Celebrating 3.5 years running my business full time 🎉 MY TOP 5 LESSONS ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP

so it's been officially three and a half years since I quit my job to run my creative business full-time so I pretty much worked three years in corporate jobs and also three years for myself and today I'm celebrating because in the last like six years I feel like my mindset has changed so much just going from like an employee to now an entrepreneur so I wanted to make this video sort of as a reflection video and I wanted to share all the mindset shifts like the main mindset shifts that I've had going from employee to entrepreneur so hope you enjoy this video and let me know in the comments if you do so the first mindset shift that I had to make was my goal used to be to make my boss happy or to make the organization or the company happy but now my goal is to make me happy as an employee you're pretty much tasked with the things that you have to do in order to help the organization meet its goals and my goal was pretty much to do those tasks so that like my boss and the organization in and my team could be successful and even though I loved all the jobs that I was in and like I learned so much like I love the jobs that I was in I just felt like because that was my goal it didn't really feel super duper aligned with just what I wanted to do and that's why I quit my job if you've been following me on this YouTube channel I've made some other videos about like me quitting my job you can check them out after you watch this video but you might know that my dream has always been to have like location Independence and have an online business and like travel the world so I know I'll be happy if I have flexibility and I'm doing the things that I love and most importantly making an impact on the world on my own terms that is the thing that really really makes me happy and now like even though oh my God it's like really really hard at times it can be stressful I can have like a lot of self-doubt so it is very very challenging to do your own thing but like I feel like I am cherishing every single part of the journey because I know I'm investing in my own happiness the next mindset shift that I had to make was I used to follow the rules but now I create the rules and I also Break The Rules too so it's like a completely different way of doing things because usually as an employee there are like a lot of guidelines and like a you know certain ways to do things like for example there's branding guide for how you should do marketing and so I had to follow all the rules which made my life actually it was like a lot easier to do because you have like these limits right you have these restrictions and you just operate within those the limits the rules the restrictions but then when I quit my job and I was doing my own thing I found it just so difficult to just work because there were no rules I didn't have a boss no one told me what to do I had to be the boss I had to create my own rules and even though that sounds so amazing because I can pretty much do whatever I want it's actually really hard because I have no idea what I'm trying to do and it's like I'm not sure what is the best way to create success for me so I think that was one of the hardest parts when I quit my job because I didn't know what I was doing and I struggled a lot with like my definition of success which by the way I do have a new definition of success which I worked on with a previous business coach and it's right here so success is learning and growing every single day so whenever I feel down or I feel like I'm not ahead or like moving forward or like growing fast enough I just think back to my definition of success and like I always feel a lot better because I know that I'm on my own journey and I'm creating things for myself and if I'm learning and growing every day then well yeah I'm successful like I'm I'm taking steps towards the thing that I want and for me it's like not about getting a salary raise or a promotion anymore it's really about me growing and I truly believe that my business grows in proportion to how I grow as a person so I'm always trying to like read books grow as a person and yeah the next mindset shift is I used to walk on like a predetermined path like climbing up the corporate ladder but now I'm creating my own path so I think for a lot of new entrepreneurs they get stuck right at the beginning because they don't have like a predetermined path to follow because you know as an employee you kind of know you know after how many years you're supposed to get this promotion then after X amount of years you become a manager and then you're like a senior manager or something like there are steps concrete steps to like moving up and being successful but then when it comes to entrepreneurship you don't really have that and while there there are definitely a lot of entrepreneurs in the world like you can definitely follow people's footsteps but every single person every single entrepreneur has a different path and it is scary to go on your own path because no one's in front of you doing it but also even though you are creating your own path there are people who have been on a similar path as you so that's why I think as a new entrepreneur if you are like new at this it's so important to have like mentors it's so important to read like entrepreneurial books to get into the right mindset to follow people who inspire you and to also get like coaching and I think mentorship is like a huge just so helpful but also to have a community of people where like they're kind of like doing the same thing as you or maybe in the same kind of space as you next mindset shift is my pay used to depend on how much time I worked but now my pay depends on the results and value that I can provide to my audience and also my customers so when I used to work in my job I worked 40 hours a week and my pay was the same no matter the output but obviously I did try to be as productive as I can and like use my time wisely I'm not a slacker but it's really different now as an entrepreneur because my pay doesn't depend on the time I work so I've worked 60 hour weeks I've worked 20 hour weeks and I could make the same amount working 60 hours or 20 hours it doesn't depend on the time anymore it really depends on what I can create the results for my audience for my customers the value that I can provide so in an ideal situation I would like work less and make more but I think if you're just starting out with entrepreneurship there is a lot more time investment put in at the very very beginning to like set things up get things going but then later on like you will be able to like really set up your business in a way where you can work less but then make more like same amount or more so everything I do now is about impact the more impact I can make the more I will make and I forgot where I heard this but it was something like your income is a byproduct of the impact you create the next mindset ship I had to make which honestly I struggled a l

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