How I made $1000 in 7 days selling a non-existent course (steal my strategy)

when I learned about the strategy I thought to myself oh my gosh this makes so much sense it's so smart and why don't more people do this because we can waste a lot of time creating products that are not even going to sell and we're going to spend like hours and hours and hours creating the product then marketing the product and then we're not going to get sales in the end last year in November I sold a non-existent course and I made $1,000 in 7 days I know you might be thinking okay like WTF how can you do that like how can you sell something that doesn't even exist I will tell you how exactly you can do it too and don't worry it's not anything gimmicky okay like I am the real deal this title might be a little bit click baity but basically this strategy is called doing a pre sale on a product that you haven't made that's how you basically make money before you even have the product you know how sometimes authors will pre-sell their books before the book is actually published this is like kind of the same idea but not really because authors when they write a book they're writing the book for like one or two years right it takes a long time and by the time that they're offering the pre-sale they are basically DG book in business so when you're selling a digital product and I've used this method a couple of times the products we're making are not taking like one or 2 years it might take okay actually for me this product took me 1 and 1/2 months to make after I pre-sold it so it's not like how authors pre resell their books you literally sell it and then you start on the product I'll tell you exactly how you can do the same thing that I did so first thing is you need to brainstorm like what exactly you're going to do and in this brainstorming phase you can do some market research I thought about it I dropped down a couple of ideas I also asked my audience hey like if I did this would you guys be interested and then you're going to decide on what you're going to sell so last year because my YouTube channel has videos about Etsy and I've been building my email list and a lot of people who follow me are interested in how to start an Etsy shop so I was thinking maybe I should sell something that is useful to my audience that they need and that is not really in the market and so I thought of an idea it was a some kind of a course or resource on how to make Etsy listing photos because for me when I started my Etsy Shop 1 and 1 half years ago I think the listing photos was the thing I struggled with the most I could create the product like the canva templates myself no problem but with the listing photos I felt so lost and it took me like so long to make my first ever listing photos like a set of 10 photos and video probably took me 10 to 20 hours to make because I had to build everything from scratch right now if you're not sure what you want to sell you can download my free business plan template this template's going to help you brainstorm and uh it's going to give you like a template and an outline of all the things you should think about before you start selling this product so it's basically like a plan so you can sign up for it below it's totally free next Once you have an idea of what you want to do then you're going to create a sales page or a landing page so basically this is the thing that is going to be marketing your product and giving your customer like all the information that they need about this product for my Etsy listing photos course it took me about a week to make this landing page there are actually a lot of ways you can make a landing page if you are offering a course usually course platforms like teachable and kajabi thinkific these course platforms have a sales page builder I personally have used teachable for many many years and I have used teachables um landing page builder but it's not as customizable so I actually made a landing page using hostinger if you're not offering a course and you're not like signing up for a course platform you can also make a landing page just like on your own website or you can use like digital product platforms like gumroad or payhip and I believe with gumroad not sure with payhip I know with gumroad uh it also like has like an email list thingy so you don't have to have like a separate email list but anyways um I do have an email list provider that I've been using for 3 years and that is active campaign so basically to sell this Etsy course I had three things I had teachable which is my course platform where I upload the videos I had hostinger which is the website builder I used to make my sales page and then I had active Campaign which is my email list provider and I use my email list to S to market the course the next step is to promote it so I basically shared it on all my social platforms especially YouTube um I also did it on Instagram and then I think the main thing I used was my email list because a lot of people on my email list my email list at that time I think was about 7,000 people 8,000 people my email list has a lot of people who are interested in starting an Etsy job so I sent out a bunch of emails I scheduled the emails and then I also talked about this course in several of my YouTube videos so actually the whole promotional period i planed to do was 6 weeks and as you know the title is I made $11,000 in one week right so actually for the first 5 weeks of me promoting this course I had zero sales and I was actually super duper bummed out because I was like I you don't know if this is something that people actually want like is this something that is actually needed is there something with my pricing yeah I have no idea and that is the great thing about doing a pre-sale because before you make the product and spend all this time making a product you can sell the course see if people are actually interested and see if people when actually pay money for this thing so you can validate your idea in the six week so the last week before the deadline I sent out a whole bunch of emails and maybe like 5 to six emails and I actually got 10 sales so I made $970 in one week and I was like so relieved like when I first when I got the first sale I was like I was so so excited because it meant that yes there is demand for my product and like somebody already paid money for it so it validates the idea so in that last week I got uh 10 sales in total and actually after the pre-sale deadline four more people bought the course and I didn't change the price I didn't like update the landing page or anything um but then after that like four people bought the course which is good for them because they saved money and then it's good for me also because I made some more sales so in total this launch of this course before making the course I made about 1,400 USD the next step in this process is to actually make the course so originally I thought I could finish this course in 2 weeks like making all the videos and all the templates

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