Copy This $3,800/Week YouTube Automation TREND🔥(2024)

well if you hurry up you can use this trend to make money on YouTube without showing face and why should you listen to me well I do run multiple faceless YouTube automation channels and even though I know that most people when they talk about YouTube automation can really sit down and show real proof they're actually making money from different channels here are some of the proof this one did also $38,000 on this one we got about 240 million views this one got about 100 million views so far 999,000 subscribers this channel over here did over a million dollars in its lifetime but in the last 300 65 days as we stopped uploading they only $90,000 this one is doing about $4,000 a month and the lifetime of this channel is about $39,000 this channel over here did about $4,000 in the last $365 days and the lifetime of this channel is about $221,000 so there is actually a new trend happening right now and a lot of people are talking about this event which is going to happen in July which is Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson fight happening this summer now most people make a very bad mistake and never really monetize these Trends never really make money on YouTube without showing their face so I want to show you how to actually fix that but first things first when you go to vid IQ and you search for Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson that's going to show you the overview and the search volume which is constantly being increased but the competition for just Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson keyword is very very high however if you go to questions you can see what kind of questions are people asking when it comes to this event and this channel in particular has already made over $5,000 off of this event Alone by posting these faceless YouTube automation videos it's called boxing Zone and these are the kind of videos they're posting it's completely faceless now this channel in particular called fight their scorner is already getting loads and loads of views just off of this fight alone and if you go to their view stats you can see that they're making up to $57,000 a month just from ad Revenue alone but as we talked about previously that's just one of the ways that you can monetize these faceless YouTube automation channels and I mean at this point you should already know that in order to make money from YouTube ad Revenue you need to be approved into YouTube Partner program and you can do that instantly at dfy monetization or some of the links in the description but either way there's another Channel over here that's monetizing this trend right now and it's called punch plan and according to their view stats they are doing about $3 to $9,000 a month as they just started out which is pretty insane that people are just growing their YouTube channels of a single Trend but you have to use utilize it properly now if you go over to Google and you search for Jake pole versus Mike Tyson and you go to the news you can see that people are kind of talking about this every single day or at least every few hours so I made this list of titles that you can cover when it comes to this particular Trend so you can just use these titles to get views right now and you can pause and you can copy them if you want but what you would also do is you would go to these guys Instagram account or their social media because you obviously need some footage to use in these videos and you might say but Dave they're going to be mad that I'm using their footage in my YouTube videos because look at this guy he's using this and he's still making money you might say like they are going to be mad they're not going to be mad you are literally helping them promote the fight so you can actually monetize this and they are going to be very happy and thankful that you're doing so now if you go to these guys Instagram accounts and you go to the Post they're sharing if you go to for example to their reals you can just take this you can copy the URL the link L that takes people to these reals and then you would go to snap insta app this is the app that will allow you to download this from Instagram and there is a YouTube app as well if you want to download videos from YouTube you will close this you click on the download video and here's the first part that you can use this is a first footage for my faceless YouTube automation video now when it comes to the speech and the actual voice over you can just go to 11 Labs which actually has very very high quality voiceovers right now so you will just have to find something that's kind of more hypey because you want to Hype up the fight there's news there's Trends there's drama so you obviously want to find such voice you're not going to use like professional voices so you would just have to scroll through these and just find something I'm going to use Kelly let's say for example I'm use Kelly and then let's say I wrote a script inside of Google docs and I'm going to go most people don't realize this about Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson fight and I'm going to copy that let's say that's like part of my script even though it's obviously not it's just the title but I'm going to click on General at speech and now the AI voiceover called 11 Labs will actually generate that voiceover for me so let's listen to it together it's really really fast it was almost instant so let's see if it was good or not most people don't realize this about Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight I don't like that I don't like this voice and it also read it as vs so let's go versus and let's change the voice this this one kind of sounded robotic so you have to play around until you find a really good one that actually sounds natural because especially when people are watching these kinds of videos they're not going to stick if they see a robotic script and a like a chat GPT like script and then a robot voice over it doesn't really work so let's go with Natasha for example she has a sassy voice so let's actually generate speech with don't realize this about Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson fight this is actually a little bit better I perhaps I would assume that if the script was longer the voiceover would actually be higher quality and it would sound less robotic so we just download that kind of VoiceOver now we edit these videos inside of a free tool such as cap cut so you basically just create an account for completely free you start a new video project and you can just upload a footage which you've downloaded using snap install or similar free apps that allow you to download videos from social media now I would also upload something as a background to make it more engaging and then when I click on that real that I've downloaded this is how it can start off as you can see so we have something in the background happening and I also downloaded this like paper effect from YouTube so I just search for it on YouTube and just downloaded it it's compy right free and for the captions you can just go to the captions the left hand side and this i

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