Copy This $7,500/Week ChatGPT Tutorial for Beginners! (2024)

you can just download these done for your videos you can enter this prompt into chat GPT and make money online from any country around the world and in fact this person is doing over $7.5 th000 a week using this affiliate marketing chat GPT formula that I want to share with you in the step-by-step tutorial my name is D nck and the step number one is to first of all sign up to threads so if you go to threads. net or you just download their app you will access a new platform a new website that was made by Instagram and meta and it's in fact a platform that now gets millions of visitors every single month it is actually a very big platform they are competing with fitter and quite honestly they're more successful than most people think next thing you want to do is you want to sign up to chpt and I will give you the prompt and the formula that you can use but once you've signed up to chat GPT you can use the strategy that these people are doing on YouTube but you don't have to create any videos I just want to show you that these top 10 product videos are performing well very well on YouTube in fact this person has videos with millions of views and what they're doing is they create these videos where they talk about like top 10 top 14 different products that people can buy on Amazon and then of course they have affiliate links to those products in the description but again you don't actually have to create any videos because you can leverage threads which now again is getting millions of visitors a month so what you can essentially do is you can find some products on Amazon and because you don't want to record any videos yourself you can actually find photos and videos of those products that are being showcased there on their own sales page for this Amazon products so if you take this prompt and you paste it into chat GPT you can essentially create a post you can say the top let's say 10 kitchen tag gadgets you need to know about so we wanted to write a Twitter thread that will provide a comprehensive list of the top 10 products in the kitchen effect category including detailed reviews and comparisons and we wanted to use data driven approach to explain why each product is a Top Choice and here we have a full Twitter thread that we can just copy and paste using this formula so what I want you to do right now is I want you to first of all copy the first paragraph go back to your threads account click on this button over here to start a thread and just paste that here including these hashtags and then you just click here to add a thread so you basically now just have to copy and paste this one by one so here we have this number one then add the next one so I would essentially copy the next one and for each product you know order to actually make it engaging what I recommend you do is add an image for each and every single one of them so you would copy the name of the product you would then go back to Amazon so you would paste the product name here and then you will find that product on Amazon you can again either download a photo or video of that product so you basically just right click click on save image as click download and then when you go back here you just click on this icon over here and you can just add that Amazon product or Amazon video now I'm going to go with Ninja footy Grill let let's see how that product looks on Amazon so I'm basically just going to copy paste 10 of those products names until I have photos of each and every single one of them to make my post a lot more engaging I would also maybe take some of these user generated photos just because they're more relatable especially for someone that just want to see wants to see how these actually look like in real life so then click here then basically just select it and here we have the second product and You Begin or you continue to copy and paste so you add another thread over here and you add another image for that so again we will just copy the name of the product we will paste it into Amazon download the image and continue doing that and of course most importantly these hyperlinks that you leave will have to be your affiliate links in order to actually make money so once you talk about the scene by all of these people on threads and I highly recommend you only stick to one specific Niche and if you're going to be posting kitchen gadgets then make sure that all of the products that you are posting are going to be related to food and kitchening supplies if you're posting about camping make sure that you only stick with that Niche trust me there will be enough posts for every single day you will have a different post that you can share and there's millions of products for each Niche that you can think of and just find on Amazon and grab your affiliate links for those products and in case you want to maximize your affiliate earnings with Amazon when I have it done for you Amazon affiliate stores which you can check out by clicking the first link in the description box down below so essentially my team and I will build an entire store for you with your affiliate links included that way you don't have to wait but you can essentially just have your own store instantly and start selling right away from day one if you have any questions about this again once you land to the website you can just click here and you can ask anything through theme and get instant replies either way I hope you learned something new in this video and if you did make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones

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