7 Untapped Print on Demand Money Making Opportunities

look you've seen the chaos in the online Market space right everyone's out there elbow to Elbow fighting to get the old s tired fish in an overfished pond it's a mess let's be honest it's a race to the bottom where nobody wins but what if I told you that there is a spot that they've all missed a place where the fish are plenty and the competition well I wouldn't say non-existent but really really small and this my friends is the power of finding your niche in a print on demand fierce game and I know you're here because you want to find ways to make passive income right you want to ideally make money in your sleep that is enough to have the lifestyle that you want and I know it seems like a dream but you can dream bigger because I about to show you seven untapped print on demand niches that are just ripe for the ticket because you know we can no longer play it safe in the same played out markets okay we need to find Opportunities out there we need to find the places that have the fish and I've got the math so you've made the exciting decision to get into the print on demand business and generate some passive income right it's fantastic congratulations getting into print on demand is incredible and I know it will be a great opportunity for you but you cannot stop there you need to fish for the gold you need to know what's the right Niche to tap into in order to be able to get those big profits and that's where we come in hopefully to give you some incredible inspiration because in this video we're going to help you explore as I said seven lesser known print on demand niches with huge potential and these niches have the power to boost your business and bring a lot of profit in record time and I know naturally you don't want to step into a market that's already saturated and have to compete with wellestablished Brands and businesses right well by the end of this video you will have the freedom to choose from seven print on demand niches with little to no competition that you can jump into and if you're looking for a Marketplace that can support your print on demand Endeavors and can really give you lots of opportunities in terms of the products that you can personalize then look no further than printify printify have such a huge range of products that you can choose from and that you can add your beautiful designs to so that you can cater to whichever Niche you have selected Ed for yourself so whether it's this one or any of the other that we will be talking about next I'm certain that you can find beautiful and high quality products on printify that will allow you to create the best quality final products for your customers so that you can start and grow your shop on Etsy not only that but printify are able to let you integrate with platforms like Shopify or Etsy so no matter which way you choose to sell your product whether it's Etsy or through your own Shopify store then you can count on printify to be able to make it so easy for you so that you do not need to worry about anything related to managing inventory or order processing or shipping or anything like that they will take care of everything all you have to do is create your product on their website and then you are good to go just integrate your printify account with your Etsy or your Shopify store and then you can start selling right away I'm going to link below more details about how you can get started with print on demand using printify all of the details are going to be in the description box below so you can get started today so let's Dive Right In at number seven we have hobbyist communities look this Niche revolves around kering to the passions of specific hobbi communities for instance you could decide to focus on board games and create some custom accessories like dice bags and playmats and other merchandise that is tailored to enthusiasts of a particular game or a particular hobby so for example Garden lovers um would find unique plant workers or gardening tools or decorative items quite interesting and appealing but the possibilities do not end there you can Target so many niches like art and craft or photography so so many hobbyist communities there because hob Bas are deeply devoted to the interests and often they wear their hearts on their sleeves or rather U on printed T-shirts or hoodies or Caps or accessories okay so in order to Kickstart your journey consider conducting a quick survey to gauge interest in a specific hobby by um exploring hobby communities for example on Facebook or social media as well as any other groups on Reddit or any threads that you can find engaging with these online communities is going to give you a lot of invaluable insights and if you happen to be a hobbyist yourself then you are in for a treat because you will know exactly what that Community is interested in and you can bring all of your friends and family in you can let them know about your services and offers and you will have a great Kickstart into your business and if you're still not convinced then consider the fact that a growing number of e-commerce platforms are dedicated to arts and crafts for example for example on Etsy print on demand businesses are thriving with I I think over 81 almost 82 million customers every single year entrepreneurs have the opportunity to offer OnDemand printing products to this vast customer base using incredibly cost-effective opportunities and efficient approaches also if you look at the recent statistics they showed that etsy's fourth quarter saw incredible Revenue results with I think almost close to a billion dollar in revenue for example nice creative Co is a store on Etsy where they sell items and prints for different Hobbies they range from gardening to fishing from music to sports and everything in between their items range between $5 all the way to $100 and if you're planning to get into this Niche then you can definitely make anywhere from 500 to probably a couple thousand doll a month plus no matter where you are in the world interests like music or cooking or creative Pursuits consistently rank among the most popular number six we have outdoor adventure enthusiasts this is an incredibly profitable Niche starting your printing business and turning a profit can be as simple as targeting outdoor enthusiasts who have a huge passion for hiking and camping and various outdoor activities these folks are constantly on the lookout for great gear that can help them connect with the beauty of nature so imagine helping them carry a slice of paradise wherever they go unlike the highly competitive Sports Niche this Outdoors Z Market is not as saturated and it makes makes it a gold mine with plenty of room for growth in fact experts predict that this Market is going to expand to over $45 billion a year by 2027 so there's I think a golden opportunity here to get in early and to claim your share in this rapidly growing market and I know that at the beginning newbies can probably exp

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