Day in the Life of a Pet Sitter (2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 hamsters, 1 fish)

good morning welcome to another day in the life of a pet sitter a pet sitting two dogs one cat two hamsters and one fish I'm here in the Okanagan BC near Penticton with my mom who came with me on this trip to help out and to also have some fun oh aren't they so cute let's go first thing in the morning I take Zig and ginger out oh and I need to let stormy the cat out of his room because their mommy said that he sometimes pees and poos in places he shouldn't and I'm scooping litter now so even though there are five adorable pets to take care of this time it's pretty easy because we don't need to walk the dogs like my other pet sit they just go in the backyard and do their thing and they play around with each other I wash up get ready and make breakfast oh my gosh aren't they adorable my mom's still sleeping but when she got up the dogs go say hi I actually think the dogs like my mom more because they follow her everywhere I'm low-key kinda jealous I mean look at this I put my mom in charge of feeding Haku the fish twice a day this is a benefit dish so beautiful it's actually quite nice having my mom here because the drive is so long and she can help me with things around the house everyone drinks from the same water bowl so I change it to fresh water I plan out the day which will consist of a couple of short outings and me working in between I let the dogs out for a quick pee and then we go to our first stop which is a viewpoint on the hilt but unfortunately it opens at 12 so we went to the downtown area instead where there are some really cute shops and then we got some drinks at the store the dogs are always super welcoming when we come back so I'm living the life right here because this kombucha is 299 in Vancouver it's like five dollars so I don't know if it's just on sale but there's a lot more in the fridge I sit down to do some work while sipping my 299 kombucha for lunch we microwave some leftovers from yesterday and then we go to the patio to eat they're so cute aren't they honestly I can't believe I didn't discover pet sitting earlier we get paid to watch over such cute pets and we get to experience a new place without having to pay for accommodation or go to restaurants all the time and we only need to buy the big things like meat milk and vegetables because we can use all the condiments and spices in the fridge I pick up the poo on the grass and then we go to check out a winery John served us and was like I don't know if I should show the wines to the camera or to you Tina so that was pretty funny we then pick up some gems and sweets for our friends and family back home the dogs welcome us back and I do some work again while my mom naps and they are the cutest aren't they and stormy is the fattest cat I've ever met in my life but I love him so I finally have some quiet time to myself because everybody is pretty much like resting or sleeping this has been really fun this is like day three of this pet sit here in the Okanagan so it's actually really amazing because I can still work while I'm like exploring this new place I've been self-employed for about three years but I recently got a part-time job at Isle really good because it's flexible and it's pretty much remote so right now when I say I'm working I'm working on my own stuff like this YouTube channel but also on making content for aisle and today I don't I'm not gonna film anything for Aisle I'm just editing videos but I plan to do that later at night and my mom just got up and now uh gingers say hi hi I don't know what it is about this backpack but all cats seem to love it stormy loves it my cat Melvin loves it and my boyfriend's cat keto loves it too I take a break from working and let the dogs out for a pee and Yee I like The Swinging couch thing haha oh my gosh the dogs are so cute stormy sometimes wants to go out but it's always hard getting him back so I just carry him after doing some work trying to make my Instagram feed not look so horrendous anymore it is feeding time I have specific instructions on when and what to feed each pet as well as some instructions for the house like when to take out the garbage if you want to learn how I got into pet sitting and how you can turn it into a side hustle make sure you check out this video I made and if you have any questions about pet sitting let me know in the comments it's our turn to eat I'm loving the dogs so much and I'm thinking I want a dog in the future I have a cat who I love but I love how dogs actually care about you and will follow you around after dinner it's still pretty hot outside so we stay indoors and I type out this script for this video it's actually easier to write the script as the day goes or else I'll forget what I did and then we go to that viewpoint on the hill we couldn't go to in the morning because it was closed but now it's open never in my life have I seen such a big I don't even know what this called dandelion look at it my hand is right beside it it is so big this is so amazing so nice oh my gosh we both shower and I take the dogs out for a quick pee I work on the video script and organize my b-rolls for my new video editor Anna we go for one last P I say goodnight to stormy I journal and then I head to bed thanks for watching [Music]

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