Has Google Sold Out – Killing Small Blogs – AI Update IO News Update!

[Music] March 14 2024 Google iio we watch as the Google execs have parties virtually throwing Stacks in the air about how much money they're making and how their profits have soared on the other side of the internet World things look quite different bloggers are scrambling to get that traffic that they once had taken from Google and seemingly given to big companies and big media like Reddit and these 16 companies that are dominating the search results things don't look good take for example this screenshot here from retro dodo once having tens of thousands of dollars a month in search traffic free from Google now completely decimated and scrambling to make ends meat but whose fault is this is it as Google says the fault of the Blogger did they do something wrong or were they simply playing a game and Google change the rules in effort to make more money those are the questions we're going to answer today and I got to tell you I've been spending years compiling this data what you're about to see is based on fact some might find it controversial bloggers might not like what I'm about to say Google might not like what what I'm about to say but I found what I believe is the biggest loophole for making money online using AI blogging and search engine traffic so today we're going to look at the data in detail we're going to take a look at these 16 companies that are supposedly dominating Google we're going to see one little thing they have in common we're going to take a look at the websites and blogs that were decimated in the latest Google update and we're going to see what they have in common and more importantly I'm going to show you this loophole for making money super fast this is the same kind of thing I've been doing where we can get Google rankings in as little as a few hours sometimes virtually instantly and since we know Google Powers trillions and trillions of dollars worth of Revenue to companies every single year yeah this is something you're going to want to pay close attention to because if we can crack the code and figure out what Google is ranking what they like and what they don't like then my friends we can pocket tons of money but you got to watch this entire video because what you're about to see is cold hard facts we are going to go through the data of thousands of websites we're going to look at some of the top gurus see how they did with the latest Google update we're going to take a look at some sites that are doing well some sites that are struggling and even a list of sites that Google wants praised that have been almost obliterated in the latest updates so what's the truth here can you actually build a business blogging in 2024 with AI and make profit the answer is 100% absolutely but first you need to look at the data and see what actually works and what stands the test of time and if you're excited for this training smash a like button because we're going to head over to the live set and I'm going to show you everything step by step we're going to tear these sites apart and show you what it really takes to make money online no fluff no filler just cold hard facts because let's face it you only need a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of Google's traffic to make a really good living online and I should know I've been doing this for over 25 years so if you're excited let me know in the chat box and in the comments because we're starting right now [Music] all right are we working all right we got the sound did sound work would be nice if we didn't have the 20 second delay all right guys welcome to the show hopefully you guys can hear me okay uh we are ready to rock as you can see behind me we have lots of paperwork coffee water the whole nine yards if you can hear me okay let me know and we'll get the show on the road now we got a lot of stuff to go over today talking about do these 16 businesses these 16 companies are they dominating Google is there a chance for the little guy to still make money with blogs and websites or did Google sell out how many of you guys feel like Google has sold out you're like yeah you know what Marcus I got a Google I searched for something and like readit and all these companies come up first and foremost and there's no chance for the little guy to get started a lot of people think that they sold out a lot of people think that there are no there's no way to make money with Niche blogs anymore a lot people are saying Niche blogs are dead are they in fact dead well that's what we're going to answer today and I think there's going to be some surprising information I know some people might not like this information because it goes against what they think however I've been doing this business for 25 years and I've found some interesting things here first of all we're going to go over did Google sell out is blogging dead what did we learn with the Google IO 2024 AI update super super important now if you were to take a look at some Google searches here in terms of the news and in terms of what's going on with Google we want to look at this and say well what is going on a lot of people are saying that Google is getting worse their dominance is slipping they went from like 97 down to 86% also Gizmodo says you're not imagining it Google search results are getting worse also the tragedy of Google Search now Jim said to be fair Reddit often has the answer I want without a 3,000-word essay first Jim I like your comment because that is very very in line with what I'm thinking what Google wants is something that is going to be helpful to the user now what I think might be helpful and profitable for me as a blogger might not necessarily be helpful for the user does that mean Reddit should get all the search queries well we're going to talk about that and we're going to talk about how a lot of blogs and a lot of websites have kind of shot themselves in their own foot by trying to monetize a one-size fits-all answer now if you are excited about this show up uh give us a thumbs up here and and we're going to get this thing going now very very important we can also see that Google's profits are soaring right Google's profits are through the roof it's going crazy however for the last two years they've been a lot of people have been saying that Google searchers have drastically decreased in quality meaning if I want to search I'm not finding what I'm looking for very very important also we're going to be looking at retro dodo this guy put out a fantastic video his website is excellent but watch what happened ladies and gentlemen in the latest Google update he was making lots of money now he has literally tanked over 101,000 VIs visitors according to the ah's tool have gone away meaning dude ain't making any money or very little money we're going to look at this and get to the bottom of what's going on because if you can get to the bottom of what's going on you are on the precipice of a trillion dooll Marketplace the amount of money go

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