6 Easy Online Side Hustles that require NO MONEY to start in 2024 💸 realistic for the average person

[Music] so if you're like me and you're on YouTube a lot these days you've probably seen so many of these kinds of business videos and you might be thinking are these side hustles and businesses actually that easy to start so I actually think those videos are really interesting but I think if you really want to build a sustainable business for yourself for the long term you shouldn't be following just some random side hustle video out there and just doing whatever it says the thing I want you to know about all of these side hustle videos is that if there was really a side hustle or a business that was so easy to do then everybody would be doing it and everybody would be profiting off these businesses but that's not the case if you've ever tried to start any of these online side hustle ideas that you've seen online it's actually really hard to start and there's probably a lot of people doing the exact same thing that you're doing having had the idea from YouTube so this is what I want you to consider instead the first one which is probably the easiest way for you to make money and to make cash right now is to freelance a skill you already know okay if you're looking for passive in income streams hear me out you might be able to start with one of these more service-based businesses you can start making cash and then you can invest that in businesses where you can make more passive income for me I've tried a bunch of things to make passive income and honestly to make truly passive income it's actually really hard and if your goal is to make money right now and maybe eventually quit your job with the money that you make the easiest thing to do is to use a skill you already have and share that with other people so some examples are being a virtual assistant honestly there's like so many types of virtual assistants and you don't have to spend money to promote your services you can literally start an Instagram page and you can make a portfolio on canva for free you can do freelance writing so what you can do is you can start on LinkedIn and promote yourself there another one is website designer so if you know how to use website Builders like Squarespace Wix and WordPress then you can offer those as services and help other people build their websites there's video editor graphic designer honestly there's so many things you could do with the skills you already have or you could learn a skill specifically for the purpose of being able to sell that service so for me when I actually started my first ever side business in 2018 I learned calligrapher so I could make money from calligraphy and I chose calligraphy because I thought it was one of the easier art forms to learn there's a lot of ways you can monetize it so I sold greeting cards I taught workshops I offered on-site calligraphy and eventually I was able to quit my job from all the calligraphy stuff that I was doing my biggest tip for getting these freelancings you offering a service kind of job is to network with other people go to events go make friends in the business world or in the industry that you want to work in because a lot of business is referral based you don't have to have a website or you can create a free website on canva the next online side business for you to consider is to be a social media manager if you're watching this video right now you probably know social media to some extent or you have the capacity to learn more about social media and honestly social media is like not that hard to learn you just use it yourself and then that's basically how you learn and I actually have a lot of friends who started their first ever business this way they themselves use social media and when they Network or maybe when they met other people they found companies or small businesses who really struggled with their social media presence and then they were able to offer services like creating Instagram posts and writing the captions for these small businesses if you have some imposter syndrome and you're not sure if you can actually manage someone else's social media account if you right now are a gen Z or Millennial watching by the way I know what age you guys are because I can see in my YouTube analytics you're actually so ahead of so many people and businesses who don't really know about social media just because you grew up in the tech age one important thing about being a social media manager is that you really need to be on top of these social media trends these days they're always changing as you guys all know so you can educate your clients and get your clients the best results you can definitely learn Trends from following marketing YouTube channels or influencers but a lot of the times the trends that they're sharing are based on just what they see and not based on hard data so that's why resources like hubspot's 2023 state of marketing report are so helpful HubSpot is actually the sponsor of this video because they want to help people like you and me make better decisions so we can all succeed when I was reading through the 46 pages of this document I didn't even know what share a voice was and what is the difference between that and share of the market and why it's so important so knowing that and also knowing that marketers are going to keep investing in podcasting even when the economy goes down makes me think wow I should really get myself out there and share my voice more by getting onto some podcasts oh yeah if you don't work in marketing and you're trying to start one of these side businesses that I'm talking about in this video you probably need this marketing report even more because all businesses need good marketing to succeed even if you're a one-person show honestly you're going to learn a lot from this free HubSpot report and get some ideas because I definitely did so check it out you can download it below the next online side hustle idea for you to consider is teaching something it could be coaching consulting or tutoring something that you know so some examples are when I was a high school and University student I tutored Math and Science for high school students and you can totally do that online like through Zoom when I started my calligraphy business I taught calligraphy Workshop so I taught this skill and then when covet happened I switched my calligraphy workshops from physical to online on zoom and I just mailed out the supplies during covet I also offered one-on-one and group coaching programs to calligraphers all over the world if you're confused about this teaching idea versus the freelancing idea that I gave you the difference is that with the teaching one you are teaching somebody a skill in exchange for money with the freelancing one you are offering a service in exchange for money so it's different but you could also do both at the same time so for me I taught calligraphy workshops and I did on-site calligraphy and then I went to teach calligraphers on how they can start a clarif

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