LIVE To Celebrate 1M Subscribers: Cash Giveaways & FREE MONEY From Rockstar Grant

guys thanks let's see here we just had to have a session to figure out how to go live I guess I need to do it more often can anyone hear [Music] me please let me know in the comments if anyone can hear me cuz I feel like I'm still doing something [Music] wrong can anyone hear me [Music] okay perfect looks like you guys can hear me thank god um thanks alyah Stasia for helping me to figure out how to actually go live I guess I don't do it often enough my apologies sincerely for being late we were here long before 2:00 just waiting to hit that button but it teaches me a valuable lesson I need to test everything before I do it to include going Live on YouTube and not take it for granted so there are quite a few of you here I really appreciate you showing up today uh wow I had um we were going to give away $100 for the first three persons on the live but I don't know now if we can figure it out so if we can figure it out we'll give um $100 each to the early birds because you catch the worm so we're going to sort that out now let me say this for first there's a link that alah just posted in the chat because YouTube doesn't allow us to put links meaning you can't put a link for your um PayPal or your Amazon to get your gift cards you have to click the link and the first link just look for the second link she posted click that link and it will take you to a little form where you just put in your YouTube name because we have to match it back to make sure we're not giving the wrong person the prizes secondly it will ask you do you prefer Amazon or PayPal and then it's going to ask you for the email for whichever one you choose as the option you prefer so look for that link if you want to participate this is the only way you can get the cash that we'll be giving away here today again the link was shared by alen I'm going to ask ask her to periodically share it so as persons join it will pop up so while you're doing that let me let me say welcome and importantly thank you I am extremely grateful that I've been able to do something that I didn't think was even possible which is after launching the Rockstar Academy about two years ago with your help get to a million subscribers so today's celebration a is about subscribers which is why I need to State something else if you're on the live and you realize you can't comment it's because you're not subscribed because we want subscribers to benefit or rock stars as we call as I call you or refer to you to benefit we may have lives to celebrate views and then everybody can benefit but I believe if you took the time to subscribe this is where we want to acknowledge you because after all we're celebrating a million subscribers subscribing is free but there's no pressure stay on and watch if you don't want to participate you're fine you don't need to subscribe but to be able to participate in the chat you'll need to subscribe so if you're having problems that's the issue uh that said again I want to go back to talking to how grateful I am for you first and foremost the persons who are coming here to support me the persons who are subscribers from day one one I see you the persons who not only subscribe but you decided to become a patreon club member or to just subscribe on patreon so you can be in that Community where we meet at least once per month or the YouTube members where I don't get to meet with you but I try to invite you to as many patreon events as possible I'm grateful but it took an army of over a million people across the globe to subscribe to YouTube for us to even have a a celebration and for that I'm grateful and I would like to thank you so let's get to celebrating so this is what our agenda looks like so I have some trivia questions here that are related to things that I have shared on my channel and let me pull them up here I'm going to ask a trivia question as well as I'm going to do spot prizes depending on different things that's going on in the comments and elsewhere but I will ask you a trivia question now my team is on and the first person or because I know some persons have bandwidth issues and they can't type fast enough if two answers come in at the same time or right behind each other or even three we may award each of those three answers a cash price the cash price will be paid via PayPal or Amazon so remember to click the link so you can get paid and the the trivia questions will pay anywhere from $10 to $100 per question the more complex the question is the more it's going to paid the simpler the question is the less it's going to paid there's no limit to how many times you can participate or how many questions you can answer and win and that's how we're going to have some fun the trivia is based on things I've shared on the channel so if you are an avid viewer you're going to make more money and if most subscribers you view occasionally you're going to stand a pretty good chance of making some good money today after I ask a trivia question while my team is looking for the correct answers then I'm going to take a question from the comments here or from the chat and I'll just pick the questions as I go along and I'll also ask my team if they see something that's burning or something that multiple persons are asking to make sure it gets to my attention and so I can answer it so for every trivia question I ask you where you can win cash you get to ask me a question I don't think I'm going to win anything from you but I already have your loyalty and your attention so that's good enough that's more than enough winnings and then after we're done playing and we have given away a few thousand dollars because that's the objective then we're going to announce this month's Grant recipient well it's actually for last month but we're doing it in this month and for those who don't know I created the Rockstar Grant which is where we give away anywhere from 10,000 to $50,000 us each month to subscribers basically if you have a need you want to start your side Hustle but you don't have the money to start or a business and you're short of funds you have a a tough story like recently we had someone who got washed out from some flooding and they needed to replace critical appliances or situation where your child is trying to get some Advanced education not a master's degree because it means that you already have a first degree we're trying to pay for first degree or just get get the child through high school you can submit a Grant application those applications are on my personal website which is Odetta rocketcarsales how you expect to promote it that kind of thing very simple you submit it and every month my team actually goes in and review all the applications even if you applied six months ago when we just announced it you're still on that list the only time you get taken off is if you have already gotten a grant and we have issued quite a few grants but if you have not gotten a grant you're going to stay on that list and eve

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