6 SECRET Legitimate Websites That Pay Up To US$750 A Day In 2024 – NOT SURVEYS

imagine boosting your bank account by up to $750 every single day sounds too good to be true yep I was thinking the same thing but here's the thing rock stars it's not only possible it's actually achievable with the right approach so in this video I'll guide you through six lucrative side business or side hustles or part-time ideas that you can pursue that could raken $750 daily and this is going to range from online Ventures to local opportunities and regardless of which idea you choose what I'm going to give you in this video is a detailed strategy and a tailored plan to hit your daily earnings goal so whether you're looking to pad your savings to pay off some debts to save towards your retirement or just to fund your dreams these side hustles side businesses or part-time gigs or things that you can do to make money it could actually be your ticket to financial Independence if you can get them to work for you I will find a place for us I will show you where to go Rockstars it's great to have you back thank you for always clicking play and thank you as well for Subs describing the first one on the list is a job as an ear is it an ear Tasker or a ear Tasker we're not going to focus on the intangibles here it's ear Tasker and your focus is going to be around moving or offering Moving services now to get started you can actually visit the air Tasker platform or website and I'm going to put these links that I'm sharing on patreon and I'm going to put a link in the description of this video that when you click it it will take you to the links on patreon so that you can just click and get to the websites instead of searching them on Google but if you're not subscribed on patreon don't worry because I'm going to pop up either the web page or the websites here on screen and you can search for them online going back to ear Tasker you can basically visit their website and start the sign up process so let's say for for example I wanted to move house I'm going to go on this particular website and I'm going to put what I need to be moved or what I want to be moved as I'm packing up my clothing my furniture whatever it is and if you have a profile on the platform and you are signed up and you see this job that I'm offering to move my belongings to another home pop up you submit a bid and make sure your bids are competitive and it's not ridiculous monies that you're asking for and when you're submitting the bid you can stand out by clearly stating your availability and any special equipment that you have access to and of course this is equipment that you're going to rent after you get that money to do the job and you're going to list it there to make sure you come across as a better candidate to win this bid now if your bid is good you will likely be selected for this job you're going to need however and this is why I say this works if you do it right because there's always that person in the comment who is going to say but I tried it and it didn't work and when I do have an opportunity to ask them how did you try it how did you do it they did not put their foot into it they put a toe and this same person is putting their foot and their whole body in their 95 job but they're just doing the B minimum with their 5 to9 hustle and expecting to make money that's lifechanging it's not going to happen rock stars when you do these things if you don't do them right $750 a day is going to be a figment of your imagination so we're going to go to the website and we're going to create a comprehensive profile that show cases our skills especially any experience related to moving or heavy lifting and this is not just about you having muscle and braa to lift because a lot of the lifting can be done with Machinery but that's going to be something you need to Showcase when it comes to your skills because it will determine the type of service that you're able to fulfill orders for once your profile is set up you can then browse through the available moving tasks in the area that you live and not all these platforms websites side hustles or side jobs is going to work across the globe but there's always one that can work everywhere in all my videos to cater to a global audience this particular one has some limitations when it comes to geography but once your profile is set up as I was saying you're just going to browse through the available moving tasks that are in your area and when you find a suitable task you submit a competitive bid to get the job done now to make your $750 you're going to be on that website constantly looking for opportunities and submitting bids because the bids aren't going to submit themselves right and what I recommend that you do is Target those tasks that tend to pay more and then you can offer bundle Services as an example you can offer packaging moving and unpacking as one service and that way when I move in house I don't have to worry about packing things up because using the a tasker platform will take care of that you'll then move me and then you will unpack which means that that service will be offered at a premium cost by bidding on jobs that will allow you to earn on average about $100 per hour working 7 to8 hours a day will locking your $750 a day to expand your capabilities to take on more extensive and higher paying jobs you may consider renting a truck if you do not already have one the rental cost can be integrated into the actual fees which can be adjusted based on the job and this of course is based on the job size and the job complexity so it's not like that money to rent that van is going to come out of pocket or to rent the equipment let's say for example I'm moving something very heavy and you need to rent a fork lift just make sure it's in included when you submit that bid now rockstars not everybody will be able to do this you have to be of a certain Persona and if you're thinking about lifting things yourself you need more Bron than brains but the point is there's some of you out there watching that this could potentially be a good opportunity for not everything I share will work for everyone but I'm still going to share it because even if it helps two people it's two more people that have now created an additional way to earn some extra money on the side now payments for tasks that you complete on ear Tasker are processed through the platform itself so ensure that when you're signing up your payment settings are up to date meaning whichever bank account you want your payments to go to or if you want it to go to pioner as an example make sure the details are there and this way when the customers pay directly to task which secures the transaction for both parties and ensure that you are paid upon completion of the actual tasks so the platform acts like a middleman for executing the different tasks that you're going to bid on and that you will be able to be awarded now the next side hustle part-time opportunity or side job on the list that you can do that

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