7 Principles to Become a Millionaire (Watch THIS to Get RICH)

there is so much misinformation out there when it comes to the actual steps of becoming a millionaire there's so much more involved in getting rich and changing your life financially than just watching a couple videos on YouTube about how to make money today I'm going to reveal to you the secret traits of what it really takes to become a millionaire I guarantee if you stick around until the end of this video You're going to hear things and get a perspective that can shift the way you think about your everyday life we live in a time now where you no longer need to go to college for 4 years in order to gain knowledge and make money the technology that we use in our modern times is sometimes known as a curse but I believe when used correctly it can be a blessing the knowledge that we have access to right at our fingertips can change our lives for the better and even has the ability to make us financially free and today I'm going to tell you exactly how to crack the code in order to do this for yourself now if you have spent any time on social media looking for ways to make money you will always see people pushing a certain foolproof way to make money and we'll almost always have a course ready to sell you on it but here's the problem with this everyone watching this video right now is in a different life situation no two people are exactly the same and what works well for one person may be different for another I am going to tell you something that no one will really tell you there is no black and white onesze fits all to become a millionaire for every single person this is why I personally can never sell a course or a program you've watched my videos you know my story now I will reveal to you the steps to climbing your way to millions of dollars the number one step to becoming a millionaire is you need to set clear and specific goals sit down and ask yourself this question what are my five biggest goals in life clearly Define what you want to achieve then break down your goals in smaller actionable steps with specific goals let me give you an example you saying I want to get rich is not a specific goal if you say I will spend 2 hours of my day learning a new skill that will eventually make me money this is an actionable statement you are more likely to act on this statement rather than you just going around and telling people that you're going to get rich off the internet you need to ask yourself why do I want to achieve this wealth in my life the desire of money alone is not enough of a reason for you to pursue this million dooll status if you have this mentality that you want to get rich and you want to make money and you don't care how you do it this mentality and this desire for money can cause you to fall into traps in your life which will then put you in a worse position than you were to begin with for what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul there has to be purpose behind your goals in life for me I always had this feeling that the society's view of success would set us up for ultimate failure society's view of success will tell you get that new car land that corporate job you're not successful unstable unless you get that college education party every weekend life is short these are all lies that Society will tell you and convince you that this is equal to success whereas my view of success is I want to feel healthy I want to be able to travel wherever I want when I want I want time freedom to commit more time to my family I believe that freedom is equal to happiness you have to believe that you are worthy of this life people will stay at jobs that they hate where they're being mistreated and they're just miserable because they think that's what they deserve people will stay in toxic relationships because they believe that's what they deserve this all boils down to selfworth you have to know that you are worth more than settling for less than you deserve in life you have to believe that you are special and see your differences and how you are different than other people for me I always felt different I even got bullied for it and School growing up I failed out of high school and had to finish at a Dropout prevention program and I tried to force myself to fit into society standards but today I'm so thankful that I was not designed to and maybe you are watching this and you've experienced similar situations in your own life understand that you are different and unique for a reason and God made no mistakes on you growing up I was told the lie that in order to get rich you have to step on people in order to get ahead in life this couldn't be further from the truth in order to take the necessary steps to achieve more in life you must be ready to know yourself worth and not in a narcissistic selfish way I need you to reflect on what you can put out and give to this world all of our experiences in life is what led us to where we are today think about how you can use that to your advantage why do you keep looking back into your past you were not going that way who you were 10 years ago that doesn't matter who you were last year still irrelevant who you are becoming right now as you're watching this video that is what counts let go of those past versions of yourself that don't help you to grow it's time to evolve and move forward you are surrounding yourself every single day in toxic situations and you're allowing yourself to be consumed of things of this world you are simply not going to grow just as a flower can't Bloom without light you have to evaluate your surroundings in order to successfully grow and step into this next season in your life so as you are visualizing why you want to acheve achieve the things that you want out of life even if you have to go to a park or get out of your house to figure this out this is what I need you to do and this is the first step in order to change in your life financially as well the second thing that I need you to do is to learn a high value skill set a minimum of 2 hours a day to work towards what I'm about to tell you no distractions and before you say well I'm busy you're probably already spending this time scrolling on social media without even really knowing it making daily sacrifices is essential to success so what is a high value slh High income skill this is a skill that you can easily monetize examples of this would be content creation video editing online sales and the list goes on choose one of these skills that interests you start selecting YouTube channels to learn from on my YouTube channel alone I have over 20 free courses you can learn from I want you to watch these and start studying these to find what's going to work for you set a goal of how many times a week you're going to commit to this if you absolutely can't find 2 hours of your day to do this then pick one to two days out of your week to commit to learning learning new skills and opening your mind to how many ways

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