how much these advertisers are paying across different niches you can see right here fashion and clothing it's typically about three dollars entertainment two dollars cooking two dollars tech and gadgets two dollars but let's hop in here and look at my channel which is kind of in the make money online space and we'll see how it's doing now you can see right here playback based cpm which is how much most advertisers are paying to run ads on my channel is closer to 80 okay so if we go back to this number right here i'm making roughly 20 to 40 times as much in ad money as some of these other channels that are in different spaces so that tells you just how important it is that you choose the right space to get started in because the difference could be 20 or 40 x so as you're looking to choose what type of videos you're going to be creating i left a link down below to this document that we're looking at on the screen right here and what this is telling you is how much advertisers are typically paying in these different kinds of categories so you can see one of the highest here is email marketing insurance selling houses website hosting these are some of the highest spaces for advertisers to be buying spots on your channel to run ads now it's really important to note i'm not saying you need to create a channel about email marketing or a channel about insurance all you really need to be doing is creating a channel where email marketing companies these email marketing software companies will want to run ads on your channel so that's how this works right this number is how much these email marketing software companies are paying the channel to run ads on that channel or they're paying youtube who's paying the channel so all you've got to have is these videos where you could see an email marketing software wanting to reach your customers for example yes email marketing is a big part of what i teach because i teach building an online business and email marketing is a huge piece of that and so you'll see ads on my channel you may have already seen one where a lot of these email marketing softwares are trying to run ads on my channel now if i were to break it down into just two simple categories for you it's helping people to make money and it's helping people to lose weight those are the biggest money makers on youtube and honestly they're the biggest money makers in general online right now so i would pick a subcategory of one of those two categories and that's where i would run with if i didn't know where i was going yet and i wanted to start making some decent income fairly quickly off of youtube ad revenue now for this video's sake we're not going to dive too much into the technical aspects of creating the actual channel because it's not very hard youtube walks you through it all you've got to do is go to logged in to your current youtube account or gmail account and you'll see that there's a plus button right here when you click create and you click upload video if you've already got a channel you're good to go otherwise it's going to talk you through the entire process of creating a youtube channel here the only thing i want to talk about is it's going to ask you to upload some kind of thumbnail right so if i click on this channel right here you can see they've got in their case a pretty terrible cover photo right here and i want you to know that this is not super important don't get hung up on these details in the beginning this can come down the road if i were going to create a cover photo i would go to i would give them an example of a cover photo i liked on another channel and i would tell them to create it and then i would be done do not worry about all the the intricate details about this setup the most important thing you can start doing is putting out consistent content on your channel and the rest of this can come as you go now let's talk about diving into actually creating content because this is where honestly most

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