8th Month on Etsy Selling Digital Products: Results, outsourcing Canva tasks, copyright violationšŸš«

this is maybe a little bit closer so I'll give you an overall overview of what happened in June and I have something very exciting to share with you I started to Outsource some parts of my Etsy Shop oh also one of my items was suspended this month and I'll tell you more later about what happened with that in June I added 11 listings up from May that's actually a lot for me because if you look at how many listings I've added every single month I've only been able to add like not a lot I didn't add any from January to February and from April to may I added five listings which I felt I was proud of I was like proud of being able to make one listing every single week and post it but because I actually outsourced some of the stuff last month I was able to post 11 new listings which is I'm really really happy about that and I feel like I can finally work on the things that I want to work on which is not making marketing photos and making the videos because I just feel like that stuff is super duper repetitive and I can train somebody to do that for me I want to work on the more creative stuff visits were 8 27 so around the same as usual conversion rate similar to last month so it was 3.1 percent which I'm pretty happy about items sold 26 items okay so I am super happy about that because that is a jump from the 19 I made in May and it's actually the most items I've sold since February so why think this is happening I think one maybe me adding more listings to my shop actually helped out with getting more items sold but also it just might be because more people are looking for the things that I'm making like it could be a lot of different factors and I think this is pretty good for now and we'll see if this month it can keep up with this my total revenue was 449 for Aspen I decided to do one dollar a day last month I did zero dollars but this month I was like okay maybe let's try the ads again and see how it goes so I did one dollar a day spent around twenty nine dollars the revenue was less than what I spent but it's still okay because I made two sales but yeah sadly I spent more than my Revenue but I think it's still okay I mean it's only like a seven dollar difference so I don't really care it's not that much of a difference and my ad spend conversion was two percent so that is the number of orders which is two divided by the number of clicks which is 100 so orders which is two divided by clicks which is 100 so if you compare to the previous months it's slightly better than March and April March and April I spent some more on ads but my best ad conversion was actually at the beginning of this year so it was around six percent and in terms of what I did for my ad listings I kept eight of my listings that sold well in December January and February and I also added four to five new listings like the new listings that I made in May I added four to five of those because I think I just want to give them a good start maybe and see how that goes but then actually what I decided to do halfway through the month of June was to turn off those four to five new listings that I added I don't know why I just like wanted to turn it off as of right now I still have the eight listings out of my like 40-ish listings that I'm running ads on my net profit was the highest it has been since February which is quite exciting 329 dollars still not what I wanted to be I want it to be at least a thousand dollars but I think it's okay and the actual money I received in the bank this month was 318 dollars so this is my monthly statement and you can see how much I spent on like fees marketing stuff oh yeah the sales number like this 428 for June is a bit different from this four four nine and that's because I think for this total revenue I put like June 1st to July 1st but I think for this monthly statement it might just be June 1st to June 30th or June 31. I don't know how many days there are in June so that's why there's a slight difference but to me it doesn't it's like negligible the fees this month were 59 and then marketing 39 which makes sense because I spent 29 USD so and my Etsy is in Canadian dollars so that's why it is 39 Canadian dollars so it was just converted so now let's talk about the Outsourcing part I think this is the most exciting thing that is happening and it is saving me so much time so why did I decide to Outsource part of my Etsy shop if you've been following me for the last couple of months you know that I was very busy trying out the digital Nomad lifestyle in Southeast Asia my YouTube is my main priority my Etsy is a priority but when I was traveling I just did not have time to do my Etsy like I could not make a lot more listings and so now that I'm more settled down I'm currently visiting relatives in China I decided that this Etsy Shop is a priority but right now I just don't want to spend that much time on it and so I thought about what are some of the things I can Outsource so I've been working with a virtual assistant for about two years now and at the beginning she would help me a lot more with the calligraphy and the coaching stuff that I was doing but now she doesn't do a lot of stuff it's mainly just keeping my calligraphy business bosses Facebook group running accepting people and then putting them into my email list and she also helps me with my YouTube uploads sometimes and then formatting my email newsletter but for the last couple of months there hasn't been a lot of things that she's been doing so it's been maybe like a half an hour one hour of work per week for her so what I decided to do was to actually Outsource the Etsy tasks that didn't require a lot of creativity for me stuff that I could just like do like I'm a robot stuff that's easier for me to train some day on so I made this Etsy planning document to keep track of like tasks and stuff and so I have a bunch of tasks so I usually create the folder and then I will make the workspace which is basically the document on canva where I make the template but then with the photos like this sample photos and then I have the template itself which is the template that the customer gets when they buy the listing so the template is different from the workspace it's very similar but the template is without the sample photos this is the template that the customer gets when they buy the listing then I have another document and it is the listing photos for marketing and then I have the PDF document which is what the customer gets when they buy the listing and the PDF has the link to the customer template and then there's another task which is to make the video for the Etsy listing and then the last task which I always do is to upload it to Etsy so what I've been getting my VA to do oh her name is Dez so she has been helping me mainly with the marketing photos the access PDF and the video so with the workspace and template I am very picky about designs and stuff so actually in the beginning I got her to try out designin

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