GET PAID $1,400 CASH APP INSTANTLY! (Make Money Online 2024)

I've discovered an amazing chance to quickly earn $1,400 directly to your cash app it's a straightforward process that requires nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection whether you're new to online Ventures or experienced this opportunity is open to everyone in this video I'll walk you through the simple steps to set up this system and start earning big if you're eager to seize this opportunity and increase your income let's get started right away the initial step is ensuring that you have a cash app account ready simply visit and proceed to create your free account this process will only consume a few minutes of your time alternatively you can speed up the process by scanning the provided code to download the app directly onto your iPhone or Android device once your account setup is complete you're all set to proceed you might wonder how you'll receive the $1,400 payment and how this system works it all starts with a platform called zendesk zenes is a tool designed for agencies and marketers it helps manage customers generate leads and automate sales process es before we discuss finding businesses that will pay you for your services let's understand how to use zenes effectively to help them no upfront payment is needed so you can try the software without any Financial commitment upon entering your account you'll be greeted by the Dashboard to access the relevant dashboard click on the menu icon and read through the various products offered by zenes proceed to select the cell dashboard which will generate a sales CRM dashboard tailored to suit our method this dashboard furnishes a essential insights such as revenue generated within a specified time frame now allow me to provide you with a brief tour of zendesk's interface and explain how the entire system operates within the interface you'll notice several key tabs facilitating various functions firstly the revenue tab provides insights into your earnings crucial for tracking your financial progress equally vital is the tasks tab which helps maintain organizational efficiency by highlighting pending tasks this section serves as a repository for client assign tasks ensuring you stay on top of your responsibilities similarly the appointments tab is indispensable for managing scheduled appointments particularly useful when dealing with clients requiring multiple bookings understanding the significance of these tabs is important as they dictate your payment outcomes in this business venture moving forward the leads tab houses details of potential clients who have either signed up through your website or your client's websites here you'll find their contact information including email addresses and phone numbers facilitating effective communication utilize the search function to locate specific leads swiftly next the deals tab offers insights into ongoing deals showcasing the number of deals in progress those successfully closed and the anticipated Revenue associated with each deal understanding these metrics is essential for gauging your sales performance and forecasting future earnings accurately now I'll guide you through leveraging a distinct platform to identify leads and seal deals seamlessly within your zenes account below these tabs lies the calendar tab a pivotal feature where you'll find a comprehensive overview of your tasks scheduled for each day of the week here you can easily discern the tasks allocated for the week simply by clicking on the respective days each task can be clicked on to access detailed information enabling you to manage your workload efficiently additionally creating new tasks is a breeze simply navigate to the ad button to incorporate a point ointments or tasks seamlessly into your schedule for instance if a client requests a call you can swiftly accommodate their needs by accessing their contact details from the list provided selecting the desired date and time and assigning a suitable title upon completion a notification will be dispatched to their email confirming the appointment Arrangement these scheduled tasks will be conveniently listed on your task page for easy reference furthermore the reports tab furnishes comprehensive insights into your accounts performance offering valuable data on lead conversion rates average deal sizes and other pertinent metrics this reporting feature proves invaluable not only for gauging your own progress but also for assisting clients in optimizing their coaching programs by staying organized and demonstrating confidence in managing tasks you instill confidence in your clients fostering a conducive environment for them to entrust you with their business needs and compensate you accordingly armed with this understanding you're equipped to leverage zenes effectively in assisting online marketers with optimizing sales funnels and enhancing online courses the subsequent step involves leveraging a different platform to identify individuals seeking assistance with their businesses in this case we'll turn to YouTube specifically targeting small channels hosted by tutors and coaches who offer online courses but haven't fully expanded their businesses to include coaching programs and high ticket courses our aim is to offer them our services to automate critical aspects of their operations thereby facilitating business scalability and increased profitability this approach Fosters a win-win situation as we're not simply asking for handouts but rather presenting an opportunity for Mutual benefit to begin initiate a search for finance courses on YouTube which will yield a plethora of channels your task is to sift through these channels identifying ones that either don't offer a course or lack an online coaching program once you've found a suitable Channel such as one with a modest subscriber base like the example with 30,000 subscribers and no apparent links to online courses or coaching programs you've hit the mark the next step involves reaching out to the channel owner to outline our proposition you can easily access their contact information by navigating to their Channel page clicking on the about section and locating their email address additionally it's prudent to reach out via Instagram Direct messages to ensure your message doesn't go unnoticed craft a compelling email and direct message explaining how your services can benefit their business and contribute to their growth by approaching them in this manner you're more likely to Garner their attention and secure them as clients now that we've identified a few channels to reach out to it's time to employ a tried and tested script for emailing them maximizing our chances of success you can start by putting I'm so sorry then the name of your potential client on the subject of your email use the first name of the individual you're reaching out to for a personalized touch the vague nature of the subject line prompts curiosity and increases the lik hood of the recipient opening the email the

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