7 Websites That Will Pay You EVERY DAY Within 24 Hours (Easy Work At Home Jobs)

so I've just found seven different websites that you can use to start making easy money from the comfort of your own home today a lot of the websites on this list I've actually use myself so I know for a fact they work and how much you can make and with each of these websites I'm going to show you today they're all 100% online so you'll never have to step foot outside of your home now big disclaimer before we get started here I have not been sponsored by any of the companies you're going to see throughout this video this is going to be through solely my own research and my own experience delving into different way ways of making money over the Internet so without further Ado here are the seven websites that you can use to start making money online in 2024 so getting started with the very first website we have on this list which is over at usertesting.com and if you haven't already figured out how I'm going to make money off the site already based on the name this company allows you to make money by simply reviewing and answering questions about different websites on the internet and the reason why something like this exists is because there's different companies out there different websites that need feedback from people like me and you to ensure that their bus business is running smoothly and trust me when I say they're willing to pay out a good amount of money for this because the feedback they're getting is going to enable them to you know make changes and make adjustments to ensure that their website and their company is providing the best service possible and when that's the case they can make a lot of money and where also going to make a good amount of money by helping them to achieve this goal now to get started just like all the other websites on this list is pretty simple and easy you just head straight over to their site click where it says sign up or in this case start here and you'll fill out a few details about yourself and once that's done you'll get presented with a number of different websites softwares and companies that you can test out and start giving feedback on you don't need to be techsavvy or know much about the internet because all you're going to be doing really and truly is just some simple screen recordings you know navigating around different website and other companies will just give you a list of questions that you just need to tick off these can be like you know multiple choice questions just giving feedback on the presentation or the copyrighting on their site this is all going to depend on what test you get once you sign up to this site right here now as for how much you can make I know you guys are all waiting for this for each test that you take on user testing.com they're going to pay you out an average of $1 us and for each test from my personal experience it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete and this is just the average that it says on Google and on their site but what I've actually found to be true is that you actually get paid $30 for each test that you take and these normally range around a half an hour time frame so to put this into perspective you could be making up to $60 per hour by the simply heading over to user testing.com and just answering some questions about different companies on the internet now if you thought that last website was easy to make money here's an even better website called list verse who will pay you to create simple lists for their site yes that's right you're going to create lists similar to the ones that you can see on the screen right now and when I say list these are just like titles for different articles right so for instance you have 10 Hearts stopping rescue missions top 10 most controversial debates to spark heated conversations the 10 most badass fiction weapons this is a simple list that you can create that can be about literally anything and once you create this list and you submit over here on this site if it's interesting enough list verse will literally pay you for this title so you don't need to come up with a blog post you don't need to write like an essay or do anything overly complicated you just create the list submit it here and this is how you're going to Simply get paid you can see right here on this page write and get paid so you can get paid up to $100 for every list that you make what's great about this website is that you don't need to have any writing skills whatsoever all you have to do to make this work for you is to just use the power of artificial intelligence with tools like chat GPT to create interesting list and you can start generating your first couple of hundreds of dollars online let's say for instance list verse was the step two of your list per week to go up on this website right here you'll get paid out $200 every single week which will equal to an extra $800 in your bank account every single month without doing much work on your end that's not bad at all considering you didn't have to do any of the hard work yourself but rather just leverage free AI tools online to generate you cash on the internet so while we're on the topic of writing content here's another great website that you can stack on top of the previous websites I showed you to make even more money all you have to do right now is head over to rev.com and if you've been watching my content you've definitely heard about this website right here this company will literally pay you to type out audio content that you're listening to or videos that you're watching that's right so you can literally chill in the comfort of your own home watch your video on this site type out everything that is being said in the video and you will make money from this if you're watching this video right now there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to make money online because you're using one or two of the senses that you need to make money online so if you can see this video or you are listening to this video right now you can make money with this there's no excuses all you have to do is head over to rev.com scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page then you're going to click on where it says careers from there all you have to do is click on Freelancers then it will direct you back over to this page and as you can see right now off the bat for transcriptionist people that are going to be listening to audio files on this website you can get paid anywhere from 30 cents all the way up to $110 cents per audio minute so this is a basic breakdown of how this process works this company is going to send you the video or audio file and you just have to simply just type out what's being said now if you're doing subtitles for video content you also have to put in the timestamps when certain things are being said so that the audio can sync up with the video the reason why this is useful and they're willing to pay you money for this is because companies want subtitles for their videos and others want to turn t

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