7 Laziest Ways of Making Money Online 2023 ($20 – $100+/Week)

in today's video I'm going to share with you seven laziest ways of making money online in 2023 these have a potential of making you anywhere from ten dollars all the way up to a hundred dollars with a potential of making even more every single week because let's face it guys we all have those moments where we don't feel like doing so much or too much to make money online so if you ever come across those moments remember that I have in this video options for you that will help you make money without putting in too much effort if you are interested in that ensure to stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be showing you the different ways and how you can approach them in 2023 if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's all you can expect to learn more of in this channel consider joining our family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable let's get right into the video let's start with option number one and that is selling stock photos there are different platforms that allow you to sell stock photos which are simply high quality videos high quality photos in some platforms you can even sell graphics and animations and a whole lot of content this is very easy because all you need to do is simply upload your high quality photos high quality videos of anything guys a lot of the phones that people have nowadays do actually take high quality photos so you can sell those on different platforms and the platforms that I will recommend to you today are Adobe stock photos and that's mainly because I have made money in this platform you can also check out websites like Shutterstock as well as dreams time but there are so many stock photography platforms that you can use to sell photos actually let me just say that all the videos all the photos and Graphics that are sold in stock photography platforms are actually uploaded by people like you and I and what I've known is that this is evolving with the introduction of AI to the masses some people who use AI to create images to sell in different stock photography platforms like Adobe stock photography so guys this has to be one of the laziest ways you can use to make money online option number two is watch videos in case you didn't know there are different websites different applications and plugins that pay you real money just for sitting and watching different videos well there could be many reasons for this but I think one of the main reasons is that a lot of people are looking to bring attention to their videos whether for monetization purposes business purposes sharing purposes but for whatever reason video is still King and so people companies organizations are willing to pay people for watching different videos one of the platforms that I love so much for doing this task and getting paid is a website called time bags I've got lots of content on time bags lots of payment proofs as well here on the channel I will link up more information in the description box down below but this is one of the platforms where you get paid for this task you can also check out the Yandex Toluca app the paid work app these are some of the many apps that will pay you for watching videos and this has to be the latest task as well because you can do it sleeping in your bed you can do it walking in the streets you can do it sitting watching TV and get paid for it laziest option number three is browsing the internet yes guys this has to be my favorite one imagine doing something that you were already going to do anyway and getting paid for it there are different applications browser plugins browsers that are willing to pay you for browsing the internet do check out this video over here to find out the browsers that I use and get paid from the potential is really great guys if you browse more you earn more the platforms that I'm going to recommend to you now are honey gain is going to pay you passive income for browsing the internet it the brave browser as well as pawns app they tend to pay highly for browsing their internet laziest option number four is playing money making games there is a money making game or money making game platform that I'm loving right now it's called the e-skills platform by Aptoide to access the e-skills platform you'll need to go to the Aptoide app store download the App Store and within the App Store you'll find the e-skills games e skills is a platform that allows people to compete in different tournaments and the winner wins real money so how it works is after you've signed up to the platform you will then download different kinds of games and I mean they've got different kinds of games as you can see here on my screen if you love fruity games like fruit blast Master tracing pen run Legendary Heroes card Dash Zuma Marbles and many more so they have a game for every kind of a days the game that I'm playing right now is 2048 and I'm loving it so much guys I can't wait to show you how much I am making in this platform just by playing games the good thing is you earn real PayPal money so how it works is you also will download the app coins wallet this is where you're going to deposit money that you use to enter into different tournaments don't worry I'm not talking about a lot of money I mean one dollars this is one of the laziest ways of making money guys because to make money online you sometimes have to invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars so why not invest a dollar and have fun playing different games that you like in different tournaments as well and win real money and guys you also have the practice option which is really great in case you feel like I don't want to invest in any game that I don't know you can practice until you find a game that you like until you know and understand the game that you are playing and are ready then when you win your money they're going to also deposited into your appcoin wallet you will then transfer it into your local bank account or to your PayPal account so guys check out the eskills platform on the Aptoide platform using the links in my description box down below option number five is freelance writing and I know what some of you guys might be thinking how is freelance writing a lazy way of making money online because it requires you to think it requires you to type a lot it requires you to you know come up with Concept and research and all of that but it has become a lazy way all thanks to artificial intelligence you might have heard of AI tools like chat GPT Google bad and many more similar tools that allow you to get different ideas but the tool that I wanted to check out for this is this tool over here called AI PRM is a plugin that you can install on your browser connected to chat GPT is going to help you in writing for instance says it's got all of these different prompts over here if you want to write an article it says you men written 100 unique SEO

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