7 Ways To Make Up To US$10,000 Per Month On Amazon Without Selling Physical Products

selling physical products on Amazon is definitely not for everyone you may not have the money to buy the physical products to start selling on the Amazon platform or it may be because you don't even know which physical product to buy to begin with whatever your reason is if you have a desire to make money on Amazon there are many ways to do so without actually selling physical products that you procure and resell on the platform and in this video I'm going to share seven ways that require $0 upfront and that have the potential to pay as much as $1,000 a month welcome back rockstars and thank you so much for your loyalty and if you are a club member whether that's on patreon or on YouTube or a patreon subscriber I appreciate your support we have a lot to talk about so let's get to it the first product that believe it or not you can sell on Amazon are courses and don't worry because I'll talk as well about how you can create these courses using AI to sell them I'm sure that many of you out there have never heard about Amazon video direct or avd and if this is the first time you're hearing about avd I want you to write it in the comments so at least I know that I'm sharing information with you that's somewhat novel or at least it's not familiar so you're learning something new when you watch content on the Rockstar Academy I bet you didn't know that you could actually sell courses on Amazon you need to begin by identifying a niche or a topic that you're passionate about or that you're knowledgeable about although with AI you don't even have to be knowledgeable about it using the strategy I shared in this video to create a course anyway going on to that point I recommend that you utilize AI tools to get market research to find trending topics or areas that have less competition now your earnings with avd is actually based on total hours streamed by viewers so as an example a popular course that gets about 500 hours of viewing and this is assuming it gets these 500 hours each month could net around a, us depending on Amazon's current royalty rates of course if you get more hours in and you get more courses you can build it up to that 10 or even $1,000 a month over time now let's talk about how to create this course the first thing you're going to need to do is to plan out which topic you want to present and like I said you can use AI to get ideas from a market marketing perspective or you can just talk about what you're knowledgeable about which is what I would recommend as I shared in this video here which I'm going to link in the description of this video If you have a good topic you don't need a lot of details just a high level description of what it is that you want to offer and you can go into chat GPT as I shared in the video and get that description populate it and within minutes you're going to have an entire professionally done course outline in a deck that anyone would look at it and think wow this person really understands Tech and creativity not knowing that the AI as I shared in that video did all the heavy lifting for you you can also use a clone of yourself that's an avatar as I shared in this video here where you can record yourself and then use your voice voice and your likeness and image to share the content of the course without actually sitting down and recording it again in the video I show you how to do that with very little effort and I also talk about creating a studio Avatar which means it's not you because you don't want everybody to know it's your course this is a real life Studio Avatar that was created by AI so the person doesn't actually exist in real life but they definitely look real as you can see here on screen and again I share how to do this in that video and all you have to do is to insert the text for your course and that Avatar will speak it and they'll gesticulate and interact with the actual audience as if it were a real life person delivering your course so I recommend you use the AI approach because it makes course creation for upload on a DVD much easier by using your own AI Avatar or the studio Avatar you will not need and never need actually to record yourself delivering content for any one of your courses so what it does is it makes it easier for you to create multiple courses now upon completing your course content you're going to go to Amazon video direct and you'll be able to tap into Amazon's Prime's vast audience because by virtue of them being a Prime member like myself I'll be able to interact with your course and learn from what you're sharing without incurring additional cost which is why I like this platform you're not going out there and having to find an audience to watch or pay for your course you're putting it on a platform that already has an audience that's paying for it and Amazon is just going to give you a piece of what they're collecting and that will represent one source of revenue for your course on Amazon avd the process to upload is very straightforward you create an account and make sure that you adhere to Amazon standards and in no time you'll have a course uploaded for sale on a platform like Amazon and make money without selling a physical product and access their Global customer base at little to no cost to you the second way that you can make money on Amazon and this one is pretty popular unlike some of the others that I'm going to share later in this video but it's to become an affiliate marketer and I have to talk about it because the potential to earn is so much rock stars and that's why I did a few videos related to this in the first video which is part one I talk about exactly how to maximize your earnings using the Amazon Associates program as an affiliate and I'm going to put the link for this particular video in the description in part two of that video I talk about where to share your affiliate links and if I remember correctly I shared 10 different places many of them people haven't thought of or are not on the tip of the typical marketer's tongue where you can share your affiliate links and get actual clicks without having any following whatsoever which is typically an expectation to do affiliate marketing and I'm going to share that link in the description as well and I'm in the process of creating a video on how to set up your Amazon storefront and when that one is ready you can look out for it on the channel as well why am I doing all of that because I personally make pretty good money by just sharing links in my video descriptions in blogs or elsewhere as I'm doing in creating this product review of a lantern or a lap desk posting it on Instagram on Tik Tok on LinkedIn and whenever a persons click that link and go over and buy the lantern or the lap desk I'm making really good money rock stars for very little effort so I want to introduce it to you because it's the kind of money you make while you sleep you don't even know when these people are clicking and you have a global Marketp

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