Easy $6,500/Week TikTok Creativity Program Niche for Beginners (2024)

look at this these people will be so angry that I'm sharing this with you because this might be the easiest way to start to make money online but they just want to keep it for themselves and they will be so angry that I'm going to share this with you today but I will still do it because the last time that I talked about the Tik Tok creativity program and when I shared one of the methods one of the viewers actually made over $50,000 with a Tik Tok creativity program which is absolutely mind-blowing so in this step-by-step tutorial we will go over the best AI tools to create faithless Tik toks how to actually get monetized from any country around the world even if the Tik Tok creativity program is not available in your country and how to actually get views fast so that you can make money and lastly I do want to share some mistakes that you should avoid if you actually want to make money because 99% of the people made those mistakes and because of that they end up with zero dollars first of all what is the Tik Tok creativity program well Tik Tok creativity program is essentially their new way of battling YouTube and they're now paying their creators over a dollar per 1,000 views depending on what kind of content are posting but in order to get monetized you need to have a us-based account be at least 18 years old have 10K followers and 100,000 video views in the last 30 days but don't worry again I will show you how to bypass all of this even if you are not in the US and if you are in the US then I'm going to show you how to access the creativity program right away even if you don't have 10,000 followers right now now some of the easy niches that I found that most of these people don't want you to know about are these five different ones that I want to share with you right now the very first one is cartoon characters sharing facts and stories this is a very unique Niche that is now getting a lot of traction for example SpongeBob giving different facts and making these faceless reals and essentially you can just generate all of this with AI and because these cartoon characters it can be SpongeBob it can be the Simpson it can be anything else that you might watch or you watched in the past and you can now piggy back with a massive audience that these cartoon characters have the second Niche that I found that's performing very well is the camping and nature Niche this channel in particular is getting millions of views and again remember if you do things correctly you could be paid over a dollar per 1,000 views in fact this person was getting a lot less views yet they still made over $50,000 another amazing Niche that I found out about is the news Niche where you can create faceless news about literally any topic and you can monetize that on Tik Tok so for example this YouTube channel is getting millions of views by posting news related to Elon Musk and I know for a fact that this channel is making over 100 sometimes $200,000 a month just from YouTube but you can essentially th this and create similar type of content for any public personality and you can do that but just on Tik Tok and the next one would be about AI characters saying different things telling different stories and giving different advice and some of these get millions of views and again the creator of this account has never really shown their face they're just creating these videos with AI if you watch this you will see that it's completely AI generated yet people love these and watch them so this channel gets millon millions of views and even according to their bio they are doing about $10,000 a month from this account over here and in a second again I will show you five different ways to get more views on Tik Tok how to actually go viral and how to get monetized from any country around the world but first in order to actually create these faceless Tik toks regardless of the niche that you choose you will need to have some assets and media to use in those faceless Tik toks and the best way that you can do this is by going over to story blocks because there you can get over a million stock footage stock media both in 4k and HD and you can just save hours with their pre-made motion templates and Graphics you can just choose from thousands of pre-made professional video templates and match it with your favorite video editing program including After Effects Premiere Pro Apple motion and Adventure result make any kind of videos you want in this case that can be for Tik Tok or any other platform and even the vure result templates are now also available inside of the story blocks Library so you can create better videos faster with customizable The Venture resolve templates they have motion Gra grac animated sequences and many many others and quite honestly they do have the best motion Library template that you can choose from so you basically just go to the search bar over here you can select what kind of content you need whether that's going to be stock video stock music stock photos or you need some templates you can just search for different things here if I need for example a business related stock footage then I can just search for it here I can choose which one I want and I can either download it in 4K HD selected on the right hand side and just pressing the download button over here and in terms of the pricing you can you can choose between monthly and annual plans and you can try it out for completely free I will leave a link to it in the description box down below and don't worry there are no hidden fees or extra costs and for those wondering Dave but will I actually be able to monetize this on Tik Tok well yes because they legally cover you to ruse this footage for whatever needs those might be so you literally get a license that you are allowed to use this especially on Tik Tok and fully monetize that content so to get started with unlimited stock media downloads at one set price you can head to story blogs. / davick or click the link in the description either way now that you have stock footage and you've got different assets to put together you can just go to cap cut which is like a free video editing tool and you can just select which size you want in this case because we're editing for Tik Tok you want to select 9 to 16 and you can just start editing the footage that you've downloaded from story blocks now before I show you how to actually fully edit these videos for completely free and create highly engaging videos to get views let's talk about five different ways that you can go viral on Tik Tok and actually Sol get views the very first one is to just understand the Tik Tok algorithm so the Tik Tok algorithm is obviously favoring videos that have higher watch time since they are competing with YouTube and other social media platforms they will reward anyone who can keep their users longer on the platform meaning that the longer people watch your videos the more views they're going to get the more

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