$6000?! 🤫 Business & Side Hustle Ideas for SMART WOMEN!

six thousand dollars in a single night yes i'm talking about becoming uh some of the ideas in this video are not just side hustle ideas for women how to make money online or how to make money from home some of these are full-fledged business ideas that you can start from scratch today or tomorrow or next week but before we get into them if you haven't liked this video yet please go ahead and hit the like button liking this video helps it go out to more women so they can see it and become financially empowered and if starting a business sounds intimidating to you i'm gonna link another video at the end of this video where i walk you step by step through the one page business plan and before you say but vanessa developing a brand costs too much i need an llc a logo trademark a website is too much girl calm down i didn't come empty-handed i'm not just gonna tell you what you need to do without actually giving you a resource that will help you do it okay today i came with a resource sponsored by my good friends at taylor brands taylor brands is an ai powered all-in-one solution so you can make your logo get a domain name set up your website and get your social media tools to launch in minutes and you know what else you have access to llc services and trademarks and guess what thanks to their partnership with this platform you get to try it out for free and if you like it and you want to keep using it you get forty percent off you just have to use my code launch to wealth yt and it's gonna be down in the description box when i tell you we are all getting to the bag this year i mean we are all getting to the bag this year hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello i'm vanessa and on this channel we talk all things earning more and building wealth and today honey boo boo we have a really good one because these are my favorite business ideas right now and they're my favorite because a lot of them are specifically for you know what women yep there are four women by women and while this channel is for everybody i'm really here for women and i've never been sorry about it because i know that we have some you know additional responsibilities here and there some of us are mommies some of us are wives some of us are daughters sisters we have a lot going on and we just need an extra bag or two and that's what i'm here for and so in today's video i'm gonna be sharing seven of my favorite business ideas and the first four are going to require you to leave your house the last three are going to be business ideas and side hustle ideas that you can start from home so if you don't want to miss anything make sure you watch this video all the way to the very end number one is to become a wedding officiant my wedding officiant was a woman and i don't see why you can't become a wedding officiant actually it just takes a few steps that can all be completed online and according to the knot.com wedding officiants make about 500 to 800 dollars per ceremony now think about this if you were booked and busy because you listed your service on brides.com or thenot.com and you are the efficient at four weddings per month that's an additional two thousand to three thousand two hundred dollars a month for just working four saturdays in a month so that very well could even be a side gig it doesn't have to be a full-time business you could have your job that pays you from monday to friday and if you love weddings like i do like a lot of us do you could be a part of someone's cute little wedding and also secure the bag number two is to start a cleaning agency i mean a couple was recently featured in business insider for saving four hundred and thirty one thousand dollars because they run a six figure cleaning agency all you have to do is to set up a brand and then have people do the cleaning for you and even beyond just a cleaning agency a great niche in this industry is to be a pre and post-party cleaning agency people are constantly throwing bridal showers baby showers gender reveal parties so when people google cleaners in my area you want to be the first to pop off number three is home staging one of the things that helps houses sell faster is home staging so if you have an iphone design this could be a very good one for you you could list your services on a website like house.com number four is my absolute favorite because it's fundamentally something that women have done for centuries but now women are getting paid a lot of money to do it and that is to help other women bring beautiful lives into the world yes i'm talking about becoming a doula doulas have been around for centuries even if they've not been called that and the most beautiful part is that doulas are now getting paid what they're worth in fact recently a woman went viral for saying that she chose to pay six thousand dollars a night to have a doula after she had her baby and what's even so interesting is that because doulas are not actually medical professionals you don't even need a degree for this and though i'm not an expert on this topic there's a woman called bridget tyler who literally has a video titled how to become a doula now the other three ideas i'm about to share with you can be done completely from home let me know in the comment section if you want me to share more work from home ideas because right now i pretty much prioritize ideas that make the most money but i know for some of us we just want the option to be able to work from home so we can stay with the babies or for whatever reason so let me know in the comment section if you want more ideas to work from home to make money from home to start a business from home number five is to offer a service that caters to brides more and more brides are looking for creative ways to ask their bridesmaids to become their bridesmaids and a lot of women opt for would you be my bridesmaid boxes while i was planning for my wedding i lived on etsy and there are a lot of people who go to marketplaces like etsy and that's where you come in number five is operational consulting as more and more of us are going into business and becoming entrepreneurs there's a high demand for people who actually understand business structure because a lot of us have only been a part of the system we've never created a whole system where you have to hire people we have to have sops kpis all the other back-end things most business owners want to outsource them and that's where you come in girl if you have a background in hr or operations you could step into this role as a matter of fact there's a woman called tatiana o'hara and it's kind of mind-blowing how much money she's been able to generate by helping business owners set up systems and hire people the first year she made about a hundred thousand dollars or so and last year she made about five hundred thousand dollars she doesn't even have up to fifteen thousand followers and she's doing the thing she's making high six figure

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