Amazon Influencer Program COMPLETE Tutorial (Get Approved AND Scale)

it was just 8 months ago on this very Channel when I actually discovered the Amazon influencer program and since then I've been pumping out content every single week and I'm going to hop on the screen here and show you exactly how we've been doing uh now 8 months into the program all right so you can see right here we're doing anywhere pretty consistently anywhere from 700 being the high to probably a low day being 160 so anywhere between about $1 175 up to $700 every single day we're averaging about $10,000 a month which is really crazy 8 months into a side hustle now if you want this program to work for you I can honestly say this is the most important video you could possibly watch I'm going to give you everything you need to get approved for the program I'm going to give you everything you need to get your $1,000 and then I'm going to give you everything you need to scale to get numbers just like what you're seeing on this screen right here and if you don't believe that here's 50 testimonials on the screen of people who are learning exactly what I'm about to show you that have been able to make this work for them this stuff actually works it's very very real two super important things the first one is I promise I'm going to give you everything I know I will not withhold anything as I as I share all this information here and the second thing is if you stay till the end I've got a super cool little gym it's something that you can do that'll take about 10 20 30 seconds of work every single day and uh for me at least it's resulted in literally thousands of dollars of extra money every month with this influencer program all right so let's dive in and talk about getting approved as always you can hover over anywhere on the bottom and you can jump ahead if you are already at the approval point or you're somewhere further along just skip ahead to where in the video is relevant to you so first let's get rid of the biggest misconception people have about getting approved and that is that it's a follower count thing I have people reaching out to me literally every day now saying I've got 1,000 followers I've got 2,000 followers I got disproved immediately why am I getting disproved you know I've got accounts bigger than all these guys why am I getting disproved and I've got to tell you it has nothing to do with follower count let me show you these two screenshots these are messages I got in the last week or two from different people and as you can see they don't have much follower count we've got people with 83 followers and we've got someone with 13 followers the lowest I've seen is someone get approved with five followers but what we learned from that is this absolutely does not have to do with how many followers you have on a certain platform so if it's not followers we look a little deeper and we know that it's got to be a about engagement that means comments likes things like that they want to know how engaged your audience is whatever size it is with your content they don't care at least currently about how big your audience is and that might change so you probably want to do this fast watch this video and go apply now there's four different platforms that you can get approved on currently there's YouTube there's Tik Tok there's Facebook and there's Instagram so far they haven't uh given us any sign that they're going to expand that so you need to do this on one of those four platform now from my experience unless you already have an audience one of these platforms that you can basically make some adjustments to your content and get that engagement if you're starting fresh here you're going to want to use the Tik Tok account because Tik Tok is much much easier to get engagement very very quickly it's much kinder to brand new creators and you'll be able to do this within a week or two as opposed to a few months obviously the sooner you get approved for this the more money you can start making quicker now here's where this gets awesome right because we don't need to blow up we don't need to go viral on Tik Tok all we need to do on Tik Tok is we need to get an Engaged follow we need five subscribers but we need them all to have engaged or we need our content to get a lot of Engagement which means we can focus our content efforts completely on on engagement not on virality and I'm going to show you three example accounts to give you an idea of what it is that I'm talking about here the first one is this one right here try to finish this song okay and all these guys have done is they've got this account where they they play these songs right and they ask you to finish the song if you know it now what this does is if it's a pretty popular song A lot of people want to share their knowledge right people love to be KN it on they love to to know something and be able to tell people they know it and kind of get that little high of feeling that right so try to finish the song another similar account someone who I actually know is approved for this Amazon influencer program is this one right here and they do something similar but they say can you finish this quote right can you finish this Dr Seuss quote what's your favorite quote in the comments so you do things to get people to engage and we're not getting viral content here right we're getting a pretty typical 200 300 views but because it's built around engagement not virality they're able to get a lot of Engagement and that's enough to trigger you getting approved for the Amazon influencer program and this third account called name that girl right anything that's named that name that Name That Celebrity Name out who said that name this right any of those things now you've got to not do something so hard that you get one comment because nobody can name it you want to do something that broad that a lot of people know because then everybody can name it and they all feel proud being able to throw that in there and say I know something right we all love to be the person that can raise their hand and answer the question so what you're going to do is you're going to make a brand new Tik Tok account you're going to make it something around like this and you're going to post only like five or 10 times before you start applying to get approved every day they do not care how many times you apply so you can apply literally every single day and all you've got to do is be over that threshold one time and you can get approved now once you're approved this is another thing people don't realize there's actually two separate approvals there's approval to be part of the program to be able to even upload videos to the program and then there's approval for what's called on-site placement which is what we really care about here so when you log in you're going to see something uh in your dashboard that looks like this mine says earned on-site commissions and increase your earnings you'll probably have a lock Mark there and that means you're not appro

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