Best Work From Home Jobs For Beginners

these are the best seven treasury work from home jobs that anyone can do to make anywhere from 40 up to 120 dollars per hour with no previous experience and the reason I know this works is because my company is actually hiring for some of these positions and I will show you exactly how you can apply in two minutes the very first tragically work from home job is being a chat GPT YouTube automation scriptwriter so at dfy career you can apply to be a scriptwriter for YouTube channels and we're mostly looking for someone who is very efficient in writing these scripts because we need a lot of them for all sorts of different YouTube automation channels so we are looking for someone who can elaborate chat GPT in the right way to create high quality YouTube scripts and you can just go to chatgpt4 you will have a lot of different plugins over here such as the Vox script plugin and with the right prompts you can generate very high quality scripts now yes you can apply for this job but we will first accept people who are inside of the online business Club so by being a member of the online business Club you will have the priority and first we will be hiring people that are coming through the online Business Club and if you don't know what that is it is a place where you can learn secret money making methods participate in giveaways worth up to twenty thousand dollars a month and apply for these exclusive work from home jobs and be the first to actually get hired because you essentially get the priority pass by being the member I will leave a link to the online business Club in the description box down below chat chipity work from home job number two is being a transcriptionist for so Freelancers is a place where you can get some flexible work and actually get paid every single week to complete tasks such as transcriptions and captioning different videos and they pay you anywhere from 30 cents per one to one dollar per audio minute so if there are some podcasts it's like two hours long you can get paid to transcribe every single word that was said in that two hours long podcast but what people at rev dot know at least right now is that you can take that video you can upload it as a unlisted video on YouTube and then you can go to chatgpt and then you can go to the plugin section and if you have a plugin called box scrap you can paste that YouTube video link right over here so for example this video I will click on share copy and then you can just say transcribe this video and once you paste it you can also tell chatripty to write it and organize it properly so it's not just random words but it actually uses punctuations and can also proofread the video for you so you can also say also proof read the entire script and then chat GPT will do that for you if you have this Vox script installed which is completely free and for an audio file that's 60 Minutes long you can get paid up to 60 dollars per hour next job that is also available at dfy Dave is being a voiceover artist for YouTube channels and you can also generate different voiceovers using a new plugin on chatgpt so if you go to tragic D4 go to plugins you can find a plugin called Speech Kai so here it is it's speech Kai and if you install it frequently free from the plugin store right over here so you can literally just search for speechai you can generate voiceovers with chat GPT again the priority for this job application will have the members of the online business Club you can just go to the only and then once you're there you can just click on jobs right over here and then you can apply through the online business Club to be set as a priority and be on the top of the list chat GPT work from home job number four is having an AI automation agency where you can complete all sorts of different tasks for your clients with charge apt so if you go to or or any other freelancing platform you can find a lot of different services that people are paying for that you can actually fulfill with chatgpt whether that's writing different blog posts and articles for them whether that's writing in different YouTube scripts for it and whether that's voiceovers whether that's video editing because chat repeat 4 now actually has a plugin called vesla and with vesla plugin you can generate videos which igpt4 so you can just give it a prompt and it can create a video that you can sell probably for like 5 10 15 dollars and or they can be fully generated with chat GPT chat GPT work from home job number five speaking of the previous one you can also generate reels and tick tocks on YouTube Shores with the chat gpt4 for completely free and you can actually generate unlimited reels so you can use that to either sell different digital products of your own or you can use that to promote it from affiliate offers on Instagram through Instagram reels you can fully generate Instagram reels with AI and with chat jpt and they actually get results they actually get views and get people clicking on your link in BIO some of the members of the online business Club are making over three thousand dollars a month with this AI reels method which I explained in details inside of the online business Club because if you go to the courses section you can access a bunch of free courses that come with your membership that teach you step by step how you can make money in different ways money making methods which I will never share publicly and they're only available inside of the online business club and last but not least is chargpt AI YouTube automation so you can start your own YouTube automation Channel your own faceless YouTube channel where what you can monetize either with ads affiliate marketing brand deals or by selling your own digital products and you can create those videos with Whistler plugging on chatgpt you can generate scripts with Vox script you can generate voiceovers with speech guy you can do it all over chatgpt and you can monetize your channel in different ways even if you don't get accepted into the partner program you can still promote different affiliate offers and earn money as an affiliate or you can promote digital products or you can get brand deals and sponsorships and as a member of the online business Club you will also be able to get potential sponsors and brand deals for your YouTube channel depending on your sites you will be connected with companies and brands that are sponsoring my videos in my channels so that they potentially sponsor your videos as well and you can get paid anywhere from a hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars per YouTube video depending on your channel size and your channel Niche and you're also going to be able to get your YouTube channel monetized instantly and get a regular channel reviews is where you can just submit your channel and I will review it and give you feedback on what to improve to get more views get more subscri

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