7 EASY Ways To Make US$11,000 A Month On YouTube WITHOUT Recording Videos

there is a whopping 2.7 billion monthly active users on YouTube worldwide every single month this probably explains why YouTube was able to improve its Revenue growth percentage from 1.3% in 2022 to 7.8% in 2023 and ending that year with 31 billion of course Us in Revenue Rock Stars we all deserve a piece of this big YouTube pie and if you agree with me I want you to manifest it in the comment and state there I will get mine or you can State what portion of the actual pie you would like to have in dollars so you can put $50 nobody wants $50 right $5,000 $10,000 a month whatever it is write it down to start the manifestation process that said here's the great news you don't have to make videos to tap into YouTube's huge audience base and earning potential and that's going to be the focus of today's video because I'm going to share with you seven ways to make up to $1,000 a month on YouTube without ever creating a video are you ready for this rock stars I we will find a place for us I will show you where to go welcome back to the Rockstar Academy thank you so much for your loyalty and of course if you are a patreon subscriber or a club member subscribed on patreon I'm grateful for your support and if you are a YouTube member thank you as well let's jump right into it because although it's only seven I don't want to just share them with you I want to explain at a high level How to Succeed doing them and show you how you can use each of them to make the kind of money that could potentially retire you from your 95 job now some of them are obvious some of them are pretty unusual and some of them are somewhat creative but the bottom line is they're all beginner friendly they all work from anywhere across the globe for the most part and the vast majority requires 0 upfront in investment let's get to it and stop talking about it now for this first one I want you to take a moment and imagine yourself having a successful YouTube channel that's bringing in 11 12 maybe even $20,000 a month without you ever shooting a single frame or video of course that's what I refer to when I say A frame or even using a I to create any video content yes rock stars I know it sounds magical but it's possible this method is popularly known as YouTube Automation and it involves Outsourcing all of your YouTube channel meaning things like the thumbnails the titles the scripting or the recording or aspects of your YouTube channel and in doing so you hire people who are good at it experts to take on different elements or the entire YouTube channel for that matter and I'm going to tell you about my experience recently doing this on one of my faceless channels and how I'm absolutely loving it and I'll also tell you why so basically instead of producing videos yourself you delegate the work to Freelancers on platforms like Fiverr upwork and some of the others out there and they specialize in various aspects of the content creation process and management of that content creation process for YouTube videos it's a handoff method that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a successful YouTube channel without the stress of video creation let's face it rockstars not everyone is going to be a superstar on YouTube and that's okay by delegating the tasks like video editing SEO optimization Channel management and video creation you can turn your channel into a well oiled machine without ever needing to break a sweat now at this point I have six channels and by the end of the week it may be seven and most of those are faceless channels and on one of them in particular where I want to produce good content of course it's faceless content but I just don't have the bandwidth to do so I've decided to identify experts on Fiverr and in identifying these experts I basically look at their rating and I don't use anyone that has a score of less than 4 and a half out of five and I try to also make sure that they have done at least 50 jobs which is an indication that they're not going to take my money and dash off because I'll be able to evaluate the reviews from those jobs that they have done the process is not that difficult and don't go ahead and pay for 50 videos up front or 10 videos pay for one ask them before youat even pay for one to send you a video that they've created and from there you can pay for one assess the quality and determine if you want to go in a longer term relationship with this particular freelancer with this method the first three Freelancers that I went to I was able to narrow down two that I work with consistently to generate at least one video per day on this particular faceless Channel all you have to do is when you go on Fiverr or or upwork typee in your Niche for example if you want to talk about trending topics if you want to talk about sports if you want animation content for kids just type it in and type what you're looking for whether it's a video creator a thumbnail developer or someone who does everything one of the creators that I use they actually create the video send over the description the tags the thumbnail and all I do is post which all of us can post a video rock stars right and I'm paying anywhere from $10 to as much as $30 for a 5 to 8 minute video that's professionally done and I'm getting them in a good time frame make sure however that you negotiate the deal never take the price that anyone gives you upfront but when your channel is monetized and you're making more go back and either honor the initial deal or offer to pay more it's the right thing to do now to make your $1,000 a month with a faceless YouTube channel that's automated by Outsourcing this content assuming that it's an educational Channel which I always recommend you're going to earn about $10 per 1,000 views for 40,000 views per day which won't happen overnight but it will in time because one thing is certain on YouTube is as long as you continue to to post consistently and your content adds value your channel is going to grow it's going to get monetized and it's going to make money you see the way I look at investing in a channel and leveraging YouTube automation is I compare it with an investment as an example let's say you have $1,000 per month to spare and obviously automation can cost you as little as $100 per month it all depends on how many videos you want to post and what you want to get done but let let use this example of $1,000 per month and you have two choices you can either take that money and invest it on a monthly basis in a diversified index fund that pays you on average about 7% in interest per anom and after 5 years investing that money every single month it's going to accumulate to 70,000 not bad but when you compare it to YouTube's potential it's pathetic now I'm not an investment advisor I'm just sharing my own experience but I'm going to share the flip side to investing in that Index Fund let's say you find someone on Fiverr who charges $20 per video and remember I told you you can get videos f

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